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>no thread about the Preacher season finale
I guess I'm the only one on /tv/ still watching this show?
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Well I was waiting on someone to make a thread
Also Jesse is fucked if he can't do the Voice
I'll predict this show gets cancelled because literally no one gave a shit about the second season, including me
>the bonobo faced bitch is still in

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Underrated bit from Star Wars (the original): Not once does Luke use his lightsaber in a fight. It makes complete sense from a narrative perspective since he'd only just started to learn the ways of the Force, but in hindsight it's an amazing show of restraint to not have Luke jump into the fray against Vader, lightsaber in hand. Especially when you consider that the movie's success was very much in doubt and a sequel was not guaranteed.

The movie instead shows Luke's growth in the Force in a different context, something the audience already knows he is skilled at: Piloting. Luke makes mention on two separate occasions that he's an experienced pilot and shows his skill to the audience firsthand during the TIE Fighter attack sequence. Using the Force to augment a skill he already has makes much more sense than suddenly making Luke a lightsaber savant after three hours of training on the Falcon.

On a semi-related note, I love how Luke's progression in his Jedi training is signified by his reliance on a blaster. In Star Wars/ANH, Luke relies entirely on a blaster for combat, leaving the lightsaber on his hip at all times. In ESB, Luke uses his blaster to dispatch Stormtroopers but switches to the lightsaber for single combat with Vader. And finally in ROTJ, he feels completely self-assured with the lightsaber in all situations, showing his maturation as a Jedi.
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i love how Luke's outfit color shows where he is at in his moral progression as a character.

starts out white, cause he's young and naive and just learning about the force

then grey, because he learns that the force has a dark side and there is real temptation revolving around its use

and black for after he is revealed to be vader's son and his future is unclear; whether he will follow vader's steps or not.

and then it is revealed to have a white interior to the suit to show that after he decides to be a jedi, that he was really good underneath all along and it came out when he makes that declaration
>black for after he is revealed to be vader's son and his future is unclear; whether he will follow vader's steps or not.

YES. This is a ssuper underrated aspect of ROTJ, I feel. Before ROTJ, the only examples we have for those mature in the Force are Obi-Wan, Yoda and Vader. So when Luke rolls into Jabba's palace cloaked in black and chokes Jabba's guards (something only Vader has been shown to do), it should have raised some red flags. Even his green lightsaber blade (I know it was because of the blue sky, shut it) implies a certain neutrality, somewhere between the Jedi and the Sith.

In retrospect I think the audience was supposed to legitimately wonder if Luke was going to take the Emperor's offer during the climax, but for whatever reason it just didn't land the way it should have.
ROTJ is a supremely underrated film anyway.
and mark hamill's performance in all 3 movies too

i mean, try to think of a scene involving luke where you don't immediately understand what he's thinking/feeling.
and the character changes so the performance has to as well, while still being true to the core of the character.

ROTJ is my favorite of the star wars saga, but i do acknowledge that ESB is the better film.


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Wish we could turn back time to the good old days.
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Why does it have a tumblr filename and not shiggydonatello.jpg
>Horrible images.jpg

Why do people obsess over this movie so much?
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They do? Show me ten examples of obsessing over this movie.
Because its good
It's fucking great, that's why.

If there is an American equivalent of the Kingsman why weren't they in the first movie????
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Just turn your brain off
>the statesman are all cowboys

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What's his master plan?
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getting caught
no fucking idea
getting dat nootka

/tv/ recommendations that you fell for
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meaning you didn't like it?
Its breddy good
Fuck you. It's good!
Why won't she be mine?

I wish I was more attractive like Dagless

Still one can only dream

I'm a one track lover

Down a two way lane

Drivin' fast down the highway

Must o' been insane

Cos the temperature's too high

Traveling way too fast

And I knew our lovin'

Was too hot to last

She's smooth, like ice

Cold to the touch and it isn't very nice

When your left (cold to the touch) alone

You let them treat you badly, leaves you hanging on the phone

Take off (hot enough)

Shove your lovin' to the wheel

Put the pedal to the floor

'Cos your heading for the hills

(making love)

Got to get away, can't take it no more

Man you don't need this

Leave it, leave it, leave it at the door

(we should be making love)

the door, the door, the door

Sanch, open the door!

Sorry Reed, bad dream

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Am I the only patriot that saw this in theaters today?
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You know the kikes/saudi did that right.
Of course and nothing in the movie contradicts that.
9/11 is a meme, faggot

Why hasn't there been a major Veggietales movie?
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this was a weird turn
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They also made another one that nobody watch.
i think 9/11 was a sad thing

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This is an age of reboot /tv/ it's just a matter of time before (((they))) reboot the godfather trilogy, so lets reboot it ourselves
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>it's an alt right crybaby can't think of anything real to cry about so he invents things that didn't even happen and cries about them instead
Idris elba as michael corleone of course
>so lets reboot it ourselves
the fucked up thing is that cinema is in such a bad state a bunch of psychos on malaysian website would do a better job.

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How would you feel about your wife or girlfriend (if you have/had one) doing a love scene in a TV show or movie?
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i want to nut in her pusy
I'd go on set to watch and jerk off.

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What are your thoughts?
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I don't think about it. When I first saw the commericial for it, my only thought was "It looks awful".

I don't get how it even got greenlit
Was not what i thought it would be.

First episode is slow, be i can see thibgs I like, and I am hopeful that it may be a good show, but knowing fox it will be canceled after 1 season.
Star trek.... with Seth McFarland.

Its nerd and fart jokes, we will make millions boss!

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I got an 8:30 res at dubsia
Here they are
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do you wanna hear the special?

this is the greatest movie I've ever seen, nothing can top it.
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i loved it too desu. unsurprisingly no one on capeshit loving /tv/ has seen it.
I love Talking Head music, but I've never seen this movie. "Wild Wild Life" is a pretty great song.
Is this the movie where John Goodman sings "People Like Us" to Swoozie Kurtz or some damn thing? Because I didn't understand it at all.

Not funny.
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t. subversive communist
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I preferred Fail Safe (1964) even if they had to use some pretty shit stock footage in minor places.
It's quirky at best. And Peter Seller is overacting so hard, you can see how he thinks he's hot shit in every scene.

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