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What did you think of this outfit?
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Most hyped look on the Lookbook of a Northeastern lesbian "Wiccan."
looks like spoiled whore outfit.
jacket too short sleeves to cover arms, too small to zip-up too
I'd really like to see her out of it if you know what I'm saying

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current state of /tv/:

>5 threads about meme flick of the week (IT)
>5 threads about American Psycho
>5 threads about GoT
>5 BLACKED threads
>5 loliposter threads
>10 sneedposter threads
>5 threads complaining about the current state of /tv/
>5 spider-man threads

where are the FILMS? the FILMS? the FILMS!
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>Talking about a movie that came out yesterday that might break records for R rated movies
>Memes that have been around for years

pure fucking kino

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How is LotR so good and the Hobbit so bad?
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no niggers
3 movies from 1000 pages of source material.

3 movies from 200 pages of source material.
Because you were 12 when you saw LotR

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She carried the whole movie with her impeccable genes.
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cruel cruel woman

I'm not watching old shit faggot.

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U is for bane/sneed
N is for Narbacular Drop
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abic meme.png
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U is for Uma delicia

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Would you watch a Scarlet Witch solo movie?
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Scarlet Witch.jpg
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If she fingers herself in it,yes

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Also checked
Is Nick just the designated "FAT" friend that makes them all look better in comparison?

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grrreat sea urchin ceviche!
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>no can do
what did he mean by this?
I wish I were as aesthetic as Jared Leto
sneed urchin ceviche!

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Who the fuck wrote this shit
>frankenstein has no point to bring in the show
>neither does the monster
>woman (who's name escapes me) is late 2000s high school edgelord trying too hard to be Helen carter
>Dorian only existed to fuck not-hellen Carter and turn her into a deadite
>cowboy fucks Dorian and it's never brought up again
>James bond is an asshole
>sub plots everywhere, of which several are forgotten about, the Egyptian vampire and Jack the ripper plots are dropped
>several of the sub plots could of held a show on their own, such as Frankenstein working in the theater , but in context to the current plot, is pointless.
>rose Tyler and the cowboys relationship serves no purpose but to eventually get a Frankensteins sub plot bride plot
>90% of scenes are dramatic taking and build up to nothing actully happening
>more dramatic dialog
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Yeah I can't really make sense of what you're talking about there OP but I just wanted to say that this show was really good and I hated the way it ended so abruptly.
>Who the fuck wrote this shit
John Logan.
>Who the fuck wrote this shit

A man who was literally obsessed with Eva Green.

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Only Reason to Live Edition

Old Bread:
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Azor Petyr
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Here's to the young wolf!

Was this the Mayweather/McGregor of its day, or the Mayweather/Pacquiao?

ITT: Movies women will never understand.
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My mom loved this movie. She was the one who bought it so we could watch it as a family.

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Why did they make one of the robots black again?
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They needed one actor to throw under the bus and recast for the next season so the nostalgianerds felt like they effected something

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Local arts cinema is showing A Ghost Story, The Shining, Get Out, It and Belle de Jour over the next couple of months. Which ones should I go and see /tv/?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

When your tired of feeling down and always staying home alone,
Come with me to the odyssey gonna party all night long
Come one and dance dance dance move to the music
Let your heart go free
Dance dance dance you can't refuse it dance dance dance with me
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What did the fat guy represent?
He's what tony later described at dinner with manny and elvira
A barrel for a stomach tits and liver spots
Damn. Nice detail

What a great movie.

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I admire his dedication

he's preparing for Dick Cheney biopic
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I've seen him go from anorexic to fatass in a year or two. Bale has great control when it comes to changing sizes.
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