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Is it bad that I'm attracted to trans boys because they look like prepubescent little boys?
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Most of them don't, though.
Not at all as a matter of fact they should be the go-to sexual partner for pedophiles.
>Legally fuckable
>No penis
>No chances of getting preggo becuz HRT
>they look like prepubescent little boys?

well thats how im trying to look

so i'd say its alright

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Is it weird that I get jealous of trans people and it makes me feel depressed? I wish that I could be beautiful. I was just in a transgender chat room and it actually made me feel sad, because there were so many beautiful people in there, and a couple of them even had partners and they were playing around with each other on the camera and it made me so sad. They were talking about how much they hate cis male chasers and I felt like I was nothing more than a foreign object in their chat room, so I left and felt extremely sad. I didn't really say that much and they didn't really say that much to me, nothing noteworthy. I've just been feeling extremely sad about it ever since.
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Gif chat room link pls
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I'm a guy

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Who do you blame for your inability to pass?
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I love Siouxsie Sioux!!
White males
My parents for not giving me full AIS.

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That feel when at the end of the end of episode 13 of season 2 of house MD they reveal that Alex the super model is actually male with Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS)

Makes me wonder why we haven't found out a way to just medically induce this in trans people.

How does it make you feel?

The episode made me feel super dysphoric. Here is another (albeit fictional) person who is male yet gets the perfect free ride, and transition from age 0 :/

Fuck why can't we all just be cis.

From the wiki
The patient has complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS). The disorder prevented the genetically "male" Alex from being able to process testosterone. Since the patient could only process estrogen, the patient developed female characteristics, such as large breasts. This revelation disturbs Alex, who is unable to believe that she is, actually, a hermaphrodite, prompting a psychiatric referral from House, who remarks upon the irony that the ultimate woman is a "man". The surgery is a success.
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I think for trans people its too late. Alex's testes never lowered b/c AIS but with a trans person they already have way before they even find out they are trans. The effects aren't reversible
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Imagine having complete AIS and being FTM though. I'd an hero.
:( So sad. Fuck. I don't know why this who thing makes me so dysphoric.

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Daily reminder that if you're being censored and denied speech it's because you're not falling in line of the accepted speech (as determined by our overlords) fast enough. Wonderful example of victim blaming and circular logic right here from the left.
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>private business exercises right to refuse service to specific people
>alt-right pissbabies throw temper tantrum
If you think private websites should be required to "respect freedom of speech", it means YOU YOURSELF DO NOT RESPECT FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If you demand others to offer a platform for your speech, then you yourself are demanding they restrict their freedom of speech.
so me demanding a greater freedom of speech is... restricting the freedom of speech of people that want lower freedom of speech on some or all parts of the board?

Great logic there, mate.

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directed toward people here who are homeless/been homeless:
what was the experience like?
not taking about shame or anger or sadness of being kicked out or worse.
im talking about what its like to be homeless or having to rely to stay in a friend's house or being forced to stay in a shelter.
how has your view world changed? are you in a better place now? can you easily see which food items are overpriced and which ones arent?
go nuts.
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Are you trying to make a decision about something that may result in homelessness, OP?
had some close calls and almost became homeless but im fine.
just wondering how everybody else feels about being homeless/being stuck in a shelter/etc
My immediate family has been homeless before, but that's probably not quite the same situation as going it alone. Although from what I've heard, that's a pretty shitty way to live. You really can't trust anyone, some people will do their best to take advantage of you or just be cruel to you for no reason other than they're psychopaths, and you'll be scavenging through Dumpsters for food and basic amenities.

Unless you can arrange to stay with a friend, I don't think it's a good idea to do anything that can possibly result in homelessness. If this is related to coming out to your family, then I would hold off until I had time to find stable employment and get an apartment or something. Although there are a lot of government assistance programs available to low-income households, people who go that route tend to get trapped due to these programs having such strict terms about your income. Should your income ever increase, you may be booted out of the housing projects or whatever fixed-income housing you live in. I'm also pretty sure you're not allowed to have any savings while you're using these programs.

