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Prophecy the next trend

Personal prediction: Athletic Fit Hawaiian shirts.
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Thrift a Hawaiian shirt and alter it
H&M and Zara have decent ones for cheap prices.
higher end can take you up to slp

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>ywn be an /fa/ middle eastern
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>ywn wear this to your sister's arranged marriage ceremony in india

why live?
wtf is this
at least you'll have a beard that connects

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Does anyone in the United States have any experiences with having to pay duty when buying from overseas? So far it has never happened to me when buying clothing. I've heard many people warn about buying shoes from overseas as well as bags. The largest purchase i have made was around $850 usd from a UK shop and there was no duty. I am thinking about buying a visvim bag from the UK, but i'm wondering if that will get me a duty charge because its not clothing. Anyone care to share their experiences?
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USA doesn't charge import fees on clothes
I recommend you try to find a different seller; you might be able to find a store that will drop the cost 19% because you aren't in the EU.
In US you dont get duties from Europe if below 800$

Canada though, I just got charged 100$ duty for 200$ euro shoes...
i know someone who had to go to court for not declaring a microwave in his trunk he bought in the states when he was at the border going back

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Become wealthy and marry a gold digger. Everything will fall into place from there.
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Get your manga rushed and finish with a shitty ending.

>t. Ichigo
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become a dentist

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How can i get my beard to grow as long as pic related?

I can grow but it seems to stop after a bit of time,
What can i do/take/use to make it grow?
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>those beta eyes
poor guy

Also OP basically genetics
Genetics, but I guess vitamins if you're deficient can help, as can some oils (jojoba, castor, argan).
rub a bit of butter around facial hair area, it helps grow hair. not fuckin around here anon it works.

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Can we get some lunarcore thread going on?
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polizei qr.png
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Can video games be a useful tool for experimenting with clothing choices without wasting money or time?
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Wow that is so autistic
Good meme
Yeah, totally a good idea. I do it all the time. Its way better than visiting this stupid board all the time
If you seriously think this game will let you do that, you're way beyond saving, even by this board's standards

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What would you call this kind of cut /fa/?
Going to the tailors tomorrow and I'm not sure how to ask for this kind of alteration
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i don't know the name of the haircut
Ask for a "How did I get here?"

The tailor should respond with a "This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!"

Make sure you do little chopping motions down your forearm when you ask.

Then you both start dancing.
Just Lemaire my shit up.

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Are these dress boots?
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is being pregnant /fa?
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Anything that makes you less slim is not /fa/

what a fucking idiot
being happy is /fa/, I hope you have a nice day

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Just me trying to design cloths
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no that sucks

it needs to say something cool like "SHE BRINGS THE RAIN" those words on your shit aren't cool at all
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Any non-repairable shoe over $125 is a scam
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So. Brave.
>calling those ugly things shoes

muh air jourdains
you racist mang

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How can I get dimples?
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Punch your self in the face repeatedly until cheek caves in
your dad would have had to have fucked your mom while she was pregnant with you.

his dick would press against your face, creating the dimples. You're out of luck OP.

who copped some adidas with the 20% deal in ebay?
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eBay? did you buy fakes, fuccboi

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/fa/, I got the shoes you like!
What should I cop next on my pursuit of /fa/?
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a sharpie to color in that gay heart
congrats, you spent an extra $40 something dollars for a heart on your shoe to look like you know what you are doing

you fell for the meme OP
but dey cost the same as all 70's chucks, you peepee poopy pants moran

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