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Come on my HSV! Papa!

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>when it finally hits you that football and gridiron football are essentially the same game
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rugby is probably closer relation

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Is he, dare I say it, elite?
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Better than Dembele tbqh
I told some rangersniggers in /europaleague/ that he is going to dominate and I was completely right.
8 goals in 6 games now i think.

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There's a probòem in the UK. Price of players has risen to spectacular sums. Does it mean that the best players run on UK pitches?


The football in the UK is overvalued, you pay random niggers from Jamaica a mountain of pounds every single week. That's wrong. That won't let you win automagically. That will burn your football and the end is a blowing bubble.

Been warned, img unrelated.
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Last day to shit on OSU's losing streak
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>a "streak" of one game
>LOL mom I posted another reaction image from subversive pornographia!

fuck off kike

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>ywn pull off a stout latin moustache

Is this why anglos dont leave their leagues? Are they afraid of the Barbosas?
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>yfw da bears win da superb owl
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Based Burrs Germanbro

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You now remember Hidetoshi Nakata
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You now remember Shunsuke Nakamura
Nips had a good team in 2002, they would've won the WC that year if they had as much refball favouritism as SK did.
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YOU now remember

Jacek Krzynowek

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What was up with this guy?
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Who ready for the watching boks?
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And it will be due to withdraw of the rest of the other candidate cities, it's the first time ever a city is confirmed to be the host 11 years in advance and this was hastened for fear of having no candidates for 2028.

The olympics can't fall any lower, it looks like host cities got tired of spending millions in bribing the COI only to host a shitshow that only brings prostitutes and dirt to your city.

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Brazilians already had adequate resources of whores & dirt in their cities though.
Beat me too it. So Does Paris and LA Tbqhwyf
>the first gay and Muslim Olympics

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Can anyone recommend a good, non-msm, NFL podcast?
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I only listen to Fox Sports podcasts u can't trust the lying media to just talk about sports without pushing their agenda of race mixing in.

Shame we live in a World where I have to be ashamed about who I am, but at least Fox Sports doesn't cover NBA nonstop
Fox Sports is the lying media.

AsI said, non-msm if anyone knows of any.

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Post the lyrics to your alma matter's fight song
We cheer the Akron Blue and Gold,
We cheer as the colors unfold.

We pledge anew, we're all for you,
As the team goes crashing through,
Fight! Fight!

We cheer the Akron warriors bold,
For a fight that's a sight to behold,
So we stand up, and cheer and shout,
For the Akron Blue and Gold!
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Wave the flag of old Chicago,
Maroon the color grand.
Ever shall her team be victors
Known throughout the land.
With the grand old man to lead them,
Without a peer they'll stand.
Wave again the dear old banner,
For they're heroes ev'ry man.

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Was it autism?
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is this his cheese pizza and sprite hat?

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Athletic Club Bilbao (Basque: Athletic Kluba), also commonly known as Athletic Bilbao (Basque: Bilboko Athletic Kluba / Spanish: Athletic de Bilbao), is a professional football club, based in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

> They are known as Los Leones (The Lions) because their stadium was built near a church called San Mamés (Saint Mammes). Mammes was a semi-legendary early Christian thrown to the lions by the Romans. Mammes pacified the lions and was later made a saint.

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hey friend i hate them terrorist shits just like filthy k*rds but i made just for you a fresh original content
Thanks but your PS-skilly are really limited.
"Tonight, tonight, look under your car" their crowd used to chant to the refs. Damn terrorists

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