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Are you libbies ready to get your fresh drumpf jokes after a two week drought?
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I'm going to be watching Trump Derangement Syndrome the Show!

Who is the ultimate everyman?
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I can only see the other as a hobbit
Bold Move Cotton....
Freeman has more range. I like Bateman, but he always seems passive-aggressive.

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What do you think should be the plot of this kino? Will based Snyder let us down?
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More of her
Well if it introduces Black Adam it should be what the governments were always afraid of, a superhuman directly intervening in political affairs, it's one thing for Superman to stop flooding in mozambique or some crap but when someone like him literally overthrows a corrupt government and declares themselves its new leader what are they going to do?
>Brainiac was responsible for the destruction of Krypton(manipulated Zod)
>Superman fights Braniac in space (explains why JL can't join him)

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It wasn't that bad.
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CGI Alien sucked. Rest was good.
agreed, alien looked bad. atmosphere was cool
ya this

>best part of LOTR trilogy
>best part of Hobbit prequels
>best part of the Ape films (they literally don't work well without him)
>will be best thing about nu-Star Wars
>best MCU cameo
>actually is a serious actor with great range for drama as well as comedy
>is also a competent director, producer, writer and helped revolutionize mocap technology.
If anyone deserves /ourguy/ status, it's him.
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>best MCU cameo
You couldn't tell me who his character was with a gun to your head.
>>best part of LOTR trilogy
That's not true
>best part of the Hobbit prequels
Only because everything else was so awful. Also his entire scene was played far too light-hearted and the lighting was a travesty
Yes? I could? Do you not have the ability to recognize faces or something?

What movie is this?

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I think you made someone's day
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You're not helping, guys

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He had to suck Jew cock for this
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is this a movie about gay sex
He deserved it.

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So what does /tv/ think of this movie?
I liked the "Frankenstein in space" stuff but it ended up being more of a Blade Runner knockoff than a proper Alien movie
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I didn't like it. It was obvious the two boring action scenes were made to appease the original aliencucks. I wish we got a sequel to Prometheus instead.
I know what you mean anon
It would have been a drastic improvement if they had done as little as just having the neomorphs instead of the xenos
Made it like 20 minutes in. Literally every scene and every piece of dialogue was staggeringly stupid and cringeworthy. Felt like a really shitty fan movie made by someone who had never written a script before in his life and who genuinely hated science fiction and who probably had an IQ below 90. Can't believe anyone could watch this and think it was anything other than absolute trash, never mind produce it.

Why have we never got a comfy medieval drama ala Rome? Imagine the kino possible.

Also general historical drama thread I guess. Post recommendations and shit. Resurrection Erturgrul is mad and Turkish but is set in Late Middle Ages and can be a decent watch.
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Obligatory Kingdom of Heaven post.

kingdom of heaven is shit

Any Ford movies as good as pic related? I feel like watching men be men.
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The Tom Clancy ones
Yes lots of them.
>The Fugitive
>Air Force One

Hey it's actually pretty good, not cringe at all!
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Well sure, you didn't pay money for it, of course you'd give it a glowing review.
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>mfw this is why I enjoy movies

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I hate that I know these are Scarjos feet. Foot fags have made me look at feet every time they are posted so I can try and figure out what the fuck the appeal is.
Those are not Scar Jos disgusting jewfeet, pleb.
That's VJ.

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Every time my dad gets addicted to a show he almost morphs into the main characters to the point where it is kind of scary. Right now we're rewatching The Sopranos together and he's starting to act like he's Tony Soprano and even has slipped up and called me "Meadow" on a few occasions. This isn't the first time its happened, his other phases include acting like Andy Griffith, Hawkeye Pierce, and Ben Cartwright. How do I get him to snap out of it and realize he's not a mafia boss?
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tell him he never had the makings of a varsity athlete
Im basically Rick from Rick and Morty...
Have him watch Queer As Folk

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Name them /tv/
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None of them.
Mean Girls
Mystery Men

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What went right
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Didn't overstay their welcome with the show and went on to do different shit post show. Excited to see Key in the new Predator movie.
It wasn't very political
Great skits. Shit show. They have terrible chemistry and stage presence while hosting.

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