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>tell dad im trans
>get beat up and kicked out

th-thanks for the advice guys
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
now live your life!
You're better off without that shitloard, hon!

t. Cynthiana

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How much truth is there to this?
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Encyclopedia Dramatica is a parody site

It is 110%. You can go on reddit any day of the week and watch fetish masters grooming children into thinking they're trans- and you can go on tumblr and watch a perfectly normal child get rekt to the point that they assume a completely bogus "gender identity" to scrape up online approval from Cluster B psychos and mad as hell racist minorities
Dude, it's ED. This shit is not to be taken seriously in the slightest.

This is also one of their shittiest articles. Thetly haven't had anything good in fucking ages.

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Shitty situation for gays in eastern europe
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>Shitty situation for gays in shitty europe
No shit.

Western Europe only Europe.
But Baltic states aren't "Eastern Europe". They're culturally and historically part of Mitteleuropa and geographically in either central or northern Europe. Oh, and Poland is very squarely part of central Europe.
Not really (if you meant Baltics not eastern europe), especially once the cohabitation agreement passes. The Christian nutjobs are basically the only actual homophobes here.

Also, pride parades are cancer and everybody there should be shot for making the LGB look like clowns.

t. Estonian

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>tfw your president and your future president both sided with the terrorist and blamed you for inciting them with your "phobias"
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>tfw your future president got shot before he got the chance to be president
It would have saved us all a lot of trouble.
How did they "side with the terrorist"? By not calling for the immediate deportation of every Muslim citizen? I haven't heard a single prominent politician say that the gays brought this on themselves. I do recall there was a conservative religious governor or something who tweeted a bible verse about "you reap what you sow" which some interpreted as victim blaming, but he claims it was just an unfortunate coincidence.
>By not calling for the immediate deportation of every Muslim citizen?

By not acknowledging that this was caused by radical Islam rather than wailing about white America and guns. Trump had to go on and on about it before they caved.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vU6wWQ1Hlk Video explains it all.


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nobody cares brian
but he's right
>muh edrama

Fuck off

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Has anybody ever been to one of these? Europoor here, they're kinda common in big cities here in the old world. I've got two weeks of holidays coming up and I want to go to a city with a nice sauna (or more than one, if possible). Any suggestions?

Also gay sauna stories pls
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Even the air has AIDS in it
What can be better than steamy hot pozzing?
Saunas are not for sexualization faggot

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Post adorably gay pictures.

They scream gaynell from all pores, but are still severably cute somehow.
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bumping for interest
>it's an "the reason I don't want to be gay episode"

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susans.org and irc.susans.org are both sites run by susan larson, who has recently been asking for $2500/month to fund the sites. she lost her job last year and since then has been using peoples donations for herself, including (as she posted) donating $6000 over time to her favourite streamer - out of her 'personal allowance'

if she doesnt make the goal, she soon threatens to bring the site down, and as people use the place as a support site they give her money to pay for it - which she then uses to buy herself shit.

even last month she spent 1.5k getting back on E (mtf hormone) and got herself a new kindle, despite complaining that shed 'choke on a bullet' without enough site donations.
shes using a support site as leverage to get peoples money, and threatening to take that support away if she doesnt get enough of others peoples money, which seems fucked up to me.

justice? what do yall think?
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Nobody here uses susans.
>the queen bee of a hive of stupid bullshit is doing stupid bullshit
Let the shithole die already. People will just find a new forum.

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Why WOULDN'T I be a chaser?

- Usually red pilled
- Anal all day everyday and they enjoy it
- No need for condoms
- No risk of pregnancy
- They have more alternative personalities/lifestyles and are not as boring as women

- Stinky gaping vagina
- Not tight
- Basic bitch
- Risk of pregnancy
- "ugh no anal this month, my ass hurts"
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>I want transgirls because women think I'm fat and ugly
We don't like you either, go fuck men.
>fat and ugly

But that's not true.
>Usually red pilled


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