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623 days until we win the Champions League
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Based Méxibro waking up early to remind /sp/ to wear the Blue.

Gomes (C); Janmaat, Mariappa, Kabasele, Holebas; Chalobah, Doucouré; Carrillo, Cleverley, Richarlison; Gray

Ederson, Walker, Otamendi, Stones, Mendy, Fernandinho, Sterling, De Bruyne, Silva (C), Aguero, G Jesus

Starts in 1 bong
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Subs | Bravo, Delph, Mangala, Sane, Danilo, Gundogan, Bernardo
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got any pics from your CL adventure la

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He is half-Russian, half-Korean who was born in CCCP, lives in USA, represents Kazakhstan and is married to a Tatar woman, who he really is?
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Also lived in Germany for a while.
A cosmopolitan.
A real human bean

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>everything that is Atlanta United

Has finally America found to enjoy soccer (football, divegrass, call it whatever you want) their way?

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Notice how pretty much all the fans are white.

This is quite remarkable considering that
>Atlanta is the 4th largest black-majority city in the United States and has long been known as a "black mecca" for its role as a center of black wealth, political and social power, education, and culture including film and music.
>As of 2014, around 54% of Atlanta's population is African-American.

Finally the white minority in Atlanta has dropped the mainstream black American sports and started following a white sport, good for them.
Was going to say the same thing.Why are they all white?Are they not embracing the beautiful black community in Atlanta?Sounds incredibly racist and problematic.
Ironically I'm sure most of the fans are self hating liberals.

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For me, it's Peter Bosz
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for me pepe reina
that's Adam Silver, tho
Stop posting Gladiola.

>40mil for a stylish Theo Walcott

What did Liverpoo mean by this?
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Live televised darts returns to our screens for the first time since July as the top eight players in the world compete in the Champions League of Darts. This is of course the second year of the BBC airing proper arrows and not the shambles of the BDO.

Last year, the Prowler Phil Taylor claimed the title with an 11-5 humping of paint drinker Michael van Gerwen in the final and will want to inflict a similar humiliation to >16-6 this time around. There are also three new faces in the competition as St. Helens dunce Dave Chisnall, everyone's favourite unorthodox Serbo-Austrian Mensur Suljovic and lazy Dutchman Raymond van Barneveld replace the collapsing James Wade, the imploding Robert Thornton and the petulant Michael Smith.

The format remains the same as last time: two groups of four, with the winners and losers of this afternoon's games playing each other in the evening session. Wide-open Group B starts things off as midlife crisis clown Peter Wright faces Chizzy, while gameraising Gary Anderson plays Mensur, with the deadly Group A following as the Stoke ferry obsessives derby has Pheel up against new dad Adrian Lewis, while another new dad in MVG faces compatriot Barney in the final match of the afternoon.

Coverage starts from 1:15pm UK time on BBC One, with evening coverage from 6:45pm on BBC Two.
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Today's fixtures (all best of 19 legs [first to 10]):

>Afternoon session (1:15pm - 4:30pm)
Snakeshite v Chizzy (Group B)
Gary "Big Game Counter" Anderson v CAN'T CENSOR THE MENSUR (Group B)
Taylel v SnackP&Ot (Group A)
MvGOAuTism v Barney (Group A)

>Evening session (6:45pm - 10:15pm)
Winners in each group play each other, losers in each group play each other.

>Champions League of Darts preview
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Lets hope for some more top quality meme material this year

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Matches today:

St Pauli - Ingo
Sandhausen - Lautern
Düsburg - Nürnberg

Swiss Cup
Bassersdorf - Fc Zürich
Juve Zürich - Lausanne
Muensingen - Schaffhausen
Kosova - Rapperswil-Jona
Servette - Luzern
Locarno - Stade Nyonnais

CASHPOINT Altach - Rapid
Wolfsberger AC - Linz
Admira - Sturm Graz

Buyern - Mainz
Shitgart - Wolfsshit
Gay men - Scheisse 04
Krankfurt - Augsshit
RB Leipzshit - M'ladygladshit
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I'm not sure about this but I'll allow it for now
Haji Wright has started 2 games in a row for Sandhausen. Has he been playing well?
shit thread, abandon lest the consequences be dire

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I want to get into this league. The team I support is Steaua Bucharest (Basically multiple times champion, chokes and gets beaten hard in other competition than their home league) so I guess Porto is closer to the team I should support.

Tell me about this league anons, there are so many teams I have no knowledge of, especially Guimaraes and Maritimo. Which player is the one to watch?
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don't, just watch all Benfica, Sporting, Porto, Guimarães, Braga, Maritimo and Rio Ave when they play against each other, other games are useless filler
You can start by watching Braga X Guimarães

Something exciting always happens, many goals or conflicts between fans s guaranteed
So the rest are meme teams. Okay then.

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How come nobody's training players to be proficient at half court shots? China can train thousands of kids and at least one of them will turn out a prodigy in half court shots. Think about it; who cares about defense when players can score three's miles away from the basket. Were there cases of teams attempting this?
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This is why there are no Filipino NBA players
nobody cares about basketball

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Levante vs Valencia.jpg
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Valencia XI:Neto; Montoya; Murillo; Gayá; Ezequiel Garay; Kondogbia; Andreas Pereira; Carlos Soler; Dani Parejo; Rodrigo; Santi Mina;

>ZaZa benched

Levante XI: Raúl P. López Chema Postigo Toño Lerma Campaña Bardhi Jason Ivi Alegría


game starts in 37 bongs
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pls post cute bats
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Valencia has still not lost, two ties against Real and Atletico, if they win againt his Levante side(still hasn't lost too, and won against Real), I might have to start rating them, as a possible champions league stop candidate

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Nice butts in action

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Great thread
What's with the retard helmets?

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> TIM VICKERY and JON ARNOLD talk about the terminology unique to football and what chance do Curacao have of qualifying for a World Cup?
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>tfw the last two episodes don't download correctly and I have to keep my iPad connected to the internet to listen to them


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Chel 18 boys, who is in and who is a bitch. If you ain't playing EASHL then get the fuck outta here.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>Edición de Zacatepec

>Atlas x Tigres se jugará en noviembre, durante la fecha FIFA
>Toros de Tijuana ganan el quinto juego de la Série del Rey y son campeones de la LMB
>Martín Rodriguez (Cruz Azul): "El torneo aquí está sobre el fútbol chileno"
>El Piojo contento por resurrección de las Chivas ante el clásico
>Tigres están eliminados de Copa MX después de derrota ante Zacatepec, en casa
>Clásico Joven y Clásico Tapatío en octavos de Copa MX

Jornada 9
>Viernes, 15/09
Monarcas x Tigres UANL, 19:00, Azteca
Tijuana x Club América, 21:00, Azteca
>Sábado, 16/09
Cruz Azul x Santos Laguna, 17:00, Televisa
Monterrey x Atlas, 19:00, Televisa
León x Pachuca, 19:06, Imagen/Fox Sports
Necaxa x Puebla, 21:00, Televisa
Chivas x Pumas UNAM, 21:06, ChivasTV/TDN
>Domingo, 17/09
Toluca x Querétaro, 12:00, Televisa
Veracruz x Lobos BUAP, 18:30, Azteca
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j9 ligamx table.jpg
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Second for chicks with dick's
Third for: saca las panochas.


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