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I have been, erm, away... For the past three and a half years. When I went.. away... Snapbacks were pretty got amongst the somewhat upwardly mobile young G set. Is this still the case? I am a bit removed from where I used to be so I come to you with this question.
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too ugly to pay $92 for IMO.

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shoes 1.png
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I hate to be the kind of faggot who comes onto a board to ask for help, but I have asked two other people already and neither seems to have any idea.
I bought these shoes at the thrift store today because I need a new pair of shoes, and these things were basically brand new with what looks like dust on the top.
I tried searching up PF flyers in burgundy leather, and I all I could find was one website that used to sell these back in 2015 for 70 dollars.
I was wondering basically if these are worth any money? So far my bud says he thinks it could be some kind of limited edition thing.
Inside the shoe the sizing chart has numbers, the numbers say 6388800 66 1405. I tried googling these things but still found nothing
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They're called "pf flyers purple leather" for some reason but they were last seen on the Nordstrom Rack website selling for $42. Sorry bud


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Start wearing western shirts
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I saw this being sold on some fb pages, the design looks amazing. However, the actual product is gookshit with chinese branding.

Is this based on an actual designer product? Where do I get a "better" version of this?
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Rate my fit?
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my forehead looks obscenely long in that pic, but its just my neck rip.
Nice polo, W2C?
Interesting. I like it. Seems kinda safari ish, but lighter. Bonus points for pulling off cargo shorts, I think they look better than chino shorts in this scenario

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So I started to slick back my hair awhile ago. It is medium length. I have been slightly increasing the amount of pomade over the last few weeks. I think it looks good, but than I increase the amount of pomade, and I feel it looks even better. This has been going on for some time. Not sure if I look ridiculous with my hair filled with this stuff, or if nobody even cares. My question is when should I stop? I currently take about a tablespoon worth of pomade and work it through, in the morning.
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Impossible to tell without pics, just crop out your hair
Why would I cut my hair if I am trying to slick it?
Do you wash them with shampoo every day?
You should not actually, just rinse them in water while taking shower, the pomade should stay in your hair for a couple of days, it's called "buildup", with it you need less and less pomade in the morning to style your hair

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Is there any actual proven way to make your hair grow faster?

>not so fast biotin
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Just be patient nigga
Coconut oil

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images (1).jpg
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Rate mine bitch
them shits ugly asf
you have the hands of a lesbian

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Help /fa/, my hair is curly, dark and dry as fuck.
What I can do with it?
Sometimes I consider to let grow my afro, but only black people look good with it.
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Condition and moisturize? Ain't taht difficult, desu. Also use gel or cream or something to define curls.
that wont fix it, he most likely just has genetically shit hair

Dress loafers: yay or nay?

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James Bond wears dress loafers in the novel carte blanche, so yes.
Is that book any good?

Of the Bond novels, I've only ever read Moonraker. It was decent but not enough to make me read more Bond
It's great if you ignore two cringy scenes. Also it is not written as a fleming novel which is a turn off for some.

But you should read Solo instead
carte blanche is only for hardcore fans
trigger mortis is for the mentally retarded kid that no one was firends with in middle school.

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Where can I buy non-rayon, mechanically processed bamboo linen? Need mens clothes.
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Have a bump


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Why do Adidas feel the need to put transparent plastic on their shoes? They did the same thing to Ultraboost cages, and it resulted in looking like semen stained plastic.
File: 2017-Adidas-Climacool-BZ0249.jpg (286KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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I think this sample with the white plastic looks better than the see through one.
Dope silhouette and a cool concept. I like what adidas is doing with their older models and bringing new life to them.
Lack of boost is kind of a bummer, but probably wont stop me from copping.
those are nice af

What's he wearing around his neck?
Which piece of clothing is this?

>futher being beautiful
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im pretty sure its a rick jacket from a few years ago
pls help, that thing is like a turtle neck jacket it's rare and beautiful
could anyone estimate his bf% here in this pic?

thoughts on wearing these to work a minimum wage job
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Dont waste your money on clothes if you work a minimum wage job. Spend it on education. Also no I dont think you should wear those to a minimum wage job.
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Good luck saving up for those on minimum wage
buy replicas, literally 20$

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