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P-please don't leave us /lit/ bros :(
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nah, it's better this way. you all were making me stupider. i gotta shotgun a few novels to get my smarts back
y-yeah well killing my gains anyway
I'll miss you ;_;

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What is the /lit/ equivalent of 1/2/3/4?

Do I have to read Kant or any of that gay philosophy shit?
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it's homer/pre-socratics/plato/aristotle
Don't be a moron there were no writers before Socrates

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Can a true Utopia ever exist with those who are weak or stupid, /fitlit/? Is it truly our responsibility to create a world for the plebs and weaklings, or is it acceptable to cast them away for the good of the community?

I can think of no practical Utopia that does not include a method of removing those who are detrimental, despite being supposed visions of paradise.

But can such a place still truly be called a Utopia, if it is hellish or damning for those undesirable elements?
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Look at Brave New World. Their society created lower specimens to do all the dirty work, and they were raised to love their place in society.

BNW is the perfect utopia. This isn't disputable
We are equal in that someone will view anyone of us as a plebiscite or a weakling.
If we can improve the lesser, then the whole becomes greater for it, and they will depend less and less on our aid and more in their own strengths.

Make no mistake. What I wrote is not utopian by any means, but it is something.

The intellectuals raised up from the masses are removed from society and kept from breeding, because the system sees them as a threat to it's stability, and thus the population stagnates.

This cannot be Utopia

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> tfw no /lit/ bf
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>tfw no /fit/ gf
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i-i'll be your bf
although i stopped lifting a while ago and don't read often...

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honestly i want fit lit to be a thing like a real thing
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>TFW have guests over
It's bringing our the best in us
I enjoyed the 2 boards, and the confrontation between them is greater than the sum of its parts

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rate my script
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>lol just lift bro

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still looks better than if he didn't lift at all
left is obviously shopped

right probably is too but that shoulder width is godly
dude on the left is holding (cropped) dumbbells

dude on the right is ready to give birth with those hips

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Is Bronson mode achievable natty?
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>wanting to get your ass beat by a four time capture the flag even steven

Why tho

I need help /fitlit/
For almost all of my life I've been really antisocial around girls. Now recently I've gotten better, and there's a westernized asian qt3.14 grill that I've been talking to and I think I might have a chance not to fuck it up. I've got her number/sc (pretty big accomplishment for a guy like me) but I've really never made it this far. What do?
Also Asian girls general. Preferably Asian Americans.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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well /fitlit/ what did we learn about each other today?

I learned /fit/ is just a bunch of dick sucking faggots

Also, that im far superior to most other guys because of my intellectual capacity, most men who would label me 'beta' to make themselves feel superior, but that's just pure ideology. This i already knew tho desu
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Today, I learned OP was a fag.
Today, I learned OP was a fag.
you wouldnt get it, homosexuality is /lit/

you should read more greeks

always start with the greeks

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