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What impact has his career had on sports?
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Normalizing pencilneck reporters getting tossed around by alpha jocks on camera
He called a man chris
Normalizing shitty "Hot Takes" format of sports radio.

Hits comedy bits are the only good part of his show. Bum smack, softball guy, etc..

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Who here is a WINdians fan? Normally, I cheer for the Cardinals and Cubs but I'm all in on Cleveland this year!
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>the mistake on the lake
I'm not talking about the team, I'm talking about the inhabitants

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ITT: Footballers who are undeniably homosexual in private
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hes too good looking to be 100% straight

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New NBA alternates were leaked. What do I think about them? http://news.sportslogos.net/2017/09/13/video-game-leaks-full-set-of-new-nba-alternate-jerseys/
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most of them look the same

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this expansion is an insult to the sport. Bottom 8 markets or so should fold. Then increase the salary cap and we can see great 4 line teams.

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You now remember Erik Lamela
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BAL: Kenneth Dixon suspended additional 2 games
NYG: Odell Beckham trending toward playing on MNF
SEA: Richard Sherman on track for Week 2 vs 49ers
MIA: Report: Jarvis Landry expected to play Sunday
MIA: Dolphins to be without starting MLB Maualuga
LAC: Mike Williams (back) cleared to practice
NE: Dont'a Hightower (knee) ruled out for Sunday
CHI: J. Howard expected to play; could be limited?
NE: Patriots rule out Danny Amendola (concussion)
BAL: Same as ever: Campanaro back on inj report
OAK: Amari Cooper (knee) taken off injury report
LAC: Chargers rule out Jason Verrett for Week 2
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>6 posts early
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Reminder: This smug son of a bitch is winning the AFCW and there is NOTHING the Raidniggers, Queefs, or >Chorgers can do about it.

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What's his end game /sp/?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Who's your favorite sports commentator/announcer?
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Alan smith is pretty level headed

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Who here played sports in school? Get ITT and share some stories
>played football junior+senior year
>d line, nose guard
>senior year, playing against some mountain rednecks
>don't play that much bc I don't know the plays but get tackles every time I'm in
>get in, pumped as fuck
>football snapped, push the center easily out of the way
>tackle the quarterback trying to run the ball
>next play, same thing
>next play push the center out of the way and run a little bit downfield to tackle the QB
>get tagged out
>O line bros encircle me and are screaming at me congratulating "AAHHHHHH YOU MOTHERFUCKER"

this one black kid was scrawny and played before me for no fucking reason. I swear on my dead parents grave I was faster by far, bigger by far, and much stronger than him and he was a string ahead of me. One time he went in a game I didn't play in and he used the bitch ass push pull technique on an offensive lineman. I wouldn't do that shit unless I had no physical strength. Coach was a dickfart but oh well, I proved myself whenever I actually got to play and in practice . Anyone else played nose guard in HS?
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i played DT, fatty. I was replaced by a freshman recruit my sophomore year despite having only sack on team 2 games in. This kid was supposed to be the best DL in AZ but he turned out to be shit. Felt bad, man.
>went to small Catholic school in Florida
>play all giant schools of hood kids
>lose every game by 40
>whatever, I'm going to college for grades anyways
>play center and am actually pretty good, some D1 offers, still going to school for grades
>lose game by 48
>we're smoking and joking on the bus back.
>"yo coach! You going to the party tomorrow night at Stacy's?!"
>he tells us we'll pay on Monday
>the party was sick. Got my D sucked
>vommed at practice on Monday

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Could they beat the USA in basketball?
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who cares
Could anyone beat them in any sport?

they produce some fucking amazing players, but no. olympics proves this

Is an horse an athlete?
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is she brazilian lol

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Ole ole ole!
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I made those years ago for krautchan!

Hello friends! I win tomorrow :3
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No one gives a fuck about boxing

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