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The true perfect balance of /fitlit/; stories which are short and to the point, so you can get on with your day. I could never really get into reading literature until I started reading shorter stories. It goes well with my lifestyle of constant motion and need for new adventures.


here is a free pdf for you to download to your phone or laptop. Short stories are the best after a long day of working out, just unwind and fall asleep to a short story.
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Please help me build a list of great short stories

let this thread, and many after it, compile lists of great short, quick-punch style reads.

help me build my short story list
There should be some lists out there of the most anthologized short stories within certain timeframes. That would give you a good handle on critical consensus.

The School is probably up there, Car Crash While Hitchhiking, CommComm, A Good Man is Hard To Find, ect.

I'm also a big fan of the You've Got To Read This collection, now out of print. It's a couple hundred stories introduced by other famous/successful authors, each asked to pick their favorite.

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How long will /fitlit/ live for?
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Less than dead, we never were.
it's dying out, the board is too slow.
until it becomes inactive enough that nobody will notice that it's gone

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What's the most /fit/ work of fiction you guys have ever read? I'm not much of a reader, but since this merger, I'm willing to give it a try.

Also I want a gf and being a lunky idiot doesn't seem to be cutting it.

Pic semi-related, it's a girl, it's a cute educated grill.
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I want to have sex with that woman
Same desu
Starting Strength.

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What's the latest book you've read for university/college/senior year highschool? Doesn't have to be literature

>pic related for me

Also post your best/favourite lift
Bench: 260lbs paused at 178lb bodyweight.
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Also if you're /fit or /lit post anyway and maybe some will give pointers

>we're all gonna make it

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>forgot my favourite bookmark when I put my literature back into the gym bookshelf
>no more coins left to unlock it again

hold me brehs
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No replies in the DB for this post!

This is the board of my dreams... it's like what /pol/ would be in an alternate universe devoid of shills, autists and stormfags. A place of pure masculinity and enlightenment, thanks comrades. I will miss you.
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me too
You're still posting here right? You don't have to miss it, along with all the other merge boards.
But I fear that numoot may purge us in the coming days...

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Since there are lots of /fit/izen here, is it better to have all gym equipment at home or go to a gym outside in your opinion?
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if you can afford the basics and have a friend for spotting if you need it, then fuck yeah do it from home
gym memberships and shitty policy already piss me off where I'm at

I guessed so but the only time i hit the gym was when i was 17 y.o. now i'm almost 24 so i wanted some confirmation

Do you think these two are valid equipments?



I'm propending for the first since i can work even my back
>tfw lifting in mom's basement

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Since this new and untainted board is still here, I'm going to do something to help you unjaded and tenacious /fit/izens become interested in lit and consider taking up study, and some /lit/izens to become interested in asses or whatever Montaigne proposed. Who knows how long this golden age may last.

This isn't designed to be an in depth or unbiased course. Hopefully you can use the documentaries/podcasts as jumping off points to reading some shit mentioned in them or about whatever sparks your interests. Remember everyone is biased and fiction can become truth if its well told. (For more on truth being fiction, read The Dream of The Red Chamber, one of the foundations of the modern Chinese language, and a beautiful novel)
This thread will not make you "patrician" and most of the patricians on /lit/ won't recognise it as social currency because a) it's a babby's intro thread, and, b) even though this is basic bitch shit a lot of people on /lit/ who think they're patrician never covered it. If you want to contribute please feel free to pretend you're me or whatever, but make it basic, interesting, and give a book. If you're reading or watching, take everything with a grain of salt, documentaries and books lie as much, and lie better, than 4chan.
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First a history of the English language and how it's changed from Old English (which is like the Norse which Vikings spoke) to English as spoken now across the world.
[If you want another series after this Stephen Fry's Planet Word is fun but not as thorough, and you should really read a book and watch less TV]
The Adventure of English with Melvyn Bragg
ep1 Birth of a Language (Heaney on Beowolf)

ep2 English goes Underground (effects of the French Norman invasion)

ep3 Battle for the Language of the Bible

ep4 This Earth This Realm This England (Shakespeare)

ep5 English in America (Webster's)

ep6 Speaking Proper (elocution and the pricks who want it)

ep7 Language of Empire (English as spoken in the colonies)

