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What happened to this meme?
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it was bad
I miss you Aaron
It's dead, over, no longer a meme deemed and dead meme

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I don't get it

What type of person do I have to be to enjoy this album?
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>swamp Slipknot
>spoonfeed me on how to enjoy an album
beat me to it

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What do you think about my voice ( range, power, timbre etc)?

I'm imitating cats fighting if you're asking yourselves.



vocaroo.com/i/s0KFRnEQ7BeC ( in the end, like an angry cat, i hit an F5 i think, but i' m not sure )








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And this scream? is powerful?

Post screams.
what the living fuck dude

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Is there even a bad track on College Dropput?
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Is there a good track?
breathe in breathe out is fucking cringe
Your mom was a pretty good track.

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Well, rap is not music for one thing. I mean, it isn't music, you know, it's talking. That's what is says "rap." "Rap" means "talking." It's not music, it's talking in meter, it's got rhyme, and it's got...it has meter, it has rhythm. It's not music. It's...you know, it's okay. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, I have no problem with it. It just isn't music, you know. And people who get to be great at rap are not great musicians, they're just great at rap, you know. There's no road from rapping into music, you know what I mean? And, music is something you can get better and better and better at. I don't know if you can do that with rap. I don't know if whether it has that kind of space in it or that it leads into infinite possibilities. Music does.
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based Jerry speaking the truth
He's not wrong.
grateful dead was garbage. pure wankery

I have no idea what genre (pic related) is other than jazz + trad. japanese music.
Do you guys know of albums that are equally good?
Through the looking glass by Midori Takeda and Ecophony Gaia by Geinoh Yamashirogumi are also nice but different.


Utaka no Hibi

Through the looking glass

Ecophony Gaia

Also good, but again very different, more westerny jazzy I guess:
And somewhat less interesting.

Ryo Fukui - Scenery 1976

Takuya Kuroda - Rising Son - Zigzagger

Takeshi Terauchi And Bunnys - Seichô Takeuchi Bushi (not jazz)
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god tier japanese folk
I was just listening to Mariah last night! Shimizu's stuff is so interesting. I just wish Kakashi was cheap(er) on vinyl...
I know right, do you have other Shimizu albums to recommend?

What went wrong /mu/?
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>What went wrong /mu/?
anything with "trent" involved automatically goes wrong
Nothing really

Anyone have study music recs? I have essays to write
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Brian Eno, ambient series
>write essays
Which is it?
Go ahead post your weeb lo fi channels stop pretending

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I'm about 30 tracks into these guys, almost every one of them is good.

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whats your beef stranger?

OP, stop peeping. I'm listening to them right now.

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why is this (and aphex twin in general) so emotionally dishonest? what's the emotionally honest versions of SAW 1 and 2?
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Good job furthering this board's continued de-evolution into nothing but literally meaningless buzz-phrases.

Can't wait until the day the catalog is nothing but Grimes, that midget rapper, and the same 5 or so unfunny memes.
thanks, appreciate it
guys do u like showgaze, i think its very really good. its obscure and very good. i like loveless the best because it kinda makes me think of vaperwave. nujabes and XXxplaystacion is my faavorite hip-hop artist. Whos ur favrite female artist???, its is Bajork because she has nice skin or maybe Grimes becauase she is original AND cute. rap is NOT music LOL (just kidding Kanye Wess is a god and should do a collab with Thom Yorke.) i like weird stuff like SLINT because its deep and itsnot shallow like other math rocks because it has vocal.s and lyrics. I like any album cover with japene symbols but IM NOT WEEB THO loll

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Anyone like Die Antwoord?
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not really
Are they still relevant?
Meh, I like some of their songs, I like weird shit, what y'all listening to?

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Charlie Simpson left Busted.
they dominate fashion and music right now.
americans have just discovered adidas
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Guess which one of these artists has won 21 Grammy awards. The answer may surprise you.
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The one that isn't a whiny bitch, I take it
The one that's been in the industry for over a decade?
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The one that's been making music before the other one was born and has been famous for over a decade

What's so bad about Pablo Honey?
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Thom hates it so faggots think they're more puhtrishin if they suck his cock at every turn.
Nothing, really
i wouldnt call it bad. but it isnt their best

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why do people say that there's not innovative music anymore?
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Either because it's easier to be cynical than accept that you're not special and attempt to live your life honestly in your genuine mediocrity, or it's easier to be a contrarian and free to feel both vindicated by the authority of popular arbitration but special for disagreeing and wielding your own authority against the collective.

We're overexposed to marvels and novelty, and we reject all new thought because we haven't either qualified it ourselves or because some authority figure has yet to have qualified it for us.

People are fucking stupid and are either ignorant of history or ignorant of their surroundings. The mode of contemporary music is innovation, as artists desperately search for something unique or original in the hopes of finding something "genuine". There are more genres of music, more instruments being played, more composition styles, more schools of thought on music now than have ever existed. More innovations have happened in the last 7 years of music than the previous 20, and more in the previous 20 than the 40 before that, and more in the 40 before than in hundreds of years before that. People just don't pay attention and say the first dumb shit that pops into their head without thinking about it first.

Pick an answer, none of them are 100% right and even if they were someone would tell you that you're wrong anyway.
Is this Grimes?
No one said that

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