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>Deadpool 2 is not diverse enough.
>Movie studio redesigns Domino as generic afro black woman.
>Now they need a black stunt-woman, a rarity.
>The hire one so shit at her job that she crashes more than three times doing one of the stunts during dry runs.
>Stunt directors tell the director "This is too dangerous, hire someone else or edit it in post"
>Director says "that's racism, she can do it!"
>shoot scene.
>she fucking dies.
>Executive is now saying she died because there wasn't enough diversity!
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They didn't even need a black stunt woman. That's the worst part.
it's just too perfect

forced (((diversity))) literally took a life
Is this the end of affirmative action???

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not a bad guy.png
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how is he the bad guy again? he made gordon everything he is
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>he made gordon everything he is

Gordon was a drunk till he coached the ducks.
He wore black, anon. Of course he was evil.
This. He was an alcoholic that didn't give a shit about kids. Coach Riley was an asshole that failed to teach his team any sense of morality.

That being said, it's still kind of weird that the Ducks were only allowed to win because Bombay forced a kid into his team through a technicality.

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>horribly misunderstood by critics who didn't understand it
>gripping cinematography
>can only be appreciated by true patricians

Is Death Note the Batman v Superman of 2017? Are we finally witnessing the birth of live action animekino?
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The cinematography is its only saving grace

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Yeah, and an octagon for fighting!
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8 8 8 8 8

need a ring, square in too closely associated with boxing. can't use a circle because you can't have 'corners' or hang banners up. octagon is perfect desu desu desu laddy

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The prequels are better than the sequ-

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What the fuck
Still better than emo edge lord.
I'll take toilet humor in a mostly original Star Wars film, over a literal scene-for-scene remake of a Star Wars film I've already seen hundreds of times, any day of the week.

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This movie was really good up in until 3/4 through the movie.

The plotholes were weird what with bandits running around with machinery and gasoline and guns and shit

It got cheesy somewhere in the middle, but the earlier parts and the whole post apocalyptic punk aesthetic was really cool to see.
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I never got around to watching it so should I check out the extended cut or theatrical?
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They don't make em like they used to. Costner was an American treasure and I was mesmerised seeing this movie as a kid. The film is not great in hindsight, of course - but at least it was imaginative.

Another film that falls into this category is Dragonheart.

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He's just bulking edition
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OFFICIAL /trek/ meme rankings

1.) Barclay posting
2.) Dukat did nothing wrong
3.) Janeway is a murderer who killed Neelix
4.) IRA O'Brien
5.) Keiko's weird plant thing

9000.) O'Brien and Bashir singing
9001.) Fat Riker


100000.) Commander, tell me about your sexual organs

Yeah, well, if you watched Nemisis you know.. it worked.
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Riker Shelby.jpg
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We're not the only people on this island and we all know it!
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if i were alone on an island i'd probbly jack off all day lol
lol same

Loved this scene along with every other scene in Season 1.

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What did Mi(s)a mean by this?
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She wanted L's bbc.
Yagami would've fucked her and Turner'd be too stupid to figure it out
She's a roastie.

You must pay a fine of two American dollars!
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*pays in sneed*
formerly 2 bucks
ok here you go

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ITT: """villains""" who literally did nothing wrong

He just wanted his dead girlfriend back
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>tfw no ancient gf
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Pic related is great.

[Spoiler]Dumb and Dumber[/spoiler] has maybe the best pacing of any comedy of the 90s.
Who cares? If you are not lost in a mesmerizing blurring of reality and film, if you are watching a movie and caring about the rest of the world, if you do not loose all perception of space and time you are not watching cine kino.

I'm gonna Fuck Freddy up!
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>Show about a marijuana shop

>run by an ageing hippy mother and her mulatto son

>mulatto son has white love interest

Created by: Chuck Lorre aka (((Chaim Levine)))

Oy veyyyyyyyyy
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Pure garbage
I watched the first episode. I thought the laugh track was some kind of meta thing till it kicked in they were serious about it.
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Netflix is even releasing their own branded marijuana strains to promote it.

Why is this triggering leftists so much?
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why are you making stuff up
It's not. You're making up false outrage to stroke your own ego and bias.
People that watched "In the Loop" are saying that it looks cool, and the rest kinda don't care.

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