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ITT: Actors that you look like
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t. Logan Marshall Green
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I dont think i look like any famous actor desu

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are the porgs a practical effect? pretty great if so. anyone else think that these things will reveal themselves to be ugly deamons under the fur?
comfy porg appreciation thread.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that she was a fucking bitch for no good reason?

he had fucking dipping sticks
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dipping sticks are shit anyway
>has dipping sticks
>they don't land on the roof along with the pizza
Having watched my parents go through a divorce I can say that Skyler was completely accurate. The lying, the pettiness, the being ab absolute bitch to everyone.

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What's your excuse?
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I'm not a crossposting /v/edditor like you, OP.
It's Saturday night retard
It's Saturday

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>Watching Buck Rodgers
>Episode titled "Planet of the Slave girls"
>throughout the episode only two of the slaves are girls
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Why not call it "Planet of the Slaves" and have people pleasantly surprised by the slave girls?

Flash Gordon > Buck Rogers
Fuck Rordon Blash Gogers
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Well there were -two- of them, so the title wasn't lying.

Maybe watch Flesh Gordon for tits and stop motion cock krakens.

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he had the chance to marry this qt and win the war but he didn't
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robb stark is flawd chacarter overall
stupid 16 year old mutt
Robb and Cat were pretty much both retards, they needed to die
he didn't know she looked like that
most of the freys looked like imbred bastards

but yeah robb is dumb, if you are going to marry someone hot marry someone with power like marge

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>destroys ancient structures of great historical value so he can put a piece golden trinket in a museum
More like "belongs in the trash"!

Dumping random webms I made
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>self-consciously attempting to lengthen a miniskirt


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Is it safe to say that he is back?

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happy for him
sick of this shit . sick of all the shit. i dont go out anymore

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Based Sheev.png
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Does anyone have the rest of these Star Wars edits?
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Jar Jar.png
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>tfw no operator kino this year
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I'm starved for operatorkino. Hopefully Soldado will be good
Hollyjews dont want you liking patriotic operator movies now that Trump won
>tfw watched Sicario and 13 hours back to back to jack off to the Krasinski/Blunt aesthetic
I need to leave this place la

Anyone seen this movie? I don't even like westerns but holy mother of fuck, this was amazing. More a horror than a western. Kind of movie you'll never forget.
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>I don't even like westerns
Why's that?
great movie, never heard of it until I saw it on Amazon. Cast especially nailed it.
graphic violence is unnecessary and annoying

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Could you adapt it?
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Dragon Ball? Definitely, martial arts and adventure are well worn territory for film, it would only take a competent director who can adapt them without ignoring the more cartoony elements and tone of DB.
Z and after would be pretty much impossible to film, since CGI flight and ki blasts would make for horrendous action sequences
No, dont try again
Depends on what arc

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>Get in the car Anon, we have kino to make
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How can any one manlet be so based?
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DChad was truly a thing before Geoff Johns wrecked it.
Let's DO THIS!
>*enters car*
>*Snyder goes pedal to the metal*
>JL is saved, one of the highest grossing movies of 2017, best reviewed since WW

>you're on Camp Crystal Lake with 4 other councilors, Jock Chad, Stacy, a black mechanic and and a short haired tomboy who looks like Pamela Voorhees
>Jason is on the lose
How do you escape? Friendly reminder Jason can't be killed only slowed down
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sleep with the director
Ive played the NES game.
You dont escape.
Hang the mechanic, drown the Jock, give the Tomboy to Jason, and flee with Stacy

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