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which one are more /fa/ the STAN SMITH SHOES or NIKE ROSHE ONE ?
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I want to say that Stan Smiths are the most uncomfortable sneakers I've worn in my life. I can't believe they're worse than breaking into my docs.
That's what makes them /fa/ you plebeian.
Wait, for real? Maybe they just fit you weird, after I broke them in for a week or so they've become very comfortable.

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where can i cop this shirt

villain aesthetic general

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c'mon /fa/gs
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Search for mandarin collar shirts, it's just a standard chink dress shirt imo desu

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Where the hell am I supposed to get boots when nobody manufactures good looking boots that aren't D width?
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D width
Danner, White's, Russell Moc, Thorogood, and probably even Bean make boots in wider widths.
i have these same chippewa service boots. kinda disapointed in them considering the price. the leather creases like a mother. overall the craftsmanship and quality isnt anything great

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Hello /fa/ I've noticed a lot of men stare at me when I'm in my work clothes. Why? I have to wear steel toes and I wear plain black jeans. It doesn't bother me when people check out what I wear, I just want to know why. Pic sort of related.
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Maybe they want to suck your feminine girl penis.
Is that an actual pic of you? Do your pants actually fit like that?
No it's not

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Just went to a Turkish barber, and he gave me an SS haircut. A bit surprised. I later learned this is called undercut and fairly popular today. Not a fashion guy.

People like the weirdest thing. Incidentally, my previous Turkish barber experience gave me a Kim Jong Un-style split haircut. I think it's called middle part.
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photo (1).jpg
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here we go
Yes, they're all common haircuts decades before Nazis. Anyone that thinks that nazis made the haircut are idiots. sage'd and reported
Why so aggresive? OP here. Genuinely just sharing amusing experience considering I stay in Germany.

who dis model
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she's cute
no she'd have red eyes

Are these /fa/?
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maybe on women if she can dress the part
can be, wholly depends on the outfit you build around them.

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How do i into /stickman/ core?
right wing sure do have the best fashion taste
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You are like a little baby

Watch this

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Could anyone help me pinpoint a style that would suit me?

-Prefer BLACK/dark/earth colors
-very Minimalism, lean more towards chic than rugged
-Does not tolerate feminine clothing (not to be confused with refined)
-still easy to wear, not fragile
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I still wear the same garbage I wore 5 years ago. I wanted to buy goth ninjaesque stuff a while back but I figured I wont like it so much ... im not too fond of those asian influences

there you go, shop shop shop!

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2017-03-06 16.29.28.jpg
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My hair is brown, but my facial hair is so blonde its invisible.

I can actually grow quite a lot of even stubble, but its all completely invisible from a distance so I look clean shaven from 5+ feet away and like a homeless bum up close.

Is there any chance it will darken as i get older, or is there something I can do to make it more visible manually?
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Dye it
Doubt it, you are too old, minorities like blond hair tho.
how old are you OP?

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Why does Dylann Roof dress better than all of you?
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because he actually have a plan
Because they CIA needed a believable patsy
Does he? put your thumb on his face, not much aesthetic left

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images (2).jpg
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Thom Yorke has always been my utmost inspiration for aging

He's wrinkling and his hair is thinning and receding yet he's looking better now than he ever has. I think old age is when you can finally go full disheveled forest man-core
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I'm so grateful that i'm attractive and thin,are you /fa/?

Who loves or gets attracted by an ugly/fat person?
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Some girls that I know are attracted to ugly guys.
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>Used to be ugly
>Now beautiful
>Can't consort with common folk anymore

Life is struggling

/fa/m, does anybody know where you could get this cap? Help a brother out
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What does it say? That'd probably help.
are you blind? it clearly says 호비
nah but seriously, I don't think it has any meaning, just the nickname of a guy from a korean boygroup (I assume the one that is wearing it?)
so unless OP is a complete fag I'm not sure why he would want this exact cap
>everyone knows and types korean

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Can you wear a sherpa in summer?
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Not in Southern California
w2c this one?
Why did you think it was a good idea to ask this question without specifying what summer is for you?

There's no fucking way I would wear one in my summer.

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