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My parents are seeing this tomorrow. What will they think?
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They'll think that it's a good film but with too much sex and that Hollywood is degenerate and they resent purchasing their tickets.
there was 0 sex in this movie.
Except for the rape.....

What's a very popular movie that fans have been asking for a remake of for ages, but when it gets announced it will probably suck and/or be in development hell?
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Most people don't want remakes of movies, if history has shown us anything is than 99 percent of the time they get worse. Especially by today's standards where everything is jampacked to the brim with cgi, explosions, grittiness, etc...
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They'll probably add a billion quests for sexy woman Cloud.
Why would fans want a remake of a movie they already like?

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Oh wow, I, just, no. I can't.
so is this guy gonna quit too, like that capeshit actor a few weeks ago?
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What the fuck, why would they do this?

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*doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo diddle doo*


If I see this advertisement one more god damn time.
What adverts fuck you right off?
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I haven't seen an ad since I moved out of my parents house in 1996, the last time I lived in a household with a cable subscription.

Get your shit together, OP. No excuse to be annoyed by ads in the age of adblock and piracy.
The one that's so godsdamn loud that you need to yell to be heard over it.
It really is baffling, even my grandmother can handle adblockers and dvr now. The worst part is when people make references to them and I go out of my way to watch the thing on youtube to understand it, I feel like I'm being triple-jewed

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>rich father
>budding alcoholism
>bisexual tendencies
You didn't say we had to be proud of it, OP.
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Why is Adult Swim broadcasting a poker tournament with all the voice actors from Aqua Teen and Squidbillies right now?
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I know Dave Willis. I know Dana Snyder. I know Mike Schatz. I have no idea who the woman or the chink are.
but theyre broadcasting dbz kai
You work for them OP, why don't you tell us??

Will we ever see the original film that test-audiences saw?
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Were there more things cut out that weren't in the Director's Cut?
Most of the good lyrics were excised

Even the ending is way longer than the original

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It is pretty much official he was forced out of JL.
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This is going to be about suicide prevention, screenshot this post.
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Our savior has returned.
short film =/= f/x heavy hollywood blockbuster with production problems

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>directed by Cary Fukunaga
>starring Emma Stone, Jonah Hill

will it be good /tv/?
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Dumb frogposter
i'd like to have her when she's on the ground like that
Bruce Melvin exposed!!!!

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>Wesley, why can't I stay?

Why didn't you save her, anon?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Guac > Salsa
shit taste

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I cannot stress how much we need a fat Disney princess. We need it now. Shut up. We fucking do.
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Here are 15 reasons why a fat Disney princess will lead to Donald Trump's impeachment. Number 6 will shock you.
elsagate was a mistake

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Marathoned the first season of this today, does it get any better? The only scenes I laughed at were the Kyle MacLachlan was Mayor ones. Overall it seems like typical SNL "let's take a funny premise and completely overwork it to make it totally unfunny" sketches.
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No and honestly the first season is the best one
Well that's pretty pathetic to hear. Probably won't watch any more then, I thought maybe it was just a case of a comedy needing to grow into itself like The Office or Always Sunny

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> Cinematography
> Music
> Literally everything else

And if you have any familiarity with the source material that just makes the experience so much worse.
Willem Dafoe and the black L were good, too.
Not really. I'm familiar with the source and I hated it, my friend wasn't familiar with it and hated it more.

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>When you decide to completely omit the laid out glorious story line involving ser beric and lady stoneheart Lets just toss that out the window for no reason other than "hey we strayed from the story last season, seems to work, lol!"
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I think lady stoneheart would have been a shitty storyline, it wouldn't translate to tv well. It would seem like back peddling on the consequences of the red wedding. I liked the finality of what had happened.
*hangs a Frey*
I respectfully disagree. What would be her proverbial end-game. Keep in mind we are taling about unfunished stories here.

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