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>"Lads, I want you to go out there and run really fast and see if we win. The one thing to remember is that you have to go really, really fast at all times."

Is there a bigger meme manager in the world of sport?
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draw 1-1 with burnley

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>Is there a bigger meme manager in the world of sport?
Don't tell me you've forgotten already
He isn't a meme manager at all, he just has boring tactics.

Klopp is a meme manager, he is literally a 8 year old on fifa

The undisputed football boots.

Honorable mention: Predator
Not welcome ITT: Subhumans that use the word "cleats"
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Based thread. Doopin mental man!
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Honorable mention la
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True Greatest Boots in history

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Post yfw Milan wins the Europa League
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Just fuck me up man
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>Going to school to be a pig farmer
>flyover states
Fug off
Kinick is comfy as fuck

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Is this the biggest meme team in soccer now?
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aka bandwagon?
Sort of. They get shilled on this board 24/7 nowadays. But I don't think there's any legitimate support here.
>having fans and winning is now considered a "meme"
Sorry, we were occupied taking the MLS by storm and elevating the standard of play in American soccer. Did we step on your shoes?

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>half team injured and/or suspended
>league already lost
>won't win a 3rd champions in a row
>no backup striker, bench full of unproved youngsters
is this the year he gets EXPOSED?
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What a likeable guy. So glad he's proving the haters wrong. I will be happy if he cucks Halal in the next clasico with a clutch goal out of nowhere.

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Are we buying it this year?
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>buying sports sequels
>buying video games

Is he currently the best American athlete?
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Dmitar Berbatov
That's not lebron James.

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nebraska is ded
ucla is kill
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better thread here


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The Real Fight.jpg
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Previous >>78296107

>Saturday September 16 WBSS ITV4 UK
Callum Smith vs Erik Skoglund

>Saturday September 16 - BT Sport UK You Tube US
Billy Joe Saunders vs Willie Monroe Jr

>Saturday September 16 - HBO PPV Boxnation UK
Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez
Joseph Diaz vs Rafael Rivera

>Friday September 22 - ESPN US Boxnation UK
Gilberto Ramirez vs Jesse Hart
Oscar Valdez vs Genesis Servania

>Saturday September 23 - HBO US
Jorge Linares vs Luke Campbell

>Saturday September 23 WBSS ITV UK
Yunier Dorticos vs Dmitry Kudryashov

>Saturday September 23 - You Tube PPV
Joseph Parker vs Hughie Fury

>Saturday September 30 - Sky Sports UK
Rocky Fielding vs David Brophy
Tom Farrell vs Ohara Davies

>Saturday September 30 - WBSS ITV UK
Mairis Briedis vs Mike Perez
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War Saunders tbqh
The most dangerous fight of Canelo's career.

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motd with 'arry.png
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Special " 'Arry Gets Sacked " Edition.

On in 20 minutes on BBC One.

>MOTD running order: Wat/ManC, CP/Sou, New/Sto, Liv/Bur, Bou/Bri, HUD/Lei, Tot/Swa, WBA/WHU.
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Evening lads. Probably only going to watch the first game, today seems like it was shit based on the scores.
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I'm tired so I'll probably only watch the first one as well. Today has been a rather meh day for PL football.

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>good looking
>2 sons

dream life
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no lol
>small peen
no thanks
>small peen

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How will Palace survive their next three fixtures?
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They won't, expecting reports of dressing room brawls kek
They won't

The first team to be relegated by January.
They won't, expect Woy fired by November, MAYBE December

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Glad we can all agree on this
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I mean HEY where's BADMINTON
Only issues are English football/boxing too high, German f1/Olympics too high, and the entire tennis row
lel I have missed this list

For example, are really fast, have a great arm, great hit power, etc. but are shit overall and I mean shit. Absolutely forgettable players.


>JP Losman
>Absolute fucking cannon of an arm that could drop any 40+ yd pass on a dime
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jeff george was better at that
>Tim Tebow
Jeff George was actually good overall, though. He was an asshole but he could play.

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