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Legends of Tomorrow is just over a month away.
I like seeing a woman in an action role that actually looks like she can kick some ass and do some damage.
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You don't think she looks like she can?
She looks like she can sit on my face for hours on end and still make me beg for more

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Will James ever get his shot at directing a big budget film?
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No considerong the one movie he made was shit

He had his shot and he blew it. Started balding immediately after too.

Coincidence? Hardly.
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will the site ever solve the bot problem?

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Characters that are literally you.
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Al Marsh (Beverly's dad)
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How long until we see her penis?

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Should I start this show? Does it live up the hype?
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Only if you're into reddit
This. BB is overrated shit.

> it is the best series you will ever see
I would say skip S5 because the show turns full reddit at that point.

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Shark kino.
Why was this scene nowhere to be found in "Deep Blue Sea"? This still picture is more terrifying than anything you see in the actual film.
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This pic actually made me skip the film for many years. The combination of deep dark waters and monster sized sharks, freaks me the fuck out! Now that I've seen it I'm a little disappointed.

But almost, certainly will be look on as a masterpiece. When we compare it to the "Deep Blue Sea 2" syfy, is in the making of.
animatronic shark probably didn't look so good in motion, or they though the scene would be more tense/paced better if the final moments of the entrapment happened off screen.

it is an awesome production still though.

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lynch (1).jpg
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David Lynch hate thread
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THAT ENDING...worst bullshit NOT KINO just TRASH TEIR
never heard of her mate

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not gonna lie, she makes articulates arguments for marxism better than any marxist i've ever heard

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A thread died for this.
Why does she have 40 year old people facial lines as a 20 year old?
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retard here, what is the difference between marxism and cultural marxism?

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>watch a movie
>something embarrassing happens
>pause it and start pacing around the room
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partly why i can't watch always sunny a lot of them..its hilarious, but the cringe is just too much
the uk office
nothing else
I hate that my BF does this IRL, except instead of walking around like an autist he just crawls in fetal position on the couch and hides his face in his head.

I'm sure its mostly due to the fact he was a pussy ass bitch in school and got bullied for being a fag. perhaps because he knows hes often this embarrassing IRL as well

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Im asking because I respect the opinions of those who inhabit these waters. I need a new show. Just completed Ozark. Need something serialized.

Thank you.
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Justified. Pretty much anyone would enjoy this show, it's a lot of fun

Or if you're in the mood for something different, The Young Pope was the best series I've seen in years and years.

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kino, one of the funniest scenes in the history of film, everyone in that scene is eddie too lmfao
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Superior film coming through.
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>I fart on the first date

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>discusses religious and christian subjects in a more mature and more thought out way than any other show on television
>beautifully shot and directed

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It's an exemplary series, but you don't sound too sharp yourself honestly.
Christ, you're childish.
When this show came out literally every catholic was whining about how it wasn't accurate or it was disrespectful

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>they start charging a cinematic universe tax
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>they only see crab legs if you go to an ocean-related movie
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>you will never pay off the interest on your ticket-ripper courses
>tfw we lost another ticket ripper this week at my kinoplex

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ITT media that deserves an adaptation

I'll start with Ex-Heroes, where a group of superheroes try to survive and keep a group of people safe after a zombie apocalypse in a world where supervillains and heroes still roam both dead and alive and undead....
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Scifi with limitless potential for green screen
Also scores well with SJWs

Not sure why it hasnt been done, the source is bloated sure but it could be pared easily

Tv show or Movies would work desu, probably movie better
same reason why transman of gor will never be adapted
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Jonerys confirmed
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Where did you find that ?
his ass
that celerity rumor site, forgot the name.

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The itsy-bitsy Raimi
Went up the water spout
Down came Sony
And shut the project down
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