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Hey FLit, haven't came to thise site in years nice to see the only boards I liked combined. Hoping to receive some recommendations of any authors you hold highly as my current list is running dry.

I'm not particular on genre or style, normally I read political and philosophical works as well as a lot of classical.

Just finished the works of Kierkegaard, and my all time favorite is Dostoevsky.

Any mentions are appreciated

Pic fit related, me about 20lbs lighter and a bit higher bf% from a while ago.
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Hey homes, good to see someone get back into reading. If Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky got you going, try:

The Dwarf, Lagerkvist
Waiting for the Barbarians, Coetzee
Disgrace, Coetzee
The Humbling, Roth
A Personal Matter, Oe

All have heavy ethical/philosophical dilemmas central to the plots, but more importantly they're all relatively short to help ease you back into things.

Lift big read well.
You're a gentlemane and a scholar, I wasn't sure how much of a /lit/ response I'd receive with this apparently new merger, and your suggestions look excellent .

And to clarify I never gave up literature just 4chan, been years since I've even lurked until today. So if you have a suggestion don't hold back on length or topic. I believe if you can read Atlas Shrugged and John Galt's ridiculously long monologue in a sitting you can read anything!

Any recommendations on any post-modern authors? It's one of the few areas I've heen reluctant to dig into without some insight.

Pic of my 1st edition 1919 George Bernard Shaw

It depends on what you mean by 'postmodern,' but Donald Antrim comes immediately to mind. He's long been considered a 'writer's writer,' and major names say he's publishing the best and weirdest stuff since Kafka. I can't vouch for all of it, but The Hundred Brothers was incredible, and his nonfiction book about the death of his mother was also very good.

Aside from that, Eco's The Name of the Rose, Calvino's Invisible Cities, and Baker's The Mezzanine (I have a rant about how Tao Lin's entire career is just ripping off of Baker, but that's neither here nor there) all are some level of postmodern and are absolutely delightful.

If you're interested in having the bigdick I Read The Hardest Book Ever ammo in the holster, Against The Day, Pynchon's newest, is supposed to be his most complex (and some argue best). You could also get into hard theory with A Thousand Plateaus and all that, but that takes a special kind of crazy -- or a grad student.

Shouts to that sexy, sexy Shaw

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I unironically want /fitlit/ to be permanent

I'm not even originally a lit fag but the quality of posts has skyrocketed and lit just seems like a naturally fit hobby

pleeeeease don't change it baack :(
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They already did anon and while this board is still up it will slowly die because its unlisted.

Literally a heat death.

fuck I just realized this. Feelsbad
The boards already too popular to die soon, and the fact that it's unlisted will keep the discussion worthwhile. The problem with the bigger boards is that they are listed and every faggot just comes in and spews their bullshit

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I think the only ones who really enjoyed this merge was /fit/. It takes a lot more discipline and work to become fit, with that midset we also fancy the idea of knowledge so it's no surprise we enjoyed merging w/ /lit/. On the other hand, it doesn't take a genius to read some superficial philosophy books or read cliff notes about multiverse theories or even read catcher and the rye and think you're some kind of individual. /fit/izens strive for more while and we had to get out of our comfort zone to achieve what we have, /lit/izens are comfortable where they're at. If this were to go on I think /fit/ would have been in an abusive relationship. It was fun while it lasted but it's time to move on.
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>catcher and the rye

But heah I agree /fit/ enjoyed the merge more than /lit/.

>and think you're some kind of individual
reading is not about reading a couple of the go to books and then pretend like you did what it takes to be better educated but you actually read diverse and complex work so you actually become more understanding. Not to just pretend.
I'd say that /lit/ and /fit/ are more similar than one realizes
>both are loosely about self-improvement
>both invent hierarchies of prestige (manlet lmao etc)
>both have conflicting schools of thought within their communities
the only large difference is that /fit/'s style of self improvement is tangible, while /lit/'s isn't (other than posting books lel)
At heart, I think a great deal of /lit/ wishes to teach. In the circlejerk of one-upsmanship, that becomes impossible, however. There is no kairos.

With the infusion of /fit/, /lit/ briefly became a kairotic space. Ideas were exchanged between eager, charged participants.

Frankly, I don't think there's any particular synergy between /fit/ and /lit/ -- it could have worked with just about any board that isn't a total cesspool. Heck, maybe even mlp would have sparked some good discussion, and the rest of 4chin would be making even more fun of us.

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During our time together, I saw some people recommending Mishima. Are there any of his works that come highly recommended? Or should one read all of his stuff?
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I've got Confessions of a Mask on my reading list, but unfortunately I haven't gotten to it yet.

The core idea behind the story appealed to me, but that doesn't mean it'll be a good read.
Sun and Steel is about lifting, think The Iron by Henry Rollins but if it was written by Elliot Rodgers

Confessions of a Mask is about being gay, edgy and a pussy

The Sailor... is about watching your mom have sex and then killing her new husband with your school friends

Forbidden Colors is also about being gay

His other works are about suicide, wanting samurai-code in the modern world, aristocracy, being pretentious, and Japan being cucked in WWII.
If these subjects interest you, read them all. They also look great on your bookshelf even without having read them.
Thanks friendo. Might read Sun and Steel and see how I feel. I didn't realize that he was a gay jap version of r9k.

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With /fitlit/ still in action I'd say it's high time for an IRON PILL thread!
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Go on...

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When the boards merged yesterday, I realized how salty and unfriendly can /lit/ actually be (also it reminded me why I don't come to /fit/ regularly).
I felt really comfy on /lit/ but now I feel like the bubble finaly burst. The pseudo-intellectual bubble most of /lit/izens are trapped in. Sure, it's nice for debates, but /fit/izens made me realize how much /lit/ lacks common sense.
It definitely changed my perspective on /lit/ and when I go back it doesn't feel the same anymore. Maybe it's because I'm not a native Engish speaker, I just feel like something clicked when I saw all the hate towards /fit/ that was just snobbishly hiding that /lit/ got completely detached from reality and they hated /fit/ for keeping a positive approach and hard work. I don't know when ironic posting actually became so real on /lit/. I think a lot of irony is lost. This board feels way better. Hope admins keep it.
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its just shits and giggles for one fucking day stop taking it so seriously
The separate boards have already returned, this is a third, temporary board.
april fools ended, anon. this board is permanent but its hidden. you can still go here by putting /fitlit/ after 4chan.org

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Who here /warriormonk/?
>meditate in the morning
>lift in the afternoon
>boxing in the evening

It's the ideal /fitlit/ lifestyle
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>not becoming retarded due to brain damage
pick one retard
Joke's on you I only punch the bag, never spar

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Anyone still here? I hear these boards are hidden now.
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im still here, anon
im still here anon
/fitlit/izen here

Why can't we stay?

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n-no homo erectus
there's literally nothing as gay as /fit/, not ten men blowing nine men, not eighty three twinks riding eighty three dragon dildos, not a twelve thousand man daisy chain, so no, but it is half as gay as /fit/

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I'll miss you bros
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bye :'(
In the sweet by and by
We will meet on that beautiful shore
Test to see if we're still alive

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