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Is Pickle Rick still cool on /tv/ or no? I don't see Pickle Rick anymore.

Has he faded?
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/pickle/ rick was never cool

tiny rick will forever be the coolest
He's in the house tonight.

It is time, Frodo.
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to lick galadriel soles ?
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Are you guys not talking about this because it actually looks good and you can't shitpost about it?

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I'm not talking about it because I don't want to see any trailers or pictures before seeing the film.

All blind here. Maximum enjoyment derived.
I can respect that, I normally would but I was on the fence about whether or not Ridley was going to fuck this up with his senile meddling, so I wanted to extinguish my hope as soon as I could.
Looks like pretentious bullshit to me.

Jared leto sure is ACTING
Movie looks like shit, will probably flop

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Other than suck, and fuck what else does Chuck rhyme with?
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Sneed minus second letter = Seed
Chuck minus second letter =
Good luck trying to think of anything.
chuck's duck and muck

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There should be something like IT or Stranger Things but set in the 2000s.

>kids have posters for LOTR, Raimi Spider-Man, Batman Begins, etc
>the kids play Smash Bros Melee and Halo CE
>arguing about the prequels
>they take razor scooters everywhere instead of bikes
>they're impressed when one of them gets texting on their phone
>they play flash games and reference early memes
>boy stalks some girl on myspace

Probably too soon for 2000s nostalgia, wait til the 2020s though.
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I unironically want this. It would be 2000skino
Boyhood is the closest you'll get right now.
Give it 2 decades to become the new bankable trend

Fuck you this was adventurous af!

Russel Crowe as Dr Jekyll was GOAT casting. Sofia Boutella as the female Mummy was 10/10. Amazing cinematography and visuals.

I really hope to see Cruise return in a sequel
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you're some kind of shitskin, aren't you?
all I know is I want to get raped by her
From the point they first introduced Cruise's character up until the plane crash was pretty bad. The rest was alright but kinda slow and boring compared to the first The Mummy (didn't watch sequals).

why does jerry bauman keep tricking me in to watching his boring horror flicks?
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the move had one scare and it wasn't even scary
I got scared
Maybe he's testing if anybody is paying attention. Lake Mungo was fucking bad.

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ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong
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he was just as much a victim of his time as his wife and daughter... and son
>voiced by Matthew Broderick

He's killed before, you know
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>you can see in the backround the meteorite collision and trees from millions of years ago when IT came to earth


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what a gay fucking scene
>this is what 'horrifies' numales

safe to say the next world war will be fought in safe spaces
I can't see anything on that shITty cam-rip

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based, i hated that angular-faced fuccboi skrein
Don't care
Looks like an Asian Skrein

>Widow's Wail
>Unnamed Dagger
>5 white walkers
Sam, Brienne, Jon, Jaime, and Arya are going to defeat the army
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There are more than five
>Unnamed Dagger
cat's paw
Nah it's called Littlefinger

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The Man Who Would Never Be... What They Made Him To Be
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They should make this into a movie
DUDE he dindu nuffin LMAO
damn now youre gonna make me watch it for the 50th time

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Why do you guys have problems with method acting?
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We don't.
Method acting is fine as long as it's not Jared Leto doing meme shit for attention while still being shit on screen.
I've seen what meth can do to a man and I don't want to endorse that kind of stuff.
works in theatre

comes out as "obnoxious" in film and tv

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Was he a beta?
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He got cucked by a stuttering faggot, he literally couldn't be betaer
He had the biggest cock so no

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Childhood is idolizing Xavier: Renegade Angel

Adulthood is realizing 12 Oz Mouse makes more sense
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Why is 4chan so focused on pretending shows designed to be retarded garbage are actually good?
Remember how some anime studio in Japan made Big-O for only one season, then Cartoon Network paid them to make another, then it died for reals?

I am absolutely certain that 12 oz. Mouse is a shredded version of their season 3 scripts for Big-O.
No one mentioned Assy McGee until you brought it up anon.

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