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Why does Darren Aronofsky like ripping off other peoples work off so much?
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What is 'mother!' a rip-off of?

Are you a teenager?

Anyone here watch this?
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Finished it recently, pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

Dropped the ball with the second series if it's gonna focus on this company, I was hoping for some comfy holistic Sherlock.
I don't watch it, Max, I hope it's good.
I watched it and it was fantastic! That witty writing... simply incredible. I was laughing my a** off the whole time. Max Landis knocks it out of the park once again.

720p is out
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no matter how good of resolution i film a piece of shit on the footpath, it is still a piece of shit.
Do you think he was happy making this film?

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Wet Wet
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What is this from? It look familiar
Reverse webm search
Possession (1981) Starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill.

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Does /tv/ ever get tired of being wrong?
It's at 21 reviews btw
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Were you a part of the cast or crew? No? Then your gloating sounds kind of faggy and pathetic. For the record I want this to be good because I love horror, but you sound pretty gay.
Virtue signaling is a career booster.
23 reviews now, still 100%. ANTI KING FAGS BTFO!

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oh my...
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viralling this shit hard huh
>No consensus
>Jumping the gun this soon
Kek, ok...
I am not going to go see this movie.

this is like simultaneously being on drugs and being stone cold sober
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I really like this movie
But do you really have to go around this whole idea of DUDE to describe an experience? Please read some books and educate yourself you worthless lowlife
are you illiterate
don't know what this is but the poster and your description make it sound like a dog's shit

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In the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana is the roving reporter for the Channel 6 News team, and is quite the ladies' man. He is also quite the cologne connoisseur, and in order to attract Veronica Corningstone, he lathers himself in a cologne called "Sex Panther", which is illegal in 9 countries.

After Brian puts it on, however, we learn that it smells like a variety of disgusting things, including pure gasoline, bigfoot's dick, and a used diaper filled with Indian food. The stench is so bad it clears the office, makes women scream, sets off the fire alarm, and Brian has to be hosed down outside the building to maintain the stench. Everyone is disgusted and on the verge of vomiting.

However, if Sex Panther is so vile it causes people within a close radius to almost blow chunks, why is it that Brian can wear the cologne again in a large crowd at the end of the film, and not only have no one vomit, but have a female zoo keeper attracted to the scent?

It's simple. Brian earlier in the film says, "60% of the time, it works every time" in regard to the cologne, and Ron maintains that that doesn't make sense. However, this quote makes sense if you think of the 60% as the percent of all Sex Panthers made. So what Brian means is that 60% of the time it's created, it works every time. Brian could have easily bought another bottle of the cologne after his first disastrous encounter with it, and that bottle could have been part of the good 60%. I guess pieces of real panther can go bad sometimes.

TL;DR 60% of all Sex Panther that is produced, works every time to attract women. The other 40% of production smells like "a turd covered in burnt hair".
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I think you may be overthinking this a bit.
I dunno.
>say 66% of the time it works every time
>include a second scene of it failing, perhaps when Ron attempts to win back Veronica
>have the final scene of it working in the zoo
Comedy works in threes.

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>It was all a dream...
>*shitty CGI jump scare*

Wow. Fuck you /tv/ for recommending this trash
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It's comfy. You should have watched closer to Christmas.
10/10 shitpost. But if you really didn't like this movie, there's a plethora of recent and actually bad horror flicks that are made for tastes like yours.
>/tv/ recommended drive
>Worst movie I ever watched
>Wanted to stop a while in but decided to finish it all

Just saw a preview screening of IT at my college, pure kino, ask me anything
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How was the orgy?
Is it scary?

Does the redhead get a lot of screen time?
not in the movie
there's a few cheap scares but some actually clever ones as well, Pennywise steals the show but the redhead was a close second with a solid amount of screen time

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Is this actually good or is it just idiots virtue signalling over a brownskin?
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It's very anti Indian culture to the point where he renounced his Muslim heritage and gets disowned by his family.
>sympathetic immigrant narrative
>anti-tradition narrative
>racemixing narrative
>Jewish director

What the fuck do you think, op.

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Ebin. Include me in the screencap XXDDDD

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how can whiteys compete?
>"I hope my dick is black too"
What did Raimi means by this?
>The white power...it feels good
I know it was the director's cut, but still...

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>tfw you are the same age as Doc when he came up with the idea of the flux capacitor

Pic related, Doctor Emmet Brown at 35.
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>thats a hard 35
>and i fucked gina gershon
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why else do you think he was so time obsessed?
hes an eccentric professor who desperately wants to change the flow of time if not stop it completely.

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>sitting next to qt in bus
>some faggot falls for your b8 thread
>giggle like the fucking autist that I am
>she looks at you in disgust
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*on the bus
Thanks friend im gook
And I thought my posts were shit

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