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Should we be hype? Who should play him?

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Reboot/Anime Adaption of this Masterpiece when?
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I want /a/ to leave.

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What are James Van Der Beek's best roles?
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> we must secure a future for white children
They're remaking Children of the Corn?
>/tv/ bitches about white genocide and he's out making white babies and /tv/ talks shit about him

Or villain?
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Looks like an interesting film, unfortunately it's one that can't be discussed here due to rampant alt-right snowflakism.
pretty sure it's just some type of debilitating autism, I don't know how you aren't aware you can't steal trains after getting caught 5+ times or are actually willing to sit in jail just to do it
I'm not really sure what disorder it is that causes that, it reminds me of that show with people who were sexually attracted to random inanimate objects. Related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GyOeJ8bo6g

Who would you cast in a Neon Demon sequel? Even if it's a "spiritual sequel", I would still like to hear your thoughts.
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Amber Heard

asr and the other 3 girls are played by karlie kloss , debicki and katherine waterston

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Why does Sandman always look like he's smelling a nasty ogre shit in Spider-Man 3?
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he looks like the inbred brother of the irate gamer
He's got sand in his socks
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wtf I like big bang theory now

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Man I want North Korea to nuke your faggot nation some times
But the female characters on shows do absolutely nothing beyond syaing yes or no to guys. They never approach them or plot to get them to date beyond putting on something pretty.

Lets make a show where there are no relationships because every interaction goes:

>him: hey wanna go out
>her: no
>him: ok

No romantic subplots because the guys simply don't pursue because it's "creepy".

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Remember when this website was useful at surfing the message boards to sift through to gather opinions about TV and movies?

I haven't gone there in almost over a year, and yet I can't stop the spams. It's as if they're begging me to visit their pointless website, and relentlessly begging me to check out what's new.
RIP, please die quietly without sending unstoppable useless spam.
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I don't even see the list of similar movies/shows every entry had before. What the fuck happened?
>the biggest database
>not useful
if you ever used their shit forums you were doing it wrong from the start
Wikipedia is better. Perhaps you are doing it wrong.

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Why did he like butter so much?
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I need a name! Batboy, Nightwing, I dunno. What do you think? What's a good sidekick name?
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How about box office poison? Got a nice ring to it.
Stay cool...

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yeah, he can
brought back from the dead by a god
he is god
He's being kept alive by Lord of Fire. There is no fucking way he would come out of that battle alive when he was right in the middle of it. This is the only way I can explain the all the bullshit he survived this episode
kinda hot

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>Japan made the best Netflix show of the year

How is that possible?
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Am I the only one that's really uncomfortable with the boy being a cute catgirl in the game? Is that sort of thing much more common in japan that it's not weird?
I haven't heard of it until now but I assume it's one of those "father and family are emotionally distant because reasons and now they have a chance to make up" stories that Japan loves so much
Do they have ingame sex?

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Are u excited for more McBride comedy? Did anyone enjoy the first season?
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First season was fucking amazing.

Looking forward to solid as fuck followup season then it just dying quietly going out in glory instead of limping on to some bullshit ending like a huge expensive epic show on the same network.
halfway thru first season and i dont think i get it. i dig the relationships and the soundtrack but i cant into the funny.

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