ep8 Many Tongues called English, One World Language (future of English as a common language)
To give an alternative history of culture, this is from the Greeks to film and the internet in terms of pornography. The Classical section will teach you to laugh at big dicks instead of becoming aroused. It's from 1999, but most of the books in the world were written before then.
ep1 Classical era, being discovered by Victorians
[For bonus Simon Goldhill, the first interviewee, have talk on ancient sex and modern art www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PpPZbtwTjU]
ep2 Print
ep3 Photography
ep4 Film
ep5 Video
ep6 The burgeoning internet
To skip back a bit here are two discussing the differing ideas of the word Luxury in the Ancient world and Middle Ages [sorry no youtube]
For more on changing attitudes to the flesh, Berkowitz's Sex and Punishment: 4000 Years of Judging Desire, does exactly that, and will take you from Babylon through the concept of hubris in Ancient Greek as hinted at in the second last documentary right up to now. For Greek attitudes on the flesh for those planning to become god bodied philosophers: start with Plato's Symposium.
For literary porn from the Ancient world, The Satyricon is hilarious gossip from Roman society; Lysistrata is a play about women not putting out in a vain attempt to get peace, which they don't want any way, and filled with dick jokes; Catullus writes poetry about being cucked by a senator and facefucking your rival poets with your verses.

[A random point of interest on the plebeian/patrician dichotomy: In 62 BC, Publius Clodius Pulcher tried to commit a crime of "incestum", which was any act extreme enough, and usually sexual if not with your sister per se, by disrupting the games which had been dedicated to Julius Caesar. He did this because he was patrician, born upper class, and so could only become tribune of patricians, but if he committed a crime of incest, he would cease to be patrician, and could easily win tribune of the plebes at a plebecite, which was an equally favourable position of power. Sometimes, it literally pays to be pleb to the point of incest]

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Whatever. I'll read it.
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I don't know about anybody else on this site, but what annoyed me personally about Christopher Hitchens in particular was the way that he used his aggressive atheism as a method of achieving a near stratospheric ascension in societal importance, which he would never have achieved if he were to simply rely on his writing. The moment when he began to become extremely loud about his atheism closely coincided with when he changed from an almost literal champagne socialist, to the Bush administration's ad man to the middle brow. For the final decade of his life he went around campuses and other buildings aggressively proselytizing his non-belief, in the service... of what, exactly?

All he tended to do was walk up to the podium, say a couple zingers, display his fairly light knowledge of anything but the most basic ecumenical matters, and play to the emotions of his audience. I don't believe he was wrong, but I don't think that what he was fighting for was good either: religion has been a positive force in many people's life, and taking away one ideology in the service of another will simply mean that the new ideology will have to be poisoned.

But importantly, his anti-religious activism played hand in hand with his neo-conservative hawkishness, and he was one the worst. Islamic fighters and civilians alike in the increasing quagmire we call the Middle East weren't described in a complex manner, no, they were islamo-fascists: an easy to use portmanteau which brings to mind past events where we were good people fighting against objectively bad people.

Their Islamism is presumably meant to bring to mind the many Christians who made up the reactionary forces of the early 20th century: a truism that ignores the many Christians on both sides, and works both ways by giving comfortable secular people and excuse to distrust their fellow religious colleagues and friends by drawing up a helpful ready-made caricature of all religious people as stupid and freedom hating.

That's part of why I distrust the new atheism movement in general: they use emotional arguments; their conclusions are nonsensical ('if we got rid of religion, all the problems in the world would disappear,' get a fucking grip); and since their ideology is built on such shaky intellectual grounds, it tends to take in the most weakly of society: frustrated young men who see Hitchens as a cool, charismatic guy and want to hate what he hates. Most of them are just as dumb and anti-intellectual, if not worse, than the people they hate.
When I eat corn it gives me explosive shits. I regret!

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Alright, you champions of brain and brawn, what books are your favourite? (Survey is on the bottom-most link).

This survey asks for your top five books (only the first five will be counted). This will give each of those books a +1.

The survey then asks for what book you think is overrated (only the first one will be counted). This gives that book a -1. I recommend selecting a book from previous /lit/ inquires.

I will try my best to compile the data one day after this thread is archived.

Survey is posted as next comment, as the board thinks I'm spamming:
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The survey...

Holy tits, it's not allowing me to post the link via ctrl+v - pic is link
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Previous books on the Top100
You could've just typed it out you lazy mong.

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