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These strawberries aren't made by Disney stop falseflagging.
I think star Wars brand apples is the ultimate experession of coporate power.
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>it's a "i hate to interrupt but move the mic closer to your face. people can't hear you because im too cheap to buy a blue yeti microphone" episode
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>it's a conversation between two intellectuals goes no where because they get hung up on semantics as usual episode
Did they? I just started and Bret was trying to talk about nazis but I had to stop when Joe interrupted him about the fucking mic for the second time
i've never understood how people could listen to this fried fucking weedhead. he's always the worst part of it

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ITT: Movies people praise but nobody likes
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that's (you) op
I like it
Why? It's a comedy but it's not funny.

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You're reeing
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>Disney doesn't get bad revie-
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necessary sacrifices to use as decoy
You can only cover up so much.

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...what was his name again?
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William Wilson
Bill is a code name.

His real name is Slade Wilson.

Also known as Deathstroke the Terminator.
Jason Levy, the pedo?

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Trapped in Hillary's Timeline Edition https://pastebin.com/mcKYsFib
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>Jew Dei

>Abrahamic God

Lynch masterfully hiding his power level. Say it with an Asian accent, it gets 'em every time.
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Guys, I've been LYNCHED on a cosmic level.

The "globalist conspiracy" is the Black Lodge doppelganger of the ideal of Communism. It looks like happy be-nice-and-share-for-the-children Communism on the outside, but that's an illusion hiding evil autocratic Soros-brand tyrrany. Lynch's support of Bernie is all part of his art.

Anime is pro-individualism, pro-freedom, pro-capitalism and celebrates genuine femininty as well as merit in special individuals, and provides strong female icons that remain feminine despite their power or status. It's a mirror image-inversion of globalist propaganda. It's a good-natured "doppelganger of the doppelganger" to globalist communism. Anime and weeaboo fandom is like the Evolution of the Arm, to globalist communism's Man From Another Place.

"Judy", disgorging streams of mucousy globules containing round, egg-like blobs? Into "water"? Remind you of a certain female presidential candidate's speech?


Man we don't want your shovels

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What are some good Southern Gothic movies and TV shows?
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August: Osage County
Angel Heart?

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this movie is underrated

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One of these threads?
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>Casting scottish actors for scottish characters

That would kill the movie if it wasn't for the GoT tie-ins.

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I just started watching The Kettering Incident and was taken by the lead actress' performance. So was wondering what are /tv/'s thoughts on Elizabeth Debicki?
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Very decent in The Night Manager.
Is this her only body of work?
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>Prim and proper ice cold golden goddess at the start of GoTG 2
>get so fed up of everyone's bungling you set the fucking machine to 11

A great idea for when GoT finishes is to make a Prequel show. Each character can get their own prequel era so for instance:

>A story of Littlefinger being romantic with younger Catelyn and Lysa Tully
>Davos' smuggling past before he met Stannis
>Tywin's past battles
>Day to day life of Cersei and Jaime being romantically involved
>Day to day life of Joffrey showing how he slowly became a cold and selfish person
>Day to day life of young Ned and Robert's Rebellions events
>Aerys II Targaryen's past life and day to day life of him in the Iron Throne room
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only a great idea if you make money on GoT
>4 scripts already confirmed
>roberts rebellion ruled out
Dunk & Egg CONFXRMXD!!

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I remember being a Russian kid living in London with little knowledge of English and watching the Raven, Chucklevision, Doctor Who and Cbeebies stuff. Those were the days. I named my teddy bear Nev.
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good shit, my ruskie friend
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I guess I started learning English with this guy
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Still waiting for operation yewtree to get around to them.

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has anyone seen this movie?

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nah, I've seen Game Of Thrones though

>In cyberspace no one can hear you scream

Bravo. I want to watch this "h4ck3r known as 4chan: the movie"

what was roger's daltrey's fucking problem?

"She eventually falls asleep and Bardem takes the baby. She wakes up in a panic to see him holding the baby up to the people. She grabs him and turns him around, and he's no longer holding the baby. She sees the baby is being passed over all of the people, they're cheering... then she hears a snap sounds. They've killed the baby. She follows them to a room screaming they've killed the baby. A man moves out of the way, and the baby is just a bloody corpse (looks like a bloody rib cage on a platter). She turns around to see that now everyone is holding a piece of meat from the baby. They eat it. She freaks out and says they've murdered her baby. She attacks Bardem and scratches his face. She grabs a piece of broken glass, and starts killing as many people as she can with it. They eventually knock her to the ground where they brutally stomp on her and rip her clothes, calling her a cunt and a whore"" Are you ready for MOTY.
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