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>people demand for Timm and Dini to run the films
>people keep whining about their views towards Batman, Nightwing, Joker, and Harley Quinn
yikes make up your god damn minds
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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if each 4chan board was a got house what would their words and sigil be?

house /pol/ - nazi battle flag - "blood and soil"
house /r9k/ - wojak hugging pepe flag - "we do not fuck"
house /b/ - trollface - ours is the furries
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house /fit/ - zyzz - feels and squats
/tv/ already exists

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yeah id eat her asshole if you know what im saying
Describe it to me in great detail
no, I don't

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How did a show set in the 70s manage to be so relatable to someone who went through their teens in the 00s?
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because teenagers are all the same
Ever notice that they talk about The Empire Strikes Back, but that movie came out in 1980?
Did they? I know Lando was on the show playing a pastor in one episode, though. One thing I DID notice was Eric having Spider-man sheets from the 90s cartoon.

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Hi, I'm Pepe McClure! You might know me from such films as "Sneed's Feed and Seed (Formerly Chuck's)" and "Roasties, REEEEEEEE"!
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pepe more like pee pee poo poo hehe
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good thread

> Walt let this semon demon die
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the feet
Death to all Xenos.
shes an outtie (roastie) anyway

I've got a couple of gigs left, which movies should I download (shh don't tell nobody)
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come on guys help a feller out
Go fuck urself, oh-pee
oh yeah? how about you go frick URself, huh?

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>teeth grinding intensifies
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Why did he drown Agent Sebso without having sex with him first?

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>watching LOTR with bf
>he cries when borormir dies
>my vagina when
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Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

>mfw thinking of you hurting
Your vagina looks sandy

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Is /tv/ hype for Black Panther?
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I am, actually. It looks like it will have barely any quips and the costumes and that look pretty good
To a degree, yeah. Decent director, decent cast, decent source material. It won't be nothing too great, but something good could come from this.
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>BBC's newest feature.

>Japanese films can't be goo-
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the only people that think this sucks are people with add and anti japanese americans
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>file name
my nigga
Love Japanese films. A lot of them feel like low budget indie films without being indie films.

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why isnt 'that french guy' in films anymore?
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After 9/11 we, as Americans, stopped caring about export actors from places besides UK.
He does bit roles now, like voicing a Transformer in several of the movies or being le quirky frenchman in Adam Sandler movies

he's probably semi retired at this point unless he gets bored or a juicy script crosses his path
because JUST

why can't brainlets understand that back to the future is one of the most culturally significant films of all time?
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Bc you're a faggot...
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why can't you get dubs?
try raising your iq 20 points before posting ok?

I remember this movie being pretty dark and depressing but i dont know why
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because it was on while you had your cherry popped
because he doesn't find any more tiggers and realizes he really is the only one
everyone treats him like shit and he sets out to find more tiggers, it gets visually bleak with snow and shit and there's an avalanche, it was pretty sad at times

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Larry King: Did you know Christian Bale when he was cast?

Bret Easton Ellis: The first time I met Christian Bale was when – he wanted to meet me. He wanted my approval, even though he had already been approved by the studio and the director. He wanted my approval, and so he told me to meet him. And it was at a restaurant down on Beverly Blvd and I was at the bar and suddenly I got a tap on the shoulder and it was Christian Bale completely dressed like Patrick Bateman, completely acting like him, with that accent shaking my hand. And of course the movie hadn’t been made yet so he didn’t know how chilling it was going to be, but it was pretty chilling.

Larry King: Pretty chilling.

Bret Easton Ellis: And so by the time I sat down, after about five minutes I asked him, you just have to stop this. I want to enjoy dinner.
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Amateur. COVFEFE.

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