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>that time Tom and Jerry were driven to suicide after getting cucked by Chads
has any other child's cartoon ever gotten this real?
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I want a new Batman trilogy.
One that starts from scratch.
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Is this from Gotham City Whales?

Is this a good film? Worth watching?

This girl I have a crush on has this in her favorite movies section on her Facebook page, so I was wondering if I should watch it at normal speed instead of at 1.5x speed
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this is a classic movie for girls, she will think you're a faggot if you tell her you watched that

The series looks interesting and it's just recently finished. What do you lads make of it?
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stop at Season 3.
It's very good but the themes are too adult for 99% of the people on this board so this isn't a good place to discuss it.
One of the best shows ever made, but /tv/ is too stupid for it because there's no memes or retarded shit

Just finished filming her first series
Does Emily Rudd have a future in hollywood?
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What is it gonna be about?
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>Does Emily Rudd have a future in hollywood?
Probably not, outside of the kind of stuff she already does (music videos, short films, etc.).
Apparently it's a comedy
>perfect women dont exi...

>the final episode of the seventh season of the greatest series epic ever put on television or film
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>That pic literally contains the only two plotlines left in GoT
And now it begins.
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bran = C U T E

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>[Laughter]She has a very, very small penis.
What exactly did Jazz Jennings' surgeon mean by this?
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I was actually a little surprised when I asked her
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She's a keeper.

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Why is Hollywood completes autistic when it comes to Godzilla?
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Implying a man dressed as a dinosaur running around a cardboard city is less autistic
It ages significantly better
no cos the broderick one is fucking kino and jamiroquis tie in song "deeper underground" was fucking ear kino too. reported and saged /thread faggots

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Is this the most Kino scene in all of Kaiju films?
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>This was one of Anno's potential final forms for Godzilla in the movie

the absolute fucking madman

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Was Ned better?
Was he going to beat him if not for those Lannister henchmen?
Is Jaime all talk?
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Jaime would win a proper duel against Ned 9 times out of 10
Jaime was toying with Ned, very clearly, but I think also that Ned was better in the show than the books and was probably one of the most skilled swordsmen in the series

Jaime with his hand was second onoy to Barristan Selmy

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>we want the thicc audience
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post the thing about the guy who wrote himself in the show to fulfill his fantasy
Yeah. Fuck yeah, someone feed me that autism.
I'm pretty sure that is his character in the bottom left panel, haha.

Joe > Q > Murr > Sal

You know this to be true
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As long as Joe is always on top, the order of the rest doesn't matter.
>And today for Sal's punishment, he will have to drink this glass of hemlock!
Good list. I don't think that disparages Sal either, I think he's hilarious.
They work incredibly well together and that's to the strength of the series.
>vampire music starts playing

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atleast it didnt fuck characters like this.

gotta appreciate Ghost in shell compared to death note. so bad..
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what if light was robut
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Kek (*¯艸¯) At least, "Death Note" is the kind material that easy to be bumped around different cultures. "A Ghost In The Shell" definitely is like THAT, but they somehow decided to take the meaning to whole new level.

did /tv/ dislike ghost in the shell? I never watched the anime but the movie was actually alright. I didn't even hate the movie from the get-go like I use to when johansson is the lead. decent action, decent story, and really nice visuals, I'd easily give it a 7/10

as someone who enjoyed the first season of death note, I gotta say that the movie itself is good but as an adaption with the same characters, I understand why fans could be hating on it. I mean making Mia into a "mastermind" while portraying Light of all people as a beta pussy was shit enough but ruining L as a whole was retarded. Shame that I actually liked the actors but even a great actor can't make a shitty script better

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Shit meme
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based Sneedposter
Albuquerque Isotopes

Formerly Springfield

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