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I'm halfway episode 5. When does it get good?
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It doesn't.
The only cool moment of the entire show is the fight scene in episode 3 and you've already passed it.

Watch something else instead.
It's all down hill from episode 3

>"All fucking niggers must fucking hang"
>"White man's burden, Lloyd"
>"A nigger"
>"Hitler was right about almost everything"

What was his fucking problem?
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>almost everything

It was a different time

Simpsons scenes that made you cry
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do it for sneed
Do it for her (Formerly Chuck's)

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thoughts on Emily Blunt's body of work?
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post better pictures so i can evaluate her
Bitch was solid in the girl on the train

Sucked in everything else...especially shitcario

ITT : Films that are considered classic masterpieces which you find overrated.

Pic related, I thought it was boring as hell and also morally questionable given how much time it devotes to showing the main character is an ax crazy only to give him a happy ending (and apparently Scorsese has gone out of his way to deny that it's a delusional dying dream)
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>i dont understand films made for my grandparents

>movies that are morally questionable are bad
Disney capeshit was a mistake
Getting kind of tired of these "*blank* is overrated threads"

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What the fuck, Disney?
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I don't get it.
You never watched Tarzan?
back when Disney had a little bit of edge to them and they weren't afraid to get a little dark. We would never see a scene like this is Frozen or Wreck it Ralph or Toy Story.

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Why is this series so comfy?
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It's shit for teen girls and you're a homo for liking it.
Pretty actors, storyline not that convoluted - I enjoy it, it's no masterpiece but not everything has to be
The Lucifer character is literally me

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*Dos Gardenias starts playing*
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Kino shirts.
fuark i need those shirts. literal kino. i have never pulled my pants on top of shirt.

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Pacho best dressed gangster of all time.

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It has some great scenes but almost as many awful scenes

best films to watch whilst tripping?
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Dont watch a movie. Go outside.
go outside in the middle of a city on my own in the middle of the day tripping balls
you won't want to watch a movie

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Listen, you have a great business, great numbers and are all around great people who I'd love to partner with. However, you're wearing shoes that I just can't get on board with, so for that reason, I'm out.
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>I like your product and your numbers are really impressive, but your melanin level is just too low. I'm out.

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>We need somebody to play minor role as a Latino criminal
>Say no more
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this guy is the edgiest faggot in history
>t. guy who had his shit pushed in by a monkey
It's funny because his character's name in all his roles is called Hector. Don't believe me- look it up.

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How the fuck is Hot Fuzz a masterpiece? In what way does it display a mastery of filmmaking?
Typical American. You will never TRULY understand this movie.
No I understand it just fine. It's not even particularly British humour; I can think of plenty of films that epitomise british humour far better than this one. It doesn't display a mastery of filmmaking in any capacity. I'm not American, by the way.

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For anyone that has dealt with smoking addiction, they would know that not seeing people smoke/enjoy it, really helps, and when you do see it, you suddenly want to do it again. It's why it was banned in movies/tv-shows, but these guys get away with it because Netflix original series are neither movies nor tv shows.

Watching all these characters smoke, enjoy a long satisfying drag of a cigarette, has really pushed me back into wanting it again, I might actually relapse because of this fucking show.

It's bullshit, and I am being serious

you can't deny there is a sinister motive from tobacco companies to push smoking in Narcos, even House of Cards (the famous line from Kevin Spacey when offered an e-cigarette: "It's not as good as the real thing")
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im in the process of quitting right now. shits rough broseph
Shut up you pansy, the craving goes away after a few months.
I've been were you are, so some backbone and resist.
>why it was banned in movies/tv-shows

Are you retarded?

Did Mike like It?

How about Jay?
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Depends it the check clears.
Wait do these hacks literally have a Patreon just to make hack videos that they then make exclusive to the hack Patreon investors?

What a bunch of hacks
>Jay: I hated it.
>Mike: Really? I loved it!
>Jay: Well, I didn't HATE it.

Every time.

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