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tattoo ideas?
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Read the sticky already.

How do you start to repair skin from smoking? I know a lot of you here are smokers or used to be. Been smoking a pack/day for 4 years and it shows in rough (bumpy texture) and dull skin.

I still smoke but I'm cutting down. Went cold turkey for two months last summer and it wasn't too bad but this time is more difficult due to a stressful time in my life.

I take collagen peptide powder and an antioxidant powder every morning which seems to help slightly. I've also been taking 1000mg of vitamin c for a year or so, not sure if that has helped at all. Also use a vitamin c moisturizer day and night.

I need to do something more drastic and was considering chemical peels but I'm still confused about that. Anyone, specifically smokers, have any experience with that that could point me in the right direction of a good product? Also Retinol seems to be a good move but I don't know what strength or brand is best and whether that could be beneficial for a smoker.
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embrace your skin brah
Lol 4 years. Give me a fucking break.
>he smoked and didn't consider the consequences
hahahahhahahahaha smoking makes u effay for like 2 years and then you just look old af

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How to not be ugly?
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SCALE haahahahhaha
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Start mewing and face pulling desu
even tho mew has a pretty sick jaw hes still p ugly desu

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Looking for whore core inspo.

Slutty, smutty, greasy, sleazy.

Fishnets, bodystockings, wigs, makeup, animal prints etc.

Pic semi related. Not looking for lingrine exclusively, moreso ways to incorporate it into daily attire.
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Go downtown and look.
Whores are everywhere and it's disgusting. Unless you're a high fashion skeleton, I don't want to see your gross slut midsection.
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Is there no tasteful middle ground between "boring basic bitch" and "full-on ghetto slut" anymore?
Like where's the glamour?
Where's the bright-eyed womanly charm that complements a racy, sexy look?

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Start dressing Americana/Western
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I live in Scotland.
Well then get yourself a 40 liter hat.
I copped Shia's hobo jacket recently. It's actually a western wear themed jacket. It's really fucking heavy, too.

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I dont know what to do with my hair.
I used to do undercut and side part for ages but i want something different. ive let the sides grow but i dont know what to do now.
This is me out of the shower
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nice painting. where did you get it from?
made it myself
>inb4 framing your own painting
Undercut works well, other than that I guess you could just let it be free.

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You look down on me for having bad fashion, I look down on you for caring this much about fashion.
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you seem to be confusing "fashion" with personal style.
no one has "bad fashion", just "bad personal style".
and we don't really care.
You seem to care, spreading your anger over multiple threads

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how bad have a fucked this up
im going to have to get shit custom fit everything is the smallest they had and the shit just tooooooo damn big
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looks bad but it's just going to take a long time to get a wardrobe you like. like a year or two. you'll make it!
Get a haircut, hit up the /fit/ sticky and you should be fine
I feel your pain, dressing good when you r a manlet is hard

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is aw17 the return of fades and chelseas?
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I'm going to see Nas in Manchester next week. What should I wear? I was thinking all black, white trainers and a black cap with a an oversized black coat but I'm not sure. Help /fa/
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kevlar vest
I went to the X concert on Sunday and thank god I didn't wear my white shoes
don't wear white shoes to a concert unless you don't want them to be white anymore

Why do roller skaters ALWAYS wear socks like this? Do they have a practical purpose or is it a fashion thing? Either way, why is it required to wear them? Is it just because it's a tradition and people like them so any excuse is a good excuse to wear those silly looking socks?
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It protects the leg if you fall, stabilizes the ankle and is kinda cute
haven't girls traditionally always worn high socks when training/working out?
That's because when you deadlift you scrape against your fronts if you wear shorts.

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I am looking for some glasses inso, specifically wireframes, anybody got some?
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Ive always liked the idea of wearing glasses. the concept as a whole has always appealed to me, despite having 20/20 vision.
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W2c frames like this for... not $400?

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Opinions on dad hats?
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it's for balding fucks ashamed of their weak hairline.
it looks like shit
only acceptable ironically if you're an effay twink

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What brand is this?
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Where can I find a light jacket like those featured in Alien Covenant?
I'm looking for something like an Anorak, but parkas can work too I guess.
My main gripe is that I want it to be lightweight and waterproof or at least have some resistance to rain so it needs a hood.
Or maybe not and I just wear a fishing hat or poncho with it?
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I'll dump a few reference pics
This film is pretty good for inspo.
Honestly the entire franchise is, I need to look into the staff for this.
Try asking in >>12581071

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