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reminder, sneed poster is an underage spammer

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How did he escape?
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he climbed thru an impossible window
Supernatural explanation: the Overlook itself let him out
Non-supernatural explanation: Danny let him out
he found a sneed in his feed

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Cast him
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Worth a watch?
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It's so fucking bad, I wanted it to not suck. It's another orphan black or utopia in terms of completely retarded writing.

*shrug* I only watched half of it, never bothered finishing.

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this is an 18 year old in america
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Why is their age of consent 18 if grills look 10 years older than they are?
Puberty sure did a number on him

>The incompetence of the American military
>Blind Japanese samurai and a Japanese otaku 2chan poster
>Stupid concepts like quislings and feral children
>Rich people now shovel poo and poor people now run society (cause all rich people are useless and never earned their way and all poor people aren't lazy and on welfare)
>Israel is best rael
>Is North Korea in a tunnel just hiding out or are they all zombies???????? It's like some kinda Schrodinger's cat of asians, so cool!
>"Muh dogs even though I hated them but now I attack people that do and now I'm in a special K9 unit durrrrrrr"
>For some reason only this random African guy has ONE CRAZY PLAN that will save us and nobody else could ever come up with such a brilliant strategy
>Every character is unrealistically descriptive for "interviews", like it's some lonely Jewish hack writing a shitty fiction book that'll be gobbled up by Americans

Oh no, how dare... HOW DARE Brad Pitt ruin such a *snicker* "classic" book - Max Brooks' salient and cutting satire of modern society that still rings true today - how dare he.

Truly, zombie genre fiction has peaked with this tome
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What's a good zombie book then
The one you throw into a pyre. Bookburning is kosher if you are dealing with zombies, the lowest of the lowest in genre fiction.

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Got a big enough joint there Rick?
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I'll pay you 10 bucks to fuck off
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Jim's daughter aka Ricky's little sister needs to come back next season.. only thing that could save it, except maybe Lucy accuses Julian of raep and is btf at trial.
lol wasn't that Ellen Page though?

Not a single one of these little shits will be relevant by the year 2019. Screenshot this.
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how long until her nudes eventually leak? 5 years?
the girl might, she's cute.
also the kid in the white tux, isn't he in some actor family?
well thats still better than you being irrelevant for your entire life

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what are some movies where qt's get tied up and gagged?
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My biopic.
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Pulp Fiction
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What do you think IT will get?
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haha nice joke

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*blocks your path*
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But you are nigger...
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Out of the way spook

Now that Twin Peaks: The Return has finished, where do you see FWWM in the scheme of things? To me it's always been an interesting movie in that it acts as both a preface and a postscript to the original series and links both the beginning and the end of the series whilst flipping everything upside down in a strange mobius loop type effect so that now you're seeing the other side whilst travelling the same path. With TP: The Return, the loop has now been broken and twisted even further without ever rejoining itself and eveything is fucked.
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I think fire walk with me acted as a bridge to the return, introducing new concepts to old characters and helping expand the universe stylistically from a who-done-it in a tight knit community with some supernatural twists to a bizarre experience that leaves you with something to think about by the end of it.
It is funny how it worked out like that. I mean I wonder if the show had run for six seasons, if they would have done a flashback arc to who killed Laura. But because the execs pushed the killer reveal, which in turn killed the show, we ended up getting a hard R crazy last seven days of Laura Palmer.
I'm not a huge fan of the original Twin Peaks, but Fire Walk With Me is one of my favorite movies.

When Season 3 started, I was sure it was on the right track to surpass it, which would probably have made it my favorite thing ever. However, the finale thoroughly soiled that.

Looks like Fire Walk With Me will stay the best piece of Twin Peaks media!

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>the absolute state of /tv/
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never been better my friend
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Radical Broccoli edition
prev: >>87321768
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terminal autism
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That episode when the captain asked Hoshi to find out what his Reed's favorite dish for his birthday and she tries to play subtle about it
>y-you sure you won't tell me what's your favorite dessert ?
>everything is fine.
>I c-can make you one...
>don't bother.
>you know I have a microwave... in my quarters...
>I have to go.

Was Reed actually gay ?

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How do you go from being the hotttest actress alive to this in like 20 years with modern makeup/anti-aging Hollywood shit and millions in your pocket?
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still would
shoop brad pitts face on the kids
gotta catch em all

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