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HOH: xmas
Veto: paul
Nominations: jason/panda

previously on /bb/ >>87209486
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Alex is staying this week stay mad lol
2nd for this season is a bust
>Early thread
>Even bothering with a thread
3rd for this season is a bust

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so what does TV think of this coming of age kino?
Anne is a real qt I just want to protect her and love when she smiles
I never knew i had all these feelings inside of me, this tv show brought them all out
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The Isao Takahata series from 1979 is kino and this doesn't compare
Is the cast all-white? Might watch it if so..
The actress who they cast reminds me too much of my EX. I can't watch it. But from what I've seen it seems as though they ditch a lot of the previous plot-points and characterizations from the books and the original series in favor of realistic, gritty drama; which seems to be a thing Netflix does for most shows. But I think it's ok from what I've seen.

>watching narcos
>google it
>it actually happened
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why didn't they cast ron jeremy as pablo escobar instead of some crackhead super mario look-alike?
I cant be the only one

>watching first episode in new season
>Pachos in the tub
>damn that chick has an ugly ass
>Pachos is a queer-o-sexual

Will season 2 be trash?

my bet is ALL IN on yes
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They've certainly set it up for some serious "womyn stronk" moments. I'm hopeful though since Ed HarrisIs coming back

tfw deleted 1080p rips of season 1 yesterday without watching them to make room for more porn
I'm hoping HBO learned their lesson with the steaming pile of monkey shit that is GoT S07

if this is bad I'm cancelling my HBO now sub

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Where does Dunkirk fall in top WWII kinos?

Not gonna lie senpai I got misty eyed a couple of times towards the end.
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I've been very quiet about this because I don't want to come across as a simple contrarian, but I didn't think it was very good at all.
about private ryan tier. although it of course had nowhere the same impact and was decades later
One of the best imo

It focused on the mayhem and horror of war without prioritizing a main set of characters which ultimately most war movies do and therefore trivialize the deaths of the extras

The biggest complaint is that "it didn't have characters" which to me is it's biggest strength. I hate war or horror movies where we only care about the people whose names we know.

Yeah, this movie kind of centralizes on a few characters but it invests a lot into every person on the screen

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i feel like im missing some here
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I wanna get wet with ya
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those are extremely the wrong trumpets.

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>Netflix has dropped $20 million at the Cannes Film Festival to claim the rights to a film called ‘Bubbles’ will tells the story of Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee through stop-motion animation.

>As Variety reports, the movie was being sold at the film festival. The minds behind this niche story is none-other than ‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople‘ director/writer Taika Waititi as well as Mark Gustafson who worked on Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’, another stop-motion feature.

>'Bubbles’ was produced by Starburns Industries. A company that ‘Community’ and ‘Rick and Morty‘ fans might recognise as the property of Dan Harmon. Starburns also financed the stop-motion and Charles Kaufman created dramedy ‘Anomalisa’.

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>Netflix has dropped $20 million
Whenever they go bankrupt I won't feel bad
Netflix won't be making a profit off this. I like Taika Watiti and Anomalisa was good, so I'm looking forward to it though.

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Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?
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As a fag, I'm really disgusted by the lack of Mr Grey's dick.
Are you a grill? If so you thought that stronk independent womyn should fight the patriarchy by being a total slut.
Disgusting mentally ill pornographic jewish dribble for plebs

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This wasn't that bad honestly, I did hated all the slow mo shit but overall it was an improvement on DC movies
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>generic cookie cutter plot
>terrible main actress who shows no emotion
>set in the most morally ambigous war and shows very little moral ambiguity
>fucking no investment emotionally
>follows the same fucking super hero tropes as usual
>generic "lel humans are destructive lets kill them" hippy villain
>no chemistry with chris pine and gal gadot at all

OP come on now. Capeshit is capeshit.
Are you drunk or just a woman? It was the worst DCU movie.

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Why isn't there more animation like this /tv/?
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Dunno. That film is great. Wasn't Robert Rodriguez going to make a live action version?

That and the King Conan movie would be such a nice respite from current fantasy flicks, but it seems like we'll never get them.
Last I heard of the remake was from a couple years ago, so I have no idea. I do know that he's a huge fan of Frazetta's art so hopefully if it does happen, he can do it justice.
$1,200,000 (estimated)

is this expensive for 1983? I don't think so, right? I thought those kind of animations where expensive as fuck

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This came out 10 years ago.

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I watched again recently, for the time is was released I was pretty impressed that the cg didn't age too badly. The story and the characters were interesting and quite humorous at times.

>Beowulf fight Grendel nakkid
>kino as fuck
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The 1999 version was better.


>tfw the Christ-god killed it

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The Island.jpg
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Thoughts on this movie, /tv/? I find it very underrated both as an action movie and a sci-fi movie.

Also, hot damn, this and MATCH POINT were Scarlett Johansson at her absolute prime.
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Entertaining. The flying motorcycle chase is pure Baykino.

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>tfw pirate everything and NEVER pay for anything
>paying for the televised jew
>pay so hbo executives, talent-less writers can make millions instead of hundreds of thousands and retard mediocre actors can make tens of millions instead of millions

ye no. i'd support the author if he needed it to be able to sustain himself while continuing writing the books, but throwing money at a corporate giant for a mediocre butchery of the books is literally mental retardation


>have a talk show
>invite better talk show host
>still talk about trump
When did you realise Colbert was a fucking HACK
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He's like a youtuber whose run out of content his show will fail when he cant keep up the jokes.

The laughs looked so fake
graham norton literal god tier talk show host
what's good about norton is that he let's the guests do the work. every american talk show host feels like they have to talk over everyone constantly colbert, fallon, kimmel etc conan is the fucking worst for it derails every conversation

>I find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies.
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>Do you want the rest of the champagen?
>no, and it's pronounced champagne
>Oh god no
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I thinks its the lips
for me it's the vagina. especially a dripping wet vagoo

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