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I'm going to fall for the new meme shoe and buy me a pair of reebok club c85's
They look good and I've heard they're comfy as fuck
From this website, http://www.reebok.com/us/club-c-85/AR0459.html?cm_mmc=ReebokSEM_PLA-_--_--_--_-dv:eCom&cm_mmc1=US&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=889139454898&gclid=Cj0KEQiAgJTGBRDLr5_az_Ouk44BEiQAIxaA4t-nAvSEfwEiKgIXrHV2tG14N00fK3nY8gJSEpMeeI0aAl478P8HAQ which colors do you think are the best?
Help is appreciated because I am a bit of a fuck when it comes to online shopping vs real shopping because it is harder for me to picture
I was thinking pic related was my fav as of now
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I'm thinking of copping a pair, in green or black maybe green.

Those and those CDG Converse.
You can get some colorways at finishline for only $35 but they might be sold out by now

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Does anybody else get dirty looks from women when you browse the womens shoe section at dept stores? I have a gf who i shop for alot but i dress like jessie pinkman from breaking bad and i think the women in the shoe stores must be thinking "ew you dont have a girlfriend, what are you doing here..." i love the dirty looks i get from them. Its like trolling without even trying. Anybody else?
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>i love the dirty looks i get from them. Its like trolling without even trying

i'm suspicious about that. it seems a lot more likely that you would feel embarrassed and uncomfortable and that you only laugh it off later when the tension is released
I can see why you might see it that way- maybe you would feel awkward in my place. But i really dont have any shame in shopping for my gf. If i was shopping for myself as a transvestite? Maybe then i would feel awkard. But for my gf i love it.
I do shop for myself as a transvestite and I don't feel any shame
I don't what >>12310057 is so embarrassed about, you'll never see those people again anyway

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I think they are. Flats in general are super sexy on girls. I actually prefer them to most high heels. Heres an example:
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>Flats in general are super sexy on girls. I actually prefer them to most high heels.

I agree, high heels in general are overrated
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I'm a legs man so I'm grateful when women wear heels with dresses/skirts but it looks stupid to wear them with pants

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I'm thinking of getting the Adidas Samba. How do they look irl?

Gimme some good shoe ideas please
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Pretty ugly to be honest.
shoes are meant to be ugly

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I have a collection of over 35 flannel shirts and 10 Levi's jacket from different decades 50s onward. Does /fa/ have any collections or fashion based items you hunt for?
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I used to collect early Gianni Versace lives pre- murder drama ~2009

Then i had a fuck ton of Hermes ties, but I down sized recently ~2014

Like over 300 of thesr
Post your plaids, unless you're copping good patterns and colors you're pretty much gathering thrift garbage. Also my Levi's x Supreme black denim jacket with leopard lining is more collectible than any of your Levi's jackets.

Gross. Then again the non whites are always into this tasteless flashy shit.
>Also my Levi's x Supreme

Damn another one fell for the supreme meme.

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How much do you rely on your own hands and eyes to construct your fits?
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>better make a general from this very specific subject that no one ever even discusses on this board
someones thread died for this
I started hand embroidery 4 days ago. It is pretty fun
I taper etc most of my jeans myself. Occasionally make shirts. Not a lot but I'd say I probably saved about $100 if I would've gone to a professional tailor.

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garand thumb.png
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w2c some comfy flannel
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I found my favorite flannel at Urban Outfitters clearance rack.... ripped it last year, after 2 years... RIP (no pun intended)

ps if anyone knows w2c pearl snap gingham check western shirt that fits skinnybois pls link
patagonia, I think he recommends them himself
Got some great shit from Costco a couple years ago, don't know if they still sell it.

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I have been looking for this jacket for a while now.
Pretty sure it exists because of some old amazon auctions I found. Its a The north face a5 series russian jacket. Any info on where to look for it or if someone has it for sale
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Bez tytułu.png
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odkąd to zdjęcie znalazłem to szukam
bump, dojebana ((very nice))

w2c pants that fit loose like this
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The specific cut of bottoms are called Pleated Pants. You can find them pretty much anywhere in different materials. But I'm pretty sure these are cotton or twill. Try your local mall, outlets, or second hand shops, I'm sure they would have them. There are a many companies and labels that produce these because of their timeless look such as Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo, Dickies, Topman, Acne Studios, Raf Simons, April 77, etc. Also make sure to post in the Fuccboi General for these types of questions to not clutter up the catalog. Hope this helps!

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What is an /fa/ approved spring jacket that isn't some hideous olive green/burgundy fuccboi bomber jacket?
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is it still funny to ironically suggest peacoat?

Honestly Iunno, why not first come up with your own idea instead of seeking pre-approval?

like maybe do a weird-ass windbreaker or mayber those leather jackets with the indian tassels on it or maybe do a 1990s puffy vest?
A harrington or light-wash denim jacket
Look for a safari jacket or a spring time unlined cotton parka.

normie here

I want to start dressing nicer but have no idea where to start. I guess I want to go for a sort of business casual look, something where I look sharper but don't stand out too much.
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just start watching alpha m and build from there.

tfw I watched one once and now can't get these fucking videos out of my recommendations
watcheverything from teachingmensfashion and ashley weston now

Where can I get a jacket like this?
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Looks like a shitty gorka style jacket.
If you get a gorka buy SSO/SPOSN one (BARS are shit, I honestly think BARS has paid shills)
Looks like some sort of modern combat shirt, not a jacket.

Are you sure that you yourself are not a paid SSO/SPOSN shill?
Yea you are right, it is more shirt style, but the location of camo material is same as some Gorka types.
I don't have any pics but I have seen some pictures of fighters in middle east (don't know what group) wearing uniform just like the one op picture (and wearing what looked like smersh clone as well)

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You think i could rock these bad boys?
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dont do it OP
lol no, maybe if they were made by a reputable company (e.g. gaziano & girling) but those look cheap as hell
Well durability prob isnt an issue lmao id only wear these maybe to a latin dance club or something a few times

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Perfect coffee table book for fashy goys
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A U R Y O N.png
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This is all I have. A bit boring I guess.
File: johannes-itten-601x832[1].jpg (116KB, 601x832px)Image search: [Google]
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probably the closest thing I have

Is navy a meme color for sneakers? Does it look good in this colorway?
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are you asking if there are inside jokes surrounding the color navy? no there aren't fuck
What do you think about navy in this silhouette?
It's fucking, blue. What a stupid question, jesus christ.

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