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This was fucking fantastic and you know what it made me realize?

That /tv/ has a talent, they can make any great movie seem like it's going to be garbage. I didn't expect to enjoy it at all and it's unironically one of my favorite movies (outside of the ending)
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I'm convinced most of the shit talkers watched cam rips.
you simply have bad taste m8
nothing to be ashamed of
no, YOU have bad taste.


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The most based thing to come out of the 90s and a genre- and generation-defining masterpiece

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The sequel had some awesome twincest
Yea but it was trash

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>what did you just call me?
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>gimme your gun
>and your backup
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>"you heard me"

Very cool Bateman, but that's nothing
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What do you think?
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>I sacrificed everything, even your lives for you people and what do I get?"
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hey, you ruffian, leave that poor gimp alone. he probably can't tell you're mocking him. he's obviously slow.
Never understood this shit when it came on the tube at night.

Xavier only appeals to survivors. We're a dying breed.

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Is it, dare I say... The comfiest show ever?
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>The Underfrasier
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I never thought sipping coffee in rainy Seattle with my brother seemed very comfy, I'd much prefer to hang out with the gang down here and have a beer or two...
Both are peas in a pod

For the longest time Javier Bardem was going to be Roland and then suddenly it was Idris Elba instead.

To those who are unhappy with the casting of Idris Elba, would you have been satisfied if they'd stuck with Javier Bardem? I know Bardem is pretty well-regarded here but many people say Roland is supposed to be "Eastwood-like" which does not remotely describe Bardem.
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True, I always imagined eastwood as a nigger.
I think Bardem could pull it off really well, he looks the part at least in my mind. But Idris is great too, so i would have been fine with either
That is racist.

Yeah, I like both regardless, I just wonder if there would have been as much complaining if it had been Bardem. Not to say there's much complaining outside of the white supremacist bubble.

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This new photo is from colorado where almost no onevcould recognize him
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He is a big guy
Me on the left.

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It can't really be as bad as the critics say, can it?
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>seth mcfarlane
uh yea, it's shit
Hopefully it will stable out a few episodes in
It will be a great competition between this and STD for the title of the shittiest Star Trek clone of all time.

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ITT: post music video kino
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>tfw saw them live this year on their farewell / reunion tour with the original lineup

pretty based

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for you.jpg
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>it's an /x/ and /tv/ crossover episode

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Can't wait, looks kino
Docco kino?
So basically Twin Peaks/The X-Files (pilot)?

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Find a flaw.
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The target audience is 15 year old girls.
Not enough fantasy and alot of the cop shit

Finding a flaw would mean I'd have to watch that shit. What a waste of time.

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TGTBTU - Poster.jpg
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Do women understand this?
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>picking the jannetty of the dollars trilogy
hang yourself
Women are incapable of comprehending any movie longer than 90 minutes
>implying liking A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More makes you more likeable

Though it is true that El Indio is a thoroughly likeable and fleshed villain

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Kill, Fuck, Marry

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Fuck and Marry Jenna Coleman.
Kill giant, fuck midget, marry atwell
marry the british titmonster
kill the jew
fuck the tall aryan
have kathy bates and the mexican watch me fucking the tall aryan

How did Simba and Nala just SUDDENLY fall in love? They didn't see each other in years, and when they were just cubs, they just seemed like good friends. How did romance suddenly come in to the picture? This was a horribly written movie, but this part really takes the cake for me.
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dude, they're lions
it's like in anime where the guy meets his childhood friend and she instantly wants to fuck him for whatever reason except it makes sense because they're literally animals
What a retarded question. I haven't seen this shit since I was 5 and I can answer that.
They were good childhood friends who had a special bond, they haven't seen each other in years and miss each other, and see each other again as adults and feel an attraction for each other.
Besides look at those eyes, how can you not fall in love?
>>87552459, that too.

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