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Are there any other movies where hippies get BTFO?
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Am I the only one who wants to fuck the shit out of Dylan Dreyer?
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Literally who?

Yes, I'm sure you're the only person in the world that would like to have intercourse with her.
someone beat you to it
She backed her car into mine at a Starbucks. I saw her looking around like she was gonna run but I walked out just in time. She is better looking on TV.

Is it possible for a zombie movie to be kino?

Isn't the premise of zombies itself anti-kino?
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Nightmare City is great.
>Is it possible for a zombie movie to be kino?

Train to busan was pretty neato imo

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these shots of metropolis are so fucking damaged and awful

why even bother including them?

they just take away from the movie
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for the sake of completeness, desu

there's some great restorations out there but aren't complete

it's like with the devils. the only way to watch the "rape of christ" sequence is on shitty bootleg quality because warner bros. won't allow an uncut release of it
ohhh that's why the devils cut to that grainy shit?

i hated that part it looked so awful compared to the majesty of the rest of the movie
Just in case you are not aware, you are a huge disgusting pleb. Stick to the perfect digital imagery of Marvel

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Anybody watching the new Tick? So what do you think?

I liked it, but I'm just hoping we'll get to see more of the classic villains. That was one of my problems with Warburton's Tick. They didn't have the rights to Tick's villains other than the Terror.

Unfortunately, this new one is also kind of short and we won't get the second half of the season until a few months from now.
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Oh, and I much preferred the costume from the pilot, but all you dweebs complained about it and got it changed.
Warburton himself was a pretty great choice for a character like the tick. How's this new guy compare?
Needs more sex.

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Matt Damon shows up in the last movie you watched to be the surprise villain. How good/bad is it?
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>Back to the Future
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...how does this even work?
Martian Damon dukes it out with Matt Damon.

is there someone who knows where to see the leaked las episode?
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party with my peeps
feed n' seed
Playin' three card monty on these crazy streets
i hate latinos
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Was she a better person in enemy of the state or breaking bad?
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In deadwood

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I got disappointed that the /who/ thread is about Doctor Who and not Literally Who?s, so this thread is about Literally Who?s
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So my plan right now is to get my license, save up for a car and then try to land a nanny job down in Cali for you kniw, important people. My great aunt did that and had a lot of fun with that, made great bonds with the family and kids and didn't mind the pay either. To keep it /tv/ retaliated, how would I become a celebritys' kid's nanny? Like what in the world do you even have to do to get hired by one?
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I have doubles, answer me

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55 65 dead bodies at least
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drider in the streets

drider in my mind

drider in my soul
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Welp, the early reviews are in.

Confirmed kino.

Who is ready?
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>all but three die at the end, rest separates
>no more movies about them
yes please

Which ones survive in relation to the JL characters?

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Hey guys I'm creating this General so we can discuss the awesome movie the dark knight rises.

Who is everyones favourite character?
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A Dark Sneed Rises
(Formerly chucks)
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Great thread OP. My favorite character definitely has to be Chuck. When he lost his business to that rabble of homeless led by the infamous master thief Sneed I was heartbroken. It was like kicking him when he was down they wrote "Formerly Chuck's" on the new sign just to remind the city what happens when you fuck with Sneed.
>Who is everyones favourite character?
the Plane

Just watched this

It was pretty bad. I liked the first one, but the attempts to carry over the humor and music was so forced. They couldn't have made it just a little more serious since we're getting closer to the end of the (current) MCU now? Sadly, marvel normies will continue to eat this shit up.

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IMO the first one its shit compared to the second

i think Vol. 2 its way way better.

What kind of crayons are on your christmas list this year, the ones with glitter in them?
Definitely. I was surprised by how much praise I hearing from acquaintances. They tried way too hard to recreate the first movie, and that opening sequence was so long and boring.

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