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>Le ironic 50s carnival music to close out a serious record XDDDD
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>using ironic XDs for something that isn't even trying to be comedic

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imagine lisa
what kind of music does oh my girl listen to?
uglo thread

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>put rain sounds on in the background
>album instantly sounds better

What albums are the best for this comfy feel?
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reddit weather

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Name a more iconic duo
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I'm a cheeky cunt.

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Still would.
Beacuse she is fat?

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It's not an oxymoron
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does harsh trap exist?
That is hardbass friendo

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>suicide boys
>lil peep
>lil tracy

these fuckers all have the exact same voices, the exactlt same flows, with the exception of xxxtentacion who is trash in a different way, and they all have the same terrible edge master high school lyrics.

these fucks are the absolute worst, when did this edgy cutter rap shit start? how do we stop them?
this 'depression' sad boy shit has to stop
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But bones is the pioneer so he's excused
you forgot death grips and ghostemane
still sonic HIV

ghostemane sure, but death grips at least doesnt sound like a white kid writing slam poetry and saying it over trap beats

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Does /mu/ like Sleater-Kinney?
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pretty fucking solid discography if you can ignore their self-titled debut. only reasons i've seen people on here bash them for is "dude riot grrl feminism lmao"

pic related most underrated album of theirs
they're great, i even find their debut enjoyable enough. I think you could even make the argument that from 1995-2005 they were the best rock band in the world.
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What was the best rock album of the 00s?

Antics and EtBL are still magical to me. Probably just nostalgia. But still.. also interpol lyrics don't make sense
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is this it
there are so many, too bad this thread is going to be filled with meme responses
best rock album of 00s was deloused in the comatorium
come on you know im right

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>lil pump dropped out of harvard to full time rap
>lil windex using his cleaning power to erase the dirty players
>chief keef dropping 5 projects this year all 10s
>the based god coming out with a very rare 10
>xxxtentacion losing fans
>search for and find me on the outside of this building, as opposed to the inside girl signed by atlantic

is rap saved?
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Famous Dex saved rap.


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Best 80's one hit wonder?

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better than the original
Weird, I thought of this song out of the blue several weeks ago after not hearing or thinking about it in years. But I actually really like the song and end up listening to it every few days or so now.

Also there's something oddly really sexy about her strangely demure performance. I can't explain why at all but something about it is really hot.

Do you even '80s?


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What do you listen to when you feel like you've listened to everything?
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shit you make
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my thoughts
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Why do people like hip-hop? What do I need to do to like hip-hop? I tried listening to xxxtentacion and immediately stopped, death grips is the only hip-hop group I like.
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Expirement around and don't just listen to what other kids listen to, especially not X. Listen around and find ya own shit. Maybe you'll like old school boom-bap or Emo-rap. To each his own.

But for sure start with Madvillainy, see how you go from there.
xxxtentacion is shit, if you didnt like what you heard from him you dont ever need to come back to him, he's trash. I don't know about most people, I listen to it because the beats can get creative and the flow and wordplay can be impressive to. Here are some decent tracks to get you started if you're interested.





> xxxtentacion is trash
How? Just because you don't like his style doesn't make him garbage. I don't like Kendrick Lamar's style at all but I don't think he sucks as an MC. X just has a style a lot of people aren't used to. I wouldn't dismiss him as something talentless.

Does anyone else find this shit addicting?

It's basically background music but I can't stop listening to it, it just makes me feel calm and content while I do stuff.
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That's the entire point of it.

It's comparable to being the sonic equivalent of fast food.
Why is lo fi so filled with weebs?

For something that all my normie friends are always playing it always makes me laugh seeing a anime girl on their screen
Your "normie" friends are all on this website. I hope you realize this.

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https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/ghostdriver - such an artist and only 154 pledgers?!!!

Tell us how you support your artists or how you would or why you don't.

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I support artists by going to live shows and buying physical releases. Paying for something that isn't physically tangible is quite stupid.
Do you pay for plastic or for the intangible something that's on it?
If you pirated shit out of them, it's time to pay thank you, don't you think?
Also pledgemusic does sell some tangible objects, because of such an attitude.
>If you pirated shit out of them, it's time to pay thank you, don't you think?
That's why I go to live shows.

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