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What did you think about his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)?
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What a hack
it was good. he's been on again with bret weinstein but I haven't heard that yet. his best stuff are those clips from his classes where he's pacing up and down going "and it's like what the hell do you know? and the answer to that is roughly speaking". I watch those every morning

t. filthy autist

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What are /tv/s favorite paranormal shows? Do you prefer comfy, scary, urban legends, or...? Come watch some with us while we chat and vote for the ones we like!

cytu dot be/r/sleepsnug
cytu dot be/r/sleepsnug
cytu dot be/r/sleepsnug

We have lots of Twilight Zone, Are you afraid of the Dark, Tales from the crypt, Goosebumps, Beyond Belief, Tales from the Darkside, and more
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Come get it friends
Tales from the Darkside followed by Monsters.
The TftDS intro is forever burned in my memory.
There is a world that's just as real, but not as brightly lit...a DARKSIDE.
It's also cool to see past and future actors doing roles on both shows.
Case of the stubborn and Word processor of the Gods stick with me.

alright alright alright
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why I do declare...

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They all hyped them in TFA, there is not a single mention for them in TLJ marketing no pic, no toy, no nothing.
It better be intentional for save them for movie.
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Removed to add in the porgs
According to the, possibly fake, leaks, they'll be taken out by Luke rather quickly, to give him something to do while Rey fights the Red Lobster guys guarding Snoke.
Would have been a good idea so they left it out

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Commercial /kino/ thread

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bumping with one more

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Is there one of the meme where he's imitating a chicken?
>not even true to the pose
What meme is krabs supposed to be?

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Is he a hack?
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of course he is
yeah, he made two good flicks in the 70s and hasn't done anything nearly as good since. This guy apparently listened to a green day CD on repeat while editing The Thin Red Line, he's clearly not all there.
I can summarize Night of Cups for you:

>shots of a beach
>shots of characters faces
>characters whispering completely mindless garbage in a soothing voice

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>This asian qtpie 3.14 is going to be a main character in the upcoming The Last Jedi Star Wars movie

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More like "too much pie."
lol what kind of retarded name is that
Stop shilling.

Why did Homer pronounce the word gym wrong?
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It was formerly's Gym's Fym and Sym
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reminder, sneed poster is an underage spammer
Why though?

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Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?
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Idris elba
Warwick Davis
What in god's name is this abomination?


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/tv/ what did you think of "The Grey"? I think there's a lot of overt Christian symbolism and it's a story about a man re-discovering his will to live despite his trials and discovering what he actually lived *for*.
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very underrated film. Came into it open minded and left an existential mess.
Boring as fuck, even if it was trying symbolize something it was a medicore attempt
>evil wolves
>good movie

pick one

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Found this footage from another video and I've been searching for the original films that these belong to. I suspect they are from an old sci fi movie or possibly a documentary. Either way, I hope someone out there knows what these are originally from.
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Saturn 3 (1980)

Look for the trailer on Youtube. They have those shots in it
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I remember finding this movie because it's directed by the fucking guy who directed Singin' in the Rain, Charade, and Funny Face.
I was wondering why they reminded me of the Aliens franchise. They look like a typical scene out of an 80's sci-fi. thank you so much.

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This is Kubrick's best movie
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Its up there
It's his most misunderstood film.
even the poster is a redpill

>liking jew LARP fantasies AKA capeshit

All comics are made by jews for jews and good goyim.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Seriously he may be the funniest guy alive right now. Definitely top 5.
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his baby is black
Good for him. He found love. Hopefully I will some day.
surely you mean his wife's baby?

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