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Why would I do that, my Sneed?

Has there ever been a show where a woman isn't needlessly thrown into the plot and isn't one of the worst characters on the show?
pic related.
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Do women exist in nature? Or are we all being cucked by the MSM?
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Person of Interest
doesn't that hurt her brapper?

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>stars in Knight of Cups
>starts wearing tarot shirts
Did Malick brainwash her?
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God, she looks old.
Post the foot webm from Knight of Cups
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typical white women aging
she'll look like pic related in a few more years.

i liked godfather better than shawshank and feel shawshank is overrated
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I liked donnie darko better than godfather and shawshank and feel both of those are overrated
>tfw never knew Andy got raped for years because TNT didn't show it

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Now that the show is (most likely) over, what was your favorite moment?

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when laura palmer just kept on screaming at the end
get it??? GET IT?
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ep 13 arm wrestling club

>childhood is idolizing godard
>adulthood is realizing truffaut was the superior auteur all along
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Real patricians know that both are entry level film course 101
>autism is ever liking Goddard at all
This is pure kino.


>Controversy arose in Germany for the film's television premiere on ProSieben. Protests among the Jewish community ensued when the station intended to televise it with two commercial breaks of 3–4 minutes each. Ignatz Bubis, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said: "It is problematic to interrupt such a movie by commercials".[65] Jerzy Kanal, chairman of the Jewish Community of Berlin, added "It is obvious that the film could have a greater impact [on society] when broadcast unimpeded by commercials. The station has to do everything possible to broadcast the film without interruption."[65] As a compromise, the broadcast included one break consisting of a short news update framed with commercials. ProSieben was also obliged to broadcast two accompanying documentaries to the film, showing "The daily lives of the Jews in Hebron and New York" prior to broadcast and "The survivors of the Holocaust" afterwards.[65]

Is it a form of anti-semitism to air commercials during schindler's list?

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>two commercial breaks of 3–4 minutes
The fuck is this!?

In Portugal we have, on average, 3 commervial breaks of 15 minutes each
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15 fucking minutes?
3 of them? Do you actually get to watch the movie within a 10 hour time span?

Was based Jorge /ourguy/ ?
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If your idea of /ourguy/ is a retarded, cowardly dipshit that did nothing but put him and his family in danger whilst landing himself in jail, sure.
He killed Navigante who was actually /ourguy/ after Carillo left the show.
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No, Don Berna was /ourguy/

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>ywn cuddle with a redneck
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you mean a jewfu
Is this from The Americans?
Let me dream anon

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The Trailer is out, how you found Saoirse in her new movie?
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>Cannibal Ox
>guy looked like he might have been black in the catalog thumbnail

>Sersh "Can't stop the refugee in my growin belly" Ronan

Why is this board so terrified of someone from another website posting here?
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because we're afraid to lose the high standard of discussion that we all strive to uphold
Manchildren Virgin who are social outcasts and identify with this Website instead
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It's just another manifestation of the anti-intellectual alt right/neo-nazi trailer trash here. They too dumb to argue, so they spend all their time inventing new ways to discredit anything other people say using single words or phrases. It's a tactic closely associated with all anti-intellectual movements, with religion being a good mainstream example. Religions have always defended themselves with buzzwords rather than arguments (heretic, heathen, blasphemer, infidel, fedora being the modern version of these terms). The reason you only see human garbage like this in big circle jerks of idiots is that circle jerks are the only places this tactic works. If you call someone a "cuck" and there's 10 other people with 60 IQs to agree with you, it's very effective in silencing people smarter than you are. Going into a debate hall and calling everyone a "cuck" on the other hand will get you shut down by your superiors.

tl;dr /pol/

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Fuck yeah #winning #balling #hardworkdontsleep
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>slams folder on desk

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Stop invincible son

By throwing my life away for a dog that will die naturally within 5 years I am teaching you a valuable life lesson
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it wasn't a lesson

it was to maintain his secret
What a stupid way to interpret it.
Yeah, a rural farmer might have seen it and claimed he witnessed a miracle.

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>The trident. Poseidon, god of the oceans weapon of choice. Ancient mermen used to use this weapon in battle to fight against the crustacean armies and all the shrimps and jellyfish of the sea.

>I often come out here, to this abandoned cement factory to harness its power. Learn its secrets, think about life, think about the game. They’re the same thing, you know?
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i am bookmarking this thread for life


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