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>At last, we've become Sicario.2015.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.TrueHD.7.1.Atmos-RARBG

Stopped watching right there
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>alas I have become shitposting incarnate
Stop posting right there
>watching (((Netflix)))
good goy
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... but that was the end of the movie

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In the movie IT the clown demon Pennywise gives out balloons to kids, but the demon lives of fear. He lures them in and then kills them. But happiness and good feelings render him weak. This is a key point of the new movie.
So in some way the demon needs to feel the positive vibes from his victims or else he can't kill them. This leads me to believe that at some stages, he not only lives off fear but occasionally happiness too.
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He kills them with their love. That's how it is every day, all over the world
Yeah so I bet you could justify writing some degenerate crossfiction with him. Congratulations nerd.
Good poster but why does the balloon look so fucking fake?

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4 seasons and and just wondering, when does he stop being the little "helper"?

He might as well be killed off for being so useless as a character thats been dragged on for so long.
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who? john? Elias? who?
Do you have braindamge? Why the hell would i post an image only of elias if i was talking about another character?
you're the one with braindamage since elias betrays john as soon as he can.
he helps harold because harold can keep up with him intellectually and understands that being friends with harold in net helps him.

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Holy fucking shit how dumb and hateable this book series is.
I originally thought the book was made at least in 2010 rather than the early 90s, because everything feels like its written by a mental retard with no common sense. I genuinely thought the book was made in this decade because of the inept and illogical writing and the plethora of cripples, bastards, idiots, mentally insane, degenerates, race mixing, barbarians, hedonism typical of this decade of inexperienced immature morons.

I guess there's a decade for everyone, including Martin. His writing is as bad as Uwe Boll, Shyamalan, Steph Meyer.
A book series forgotten in the 90s suddenly gets revived 20 years later. Kind of weird, but logical considering this generation of idiots.

Every character in this series makes you want to kill them yourself. They're too hateable to root for.
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someone's been diagnosed with ass cancer
>Steph Meyer

has she ever been called this even once what the fuck m8
As a /pol/ shitposter, you're probably barely intelligent enough to read, so that explains your "opinions."

Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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See this is why redheads should be kept out of the sun

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>tfw watching a scorsese flick
>it's actually a picture
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>watch a flick
>it's a film
>watch a cinema
>it's a kino
>watch a motion picture
>it's a movie

When does the pain stop?
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>tfw watching a scorsese flick
>it's actually just a 3 hour long narration about some criminals

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Be on an ore ship.
Be forced into a deep space rescue mission.
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I think we need to talk about the bonus situation
>ore ship
It was a tug that was transporting an ore refinery.

So, apart from Shaft and Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, what are the fundamental blaxploitation movies everybody should see at least once?
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Coffy is good
Truck Turner

Buddy turned me onto it, was fucking kino.

What movie has the most realistic time travel?
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Demolition Man
That's a stupid question. It's been decided that it is Primer long ago.
Timecrimes and Primer

What are some good comfy youtube channels that teach you about film?
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Chris Stuck
Nostalgia Critic
Screen Junkies
Film Theory
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>Screen Junkies
is this bait?

Was News Radio or Just shoot me any good?
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Newsradio was 10/10, Just Shoot Me was maybe 1/10.
Rank the following:

-Maura Tierney
-black chick

in order of how hairy do you think they were
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Just watch this underrated kinovsion.

why did (((they))) portray Ludendorff as a warmonger, even though historically he was the one who convinced the kaiser to step down and sue for armistice?
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shut up you pol triggered little bitch go make your own movie that depicts him as a hero or whatever way you want, stop trying to control others. this guy looks like a german ASSHOLE who killed good brits in WW1
99% of the people who saw this people don't know who Ludendorff is and wouldn't give a fuck anyway
So your dilemna is false

is this movie realistic? it's about a 40 year old man but in the poker scene and after he was acting like a teenager
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Shut the fuck up and stay off my board
>40 year old

of course its not realistic
>40 year old virgin
>is it realistic

lmao what the fuck do you think

>8 days before new season
Predictions? I have a feeling it will involve Coon and Mysterion since the game is getting released in 5 weeks.
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Whatever they do, they have more than enough material to create 100 episodes. Fucking hell, the past year was bonkers :^)
Any news if it's going to be one continuous story again? I really disliked that about the last two or three.

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