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Why does Hollywood keep trying to make her a thing?
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I don't even know who that is
Cut she pwetty
I would think it's her rich parents that keep giving Hollywood shekels to make her a thing. so far she's only got one flop to her name too.

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/ourguy/ did it again, based froggo
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Do you think his boipussy could take my 9.3 inch dick?
Why are you on this shithole with a dick that big?
Why the fuck are you watching "Teen Vogue" videos?

All things considered, is it good that he was put out of his misery before the downfall of The Simpsons?
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He never got to see the episode with sneeds feed and seed
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>he could have voiced Sneed
No because he wasn't able to take part in Season 11's fifth episode, E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt), which is widely considered the pinnacle of the series.

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What's the problem?
She looks like a deviantart OC. Her colours clash.
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but they already did this episode

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i've binge watched half of this episode now and it's more interesting than i expected desu
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It's almost as if interesting people make better guests than washed up 90's comedians.
super boring episode and she seems like a really shitty person. at least Norm asked good questions.
>no jokes
>an hour of muh sports career and muh womanhood

What a waste of time.

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No waifu shit in this thread, I want you to act like you have manners.
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Can we get a tri-way incest with jon, dany and sansa?

Forget the goblin.
aye shubosh
post your waifu

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ITT: Scenes men will never understand.
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basically this.png
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This the ballad of kaepernick ???

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>character is supposed to be creepy/dark because he watches horror movies exclusively
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Why does /tv/ like this show? I know it's got tons of waifu titties, but it's essentially the soap opera version of It's Always Sunny. And let's be honest, the writing is terrible. It juxtaposes the realism of sex and relationships and alcoholism with the wackiness of putting on fake weddings for family inheritances, or putting on elaborate schemes to fix really really simple problems. I mean, it's entertaining, but it's very shallow.
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Transformers VI.jpg
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Wtf there's loads of differences compared to the cam rip?
>implying this is even worth pirating
Is there really a 3 headed dragon what the fuck

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Does anybody else watch AGT? I usually don't but I like Merrick Hanna a lot so I've been tuning in this season.
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Damn, this is pretty gay.

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t. 13 year old who wishes he was that cute

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Been searching for ages and not come up with a sausage. Anyone?
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Could someone explain to me the appeal of this movie?
Not even trying to be edgy here.I like Kubriks other work for the most part, but apart from the great visuals I see nothing appealing.
And you can´t even enjoy that because they overstay their welcome by a long shot.(nearly 10min of LSD trip)
The story seems like cryptic bullshit to me.
(I remember reading somewhere the have been a lot of changes on the fly)
So maybe thats why.

please redpill me on this movie
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you hate because you believe in god.
love classic movies. 2001 space... is great for it's years. doesn't keep up with todays standards, but was jevel in 60s

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Can /mu/ admit that this is a pretty great show, or is it too YAAS KWEEEN for them?

Keep in mind, Hannibal Burress is /ourguy/
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Season 1 and 2 are OK, season 3 is garbage
Insecure is a better version of this show, characters are more complex and jokes are much funnier (as opposed to Ilana's random/quirky antics every episode)

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Why is Tom Cruise so great?
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He takes every role he gets very seriously, but unfortunately he really hasn't done anything great since Collateral.
Good as fuck actor. The whole scientology thing really hurt his image tho.
you're gonna have to prove that he is, first.

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