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What was his damage?
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The Dinosaur guys were kino though

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>This guy would be a sex symbol on the level of Tom Cruise in bollywood India, but since american viewers are so racist hes just a stupid poo comic relief
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lol, no
Fuck of Kumail.
Poo Cruise?

Will it be kino?

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It has a long history of not being.

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remember that turtle movie? that was cool
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Yeah, it was fun and the cinematography was pretty nice.
The most kino Ninja Turtles movie. Shame that all the other movies kind make it easy to assume that the first one is just as bad.
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Whats the last film that challenged you?
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Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia

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Sup /tv/

Any good Post-Apocalyptic kino films you can recommend?

Already watched:
>The Road
>28 Days Later
>28 Weeks Later
>I Am Legend
>Mad Max series
>Shaun of the Dead
>Dawn of the Dead series
>12 Monkeys

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Six String Samurai
The Rover
Oblivion was decent

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What went wrong with her career? From a lead role in one of the biggest franchises to getting naked for a cameo on obscure cable shows
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Holywood has a million forgetable brunettes with a weak foot game
Bad actress
No waist.
drew carey banged her.

Is this edgy enough for /tv/?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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How the mighty have fallen

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It is running right now - the plot is about yet another male feminist who abuses and exploits young women and is serious adulterer, but in the public eye he wears a mask of a women right activist. he is played I think by an actor called Jusst Whewdon.
odd coincidence but did you realise that your image showcases the numerical combination of 14 and 88 which is significant to white nationalists and neonazis, 14 meaning some junk about white racial preservation and 88 meaning hail trump?
No joke Firefly is amazing, lives up to the hype and everything else.

Also, movie Buffy > show Buffy

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You are going to Shrekfest 2017, right anon?
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never seen this - is it really that bad? it looks cool from the trailer
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Not completely awful, not very good. Pretty mediocre fill with semi-half ass plot.
Neat setting and design elements, borderline nonsensical plot.
It's average. District 9 was blonkamp's best and every film after has steadily gotten worse.

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"It's a science fiction convention in which the mind of a naive, yet highly skilled, girl is written into the body of a mature sexualized woman."

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He does realize that's the only way we'd do it in real life right?
This is the equivalent of drilling holes in a little dinghy that's the only thing keeping us from drowning and this guy should be treated like such a saboteur.
>what's the easiest way to make the audience believe this character needs the protag to protect them?
I dunno make them really naive and helpless and isolated from things the protagonist finds routine?
>but we also need a love interest, the focus groups always want more romance
how about we make her sexy

Oh jeez. What a malicious plot against women. really says a lot about the male psyche...

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Apple bottom jean jeans
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take a step back..
>Hey, Tuggernuts, I’ve got you on speakerphone. I’m standing here with Les Grossman, and he is dying to tell you why he’s apparently wiped his ass with the TiVo clause from your contract.

oh.. goddamn it Bruce.
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When was the last time he made a good movie?
it is any good?

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