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Anymore great korean horror movie recommendations?
I just finished the wailing and it blew me away
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I really like this movie, too bad all korean movies of horror/drama/thriller have the same edgelord (thus predictable) endings..
I saw the devil is good but it's more psychological thriller than horror.
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Japan has some must-sees:

Cure 1997


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Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
Spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
A sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!
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>quoting the book
Ride to ruin and the world's ending is better

Also the final duel, when their themes overlap.

I really enjoyed this movie, does that make me a normie?
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no. it's a great movie, anon. don't let contrarians tell you otherwise
yes and no

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>But I have other virtues, Father. Ambition, that can be a virtue when it drives us to excel; resourcefulness; courage, perhaps not on the battle field but there are many forms of courage; devotion, to my family, to you.

>Yes, yes, well done Commodus, well done Commodus...
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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/tv/, what's with all the silliness? stop being so silly.

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What the fuck I watched the silliness episode like an hour ago.

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Black Smithers
>inb4 sneed

>Die Hard was originally supposed to be a sequel to Commando
With all due respect to McClane, wouldn't John Matrix have steamrolled Gruber's entire gang in like 30 seconds?
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fuck yeah dood
John Matrix is overrated

He takes like 90 minutes to kill five guys before wiping out the last 200 guys in 90 seconds

ITT: Only the best movie star couples.
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this poor, chubby schlub not only got to bang a literal Hollywood goddess, but went on to get even fatter and bang Italian royalty and Croatian supermodels. Don't give up hope lads!

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>Norm Live
>Joe Rogan Experience

These three don't quite provide enough content to fill my day. Anyone got anything similar you watch?
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It whittles all of that free time down to a manageable allotment making your choices in what you watch more rewarding
What kind of background do you have to come from to watch Joe Rogan? I ask because none of my friends watch him.

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>it's that type of movie where you need to shut down your brain to enjoy it
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>its that type of movie where you need to use more than 10% of your brain
You mean Capeshit?
WTF does that even mean that I have to shoot myself in the head to enjoy?

Top 10 Simpsons Moments
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Formerly Sneed Bat
Chuck suck fuck

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Quick /tv/, i have 2 8 hour work days coming up and I need something to fill the time, what should i download from this PoS service that never has any good documentaries?

Going to be audio only, not that I care about that. I might just download and finish all of Korra if that's a thing
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>going to be audio only
why not just download some podcasts or audio books?
>downloading movies for background noise
Just listen to podcasts anon
Don't have any podcasts I really care about

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I wish to taste one of those slusho with monster alien jizz mixed with it

bump for cloverfield 3

>my wife's daughter
>forced BM/WM relationship
>women taking out men five times their size
>religion is bad and wrong
>homophobe is actually closet gay
>incestuous love
This wasn't The Mist, what the fuck were they thinking?
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>forced BM/WM relationship

You say that as this type of pairing doesn't exist.
Was there any panty though?
Eh, the BM/Wm relationship wasn't forced any more than the gay psychopath, the mother who goes nuts after the mist killed her kid but not the blonde because blondie is Special, the black mayor and security guard who also go nuts, the crazy old lady, blondie's parentage...

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Shits about to get real. Your boy Etika is gonna stream and watch the death note movie; so get your popcorn, get your licorice, get your fucking stramboli, it's gonna be a hell of a night
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Is Etika mentally retarded? How can you be scared of death note?

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