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Game blouses
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there's a pause between game and blouses, way to fuck up the joke.
You know where you got that shirt and it wasn't the men's department.

ITT: Characters who are literally you
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Damn sexy woman.
is this a fake?

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FRIENDLY REMINDER: All movies should only star PoCs. White people are scientifically inferior as actors and are only holding us back.
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Not falling for the b8 but this guy is constantly impressing me. Everything I see him in increases his range as an actor and I'm excited to see what other roles he'll take in the future. I have mixed feelings on death note overall but he (and dafoe) were excellent
dude i get on my conservative soap box over literally everything lmaoo

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Mom gets blown out. Divorce. Psychologist/therapist goes full /ss/ but he decides he actually doesn't want her now and more teddy bears getting decapitated because autismo girlfriend is hilarious.
More stuff on the actual guy with autism instead of how his family deals with it.

The sister is actually interesting for me

>it's a jesus dies for our sins episode
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I need you to lose 300lb by tomorrow
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Don't think i could afford to lose that much money
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the fucking state of americans
How much is that in non burger measurements?

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>Last year I went fishing with Salvador Dali. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish.
What did he mean by this?
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I don't get the every other fish part
Salvador Dali is a well-known surrealist/absurdist. The concept of a discontinuous fishing line is absurd, as is the concept that it would result in a discontinuous catch.
I thought Salvador Dali was a chef???

Do you guys think that Mac Tonight (aka Moonman) will ever return to bless our tv screens.
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nah, he's too busy with his music career now
Doug Jones is in everything though.

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>two old friends are reunited after many years
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>character is a "loner"
>has had sex
>1st episode of Mr. Robot
>character is severely autistic and anti-social
>still gets laid

if you're a drug user you run in drug user circles and sooner or later you will get laid in drug user circles. regardless of how anti-social you are.

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I know we often joke about "movies women will never understand" and stuff like that but i think for pic related its actually true. This movie portays growing up as a boy so extremely well its incredible.

I have never felt so connected with a movie before.
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>I have never felt so connected with a movie before.

i feel you Anon. btw did you know it took 12 YEARS TO MAKE IT?
I feel sorry for you if this is a movie that speaks to you. It's the blandest, dullest thing in the world and if that's all that's to your life you're really missing out. It's like if your favorite drink would be McDonald's orange juice.

Also, I think it's more of a thing that people, boys and girls, who grew up during that time might connect with because they think "hey I also stood in line to pick up Harry Potter at midnight" or whatever.
>le contrarian meme xd

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Post you girlfriend's favorite movie and rate other people's gf based on their favorite movie
pic related is mine's
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She's cheating on you.
I don't have a gf, but that's my mom's favorite movie.
That was a favorite of an ex aswell, I never really cared for it. Most recent girl I am seeing loves Mean Girls (we're a little older than most on /tv/ I suppose).

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To moisturize his skin, its ashy as fuck.
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Who will play this shipboster in the biopic?
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Idris Elba.
>false flagging like a faggot

Why did /tv/ like this again? I thought it was okay but definitely not a masterpiece.
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>You came back to die with the rest of your gang?
>No... I came to call the shots.

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No one said it was a masterpiece.

>Why did /tv/ like this again?
>btw I liked it
Loved this movie, wish there was more like it.

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