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ITT: Musicians who will be dead by Christmas.
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not brian wilson
Dubs confirm
yes brian wilson. dead man walking

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what video was this shit from again? i cant find it
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Nostalgic seeing it.

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So, this drops next week, I'm unsure what the general opinion is on /mu/ when it comes the Killers.
I've been following them after 2007, and they released three singles from this album. So far I think 'wonderful wonderful' is their most unique sounding song to date and I quite like it, not sure how the rest of the album will sound. what do you guys think?
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bump for interest
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So /mu/, are you mature enough yet to accept the greatness of Viva La Vida and the rest of 2000's Coldplay releases or you're still on your "muh patrician tastes" bullshit?
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it's a great album
their only good one imo, i've listened to everything up to mylo xyloto
Nah I prefer Radiohead's new single, Burn the Witch. Sound of the summer.
Hey someone else made this thread, cool.
Personal 10/10 op, keep doing your thing.

Favorite song?
For me, Lost or Lovers in Japan. Dat Chinese Sleep Chant

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What does /mu/ think of synthwave?
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what the fuck
like it, but hate com truise

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edm is inherently pleb-tier music
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does anyone argue against this? I thought it was generally accepted.
yes /bleep/
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>they haven't taken the psychedelic goa trance pill yet

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any normal people here?
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ESL dubuggoshitter

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Why do people hate Pearl Jam?
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Because the vocals are terrible and the music is boring.
Pearl Jam is a good band.
i still dig "jeremy"

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what is your fave female artist and why it's grimes?
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>what is your fave female artist
...a female artist? Are you actually trying to ask WHO is my favorite female artist?
how can grimey even compete?

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ITT: Post things that make you immediately dismiss an album

>it's over an hour long
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>It's not over an hour long
>Its in Spanish
>it was released after 1990

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Childhood is thinking 1 is their best album.

Adolescence is thinking their later period is the best because its so le wacky and experimental.

Adulthood is realising 65-66 was their golden era but also the pre Rubber Soul is better than post Rubber Soul.

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Adulthood is realising that John and Paul were a couple.
Adulthood is realizing Abbey Road is their best
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>Abbey Road is their best
>not Revolver

Brian Bell here. Pacific Daydream is shit.
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thanks for the heads up man
shut the fuck up brian you goddamn traitor
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are you signed up for 4chan gold account broan?

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I'm relaunching this thread because you obviously found the original OP pic too unattractive. Hopefully this eye candy will bring results.

Listen to this:

Listen to the way he sings "she'll laugh".

Listen to the way he sings "that's all".

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why are there so many grimes and lavern waifufags when sky is a million times more attractive?
what a manly man
These guys were originally a punk band

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This song is too amazing
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reminder that the Cocteau Twins EPs are essential listening
>nigger shugazi

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>album you love has a vinyl release
>it's only a picture disc
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>when the DAW crashes but it doesnt autosave
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i know how that feels.
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>Issue is only on some hipster vinyl service that only presses shit quality colored vinyl packed with fucking wine accompaniment ideas

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