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Copped these vintage nikes from a thrift store but can't find them anywhere online or what they are worth.
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Nothing. Look at the state of them
They look tobacco stained or maybe it's the light

I would have passed on those old man shoes but maybe a dry cleaner can help
Yeah I know I mean they fit me perfectly, I don't really wear them so if I could get money for them, it'd be great. If not I'll just keep em and maybe one day actually wear them.

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How much $ do i need to achieve this look, and where can i find it?
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Step 1. Black silk shirt
File: NMY2GPS_m_7B.jpg (17KB, 400x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Step 2. Gold collar necklace
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Step 3. Grey or olive denim jacket

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Hi /fa/,

I'm looking for a coat with white sherpa lining and the material like in the pic and the following pics and was wondering if anyone knew of any brands that have something similar. Closest I could find was A&F which I´m not too eager to buy.
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should I give up on fin and minoxidil? or should I keep going? is it even worth it?
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If you have any cats skip the minox'.
what? why? I don't have any cats anyway.
Minoxodil doesn't get broken down in a cat's system, it poisons them over time. So even if you're careful chances are you'd kill any cats you have.

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Moohong Drape Sweater.jpg
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How do I become a fashion monk, /fa/?
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Wake up everyday at 4am. Meditate and perform an hour of yoga. Eat a light, clean breakfast. Study classic designers for the rest of the morning. Have a healthy but decent lunch. Spend the afternoon making clothes. Meditate and preform tasks, such as cleaning, advising the lay people on good fashion sense and distribute the clothing you have made to the aforementioned lay people. Walk in contemplation through a forest. Meditate. Get an early night.
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Just wear a skirt over your pants it works for me
You find two go-to outfits and wear that ONLY.

Preferably full CCP.

What are some /fa/ approved movie villains?
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Take your anime faggotry somewhere far away from here

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am i effay.jpg
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plz say yes
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>please give me attention
>please give me validation
>please anonymous posters!

god you're pitiful and so are those other faggots in the face rate thread
You don't have to be rude, jfc. Just tell me yes or no
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Who in the fuck took my picture off a /fit/ thread? Seriously what kind of autist does that

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Ay /fa/

where can i a buy a sweat denim jack to wear? i want to wear it over my grey sweat shirt to look like peter parker from spider man.


btw im autistic so im sorry if i come off weird!
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What brands would /fa/ recommend for a big guy?

I usually rock an XL-XXL because I'm tall and stocky.
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Don't waste your time trying to be /fa/ while fat. Lose weight first, or else you'll end up like that fat guy in streetwear that keeps getting posted here.
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Cool, thanks friend, while I spend six months doing that, what brands would /fa/ recommend so I can look nice at my job in the mean time.
you'll find better advice on /mfa/ if you're xl and just want to be fine at your job

Anyone know where I can get this sweater?
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in the basic normie cunt store

f-fuck you too this is a serious question. i'm not a n-normie

I know that the girl is canadian... maybe that's a starting point

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how do we revive average joe fashion?
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travel back in time to the early 2000s
What is average joe fashion?

Imagine a 5'6 - 5'7 manlet with a $15 haircut, saturated blue bootcut offbrand jeans and a tacky patterned short sleeve button up shirt one size too large, with $20 gas station sunglasses with blue/orange tint.

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Cop or not? Last thread is over 300
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Depends on the price. It's alright

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Can we start a haircut thread?

Super pissed right now. Grew my hair out for 6 months so I could get it to where I wanted, went to fucking Judes (never again) and explained exactly what I wanted her to do, showed her this exact fucking picture. My hair is even the same fucking texture as pic related. Bitch pretty much shears it all off, leaves like 2 inches of length in the front, and pretty much military faded in the back. Looks fucking horrible. Back to square fucking one I guess, 6 more months of growing it back.

Fucking rage.

Why can't barbers follow simple instructions, even when I give them a LITERAL PHOTOGRAPH.

This isn't even the first time this shit has happened.

TL:DR What the fuck is wrong with barbers?
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You didn't go to a barber. A barber is male. And they know how to cut a males hair. You fell for the salon meme.
I guess so. I never liked Judes but I figured, with their popularity, they would be good. There was a Greatclips right across the street, and some place called "Daves barber shop" close too.

Seriously though, 6 fucking months of growing it out for some bitch to completely ignore what I said and just sear it all off. It's like she just listened to NOTHING I said.

To make it worse, I have work tomorrow. Ugh....

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I'm trying to put together an 80's executive fit using Max Renn from Videodrome as my inspo. What are some good brands to achieve this look?
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That's all I really have to show what I'm going for.
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pure cronenkino
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Wallet general

My LV Pocket Organizer is cracking all over, after only a year. Any recommendations for a new one? Slim and minimal as possible, leather of course. Doesn't have to be luxury.

Also, to get thread going, what's your wallet EDC
>debit and credit card
>driver's license
>two pics of me and gf
>Disneyland annual pass
>AAA member card
>library card
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Honestly I have a CDG zip wallet and it has been fantastic. It's nice and slim and has a nice smooth YKK zipper on it. I've had it for almost 4 years and it shows very little wear, and I sit on it in my back pocket. Their prices are usually between 80 and 160 usd depending on which style.
Take it back to LV they'll do repair idiot
Thinking about getting a Tanner Goods Journeyman. Was considering a Saddleback ID Wallet, but it looks like shit in comparison to this one.

>$50 cash
>Debit card for main account
>Debit card for other account
>Driver's license
>University ID/keycard/bus pass
>Health and car Insurance cards

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