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The best western ever.
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What was this rocks problem?
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halloween approaches and i need all the vampire kino i can get my paws on
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Haven't found anything that comes close to VtMB, the definitive vampire experience
i've only seen the simpsons version of this, is the actual movie worth watching?


Kino is back on the menu boys. DChads only
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Fucking. Awesome.
I hope they use this in the film, DC so far has had really good iconic music so far.
I like this theme as well: https://youtu.be/m1KyC_LzvzQ?t=40
Interestingly enough, Avengers actually had a pretty decent theme as well, but they didn't use it at all in advertising so if you probably wouldn't be able to recall how it went. To get iconic musical themes you need to play it during ads and shit.

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Kino is coming
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Yeah but not this.
>boreddit redditman
lol 9 episodes of bad sitcom then 3 episodes of muh depressions every season is so kino amirite guize

Why was season 4 so garbage?
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protip: it's not
scheduling problems with the actors
It's unironically my favorite season.

tfw no nina gf
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*blocks her path*
*shoots her in the head*
Dat hairy Russian pussy from the 80s.
you mean "no backstabbing whore gf"?

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Anything that comes close to this masterpiece?
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12 Angry Men, of course. And perhaps Nuremberg Trial, which could be seen as a contemporary piece to it. However, it favoured the Americans too much and as such was too biased.

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>late 2000s - early 2010s
>all those shows that tried to be the "next LOST"
>The Event, Flashforward, Terra Nova, Alcatraz, Touch, Revolution, etc

>GoT ending soon
>incoming tide of shitty wannabe fantasy shows
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They already tried making the next GOT

Flashforward was pretty good desu
What are you even saying? Everything sucks but Lost?

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He had me up until he started talking about how America used to be great. When was America ever great? After the revolutionary war when we were committing genocide against the natives and utilizing African Americans as slaves? After WW2 when we, along with the Soviets pushed the human race to the brink of armageddon?

No nation is ever "great". This is the biggest lie we've ever told ourselves as a society. Nations are nothing more than a collection of people and there are no great or small people- just people. People can do great things yes, but they can also do evil things. As nations we tend to do too much of the latter.

And why are Americans so obsessed with being the "greatest"? Why are other nations? It's not a fucking competition. This is life, this is humanity. We should be trying to be the best that we can and if we are, then it doesn't if we're the "greatest" or not. Let's drop the jingoist bullshit and start acting not like Americans or Chinese or Russians but like human beings.
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4/10 Trying a bit too hard
>grandstanding in front of undergrads to look good
That's like if I went to a kindergarten, and lectured them on the currect state of societal decay. Sorkin is a faggot. That said, I like FGM and SN, but don't know how much of that is due to other people.

speak of the devil and he shall appear
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Hayley Atwell
Salma Hayek
Susan Sarandon
Kat Dennings
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2000s sci-fi movies like Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux and Equilibrium?? Is there a name for those kinds of visuals?
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Dystopian post matrix inspired worlds?
Matrix rip off-core?
Photoshop filter movies.

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I'm watching the original French rips of Inspector Gadget and in every episode he has a funky mustache. WTF? Did they edit it out for the English versions or something??
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How many years have we been asking this question without an answer?
Based monsieur gadget poster

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Previously: >>87394234
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happyending fags btfo
Season 4 when bros? Literally crying rn and feeling empty.

There are no correct answers to anything.
There is only an infinite number of interpretations.
This is what Lynch wants and this is what keeps his work alive.

Call it all mysterious bullshit, call it art, call it whatever you want. It works.

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ITT: movies only you have watched
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There was a movie about Brigham Young and the Mormons killing off some Christians and it starred Jon Voight and it was called September Dawn and was in the theatres for like a weekend, and I never, ever heard of it again.

Anyone see it? Or even heard of it?
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this movie was pretty fucking good, think it's still on netflix

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