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What should I bring with me since I'm travelling to LONDON?
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A knife
enough money for a pint, so about £100
For real

Is it really that expensive?

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small short.jpg
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What's the right way to wear a short?
Under the knee or below the knee
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over the knee
this looks like shit
thank you, anon.
fuck, all my shorts are over my knee.
what can I do to get them over my knee?

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Are these /fa/??
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lolno. I'm pretty sure it could also be said that being religious in general isn't particularly effay, either.
Being outwardly religious/irreligious is un/fa/

Keep that shit to yourselves.
If worn ironically as part of a late 90s/early 00s fit.

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Anyone else a fan of the dashiki? It's been a godsend for me this summer. Any other dope clothing from other countries I should know about?
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Check out this thing called suicide, next dopest thing for you.
Calm down sad whitey
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They're comfortable and forma.

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gabber intensifies.gif
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cause you get to show off your huge boobs in tight tops and wear spooky masks and jump around and sweat a lot and drink redbull while pumping your fists to ULTIMATE MASTERS OF HARDCORE 2016 PODCAST SKULL DYNASTY HARDCORE HARDSTYLE SPEEDCORE FRENCHCORE TERRORCORE GABBER MEGAMIX FEAT. ANGERFIST & DJ NOSFERATU SPONSORED BY MONSTER ENERGY DRINK
Because of MC H aka H.P. Baxxter aka Dave, Dave from Sheffield, furthermore known as the screaming lord (but you can call him "Ice, Ice Ice Baby") aka The Horseman aka the super-sharp shooter standin on a rooftop
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1000% Makina - Front.jpg
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because of 50 000 % M A K I N A TECHNO HITS COMPILATION

Are Red Wings effay?

They look clunky to me.
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yes they are clown shoes.
depends which ones you get
Vibergs are by far the more /fa/ option

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has anyone else seen this? its like 5 retarded fashion parodies all in one. it even has a knock off cav empt patch.

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Kind of expensive for a joke, but then, so is Vetements
ANNNNNNNNNND bought! now i can finally signal my availability to all the white males
>shilling this hard

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Fashion is for people trying to hide the ugliness of their body. The only thing you should expend effort shopping for is good shoes, well fitted button-ups/dress pants to wear to work and a nice coat for the colder months. For casual wear, if you don't look good in a t-shirt and jeans/chinos then you're a pleb.
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Yes, that's really what this multi-billion dollar business is about. Inner beauty.
yeah, such a sin wanting to be a productive member of society and have a pleasant appearance to create that image. how dare they!
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Ah yes, the productive and pleasant rickfag that everyone values!

I want to look exactly like this.

How do I stop my barber at [spoiler]Sports Clips[/spoiler] from fucking it up?

Also what shampoo/conditioner should I use?
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don't go to sports clips
Then tell me were to go, smartass.

Find a dude named Ricky/Rick in ur city and go see him. They always cutting white dude hair the best.

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Its that time again to share your /fa/ feels with us whats bothering you anon

I'll start
I've had perfect teeth my whole life up until recetly one front tooth has moved foward, easy to hide but ruins my appearance imo
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sometimes i feel really sad that i have so many troubles with my health. if i didn't have random bursts of inflammation in my nose/jaw area due to allergies and rosacea, i could be a JUST. but because i'm plagued with disease and feel ugly all the time, i feel unworthy of wearing beautiful clothing. i don't want to buy expensive art in the form of fashion just to ruin in with my hideous face. so whenever i go out i admire those people who are tall and beautiful and can pull off all kinds of clothes while i wear neutral colours, covering all my skin to stay in the background.
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The amount of insecurities I've picked up from /fa/ and /fit/ is fucking ridiculous.
think im pretty attractive but i could not have been born with worse hair

The worst part i have no idea how to style it. I have never ever in the countless times ive been in hair generals seen anyone with hair type even close to mine


for all you uppity, elitist people who think your clothes/fashion sense are superior: fashion is subjective. there is no objectively better fashion style. your clothes are no better than a basic normie's clothes. you are just biased towards your own style. most of you dress like weird autists and normal people think your clothing is shit. so ironically, even though you spend so much time and money on clothing, the average person thinks you look worst than any basic normie.
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Looking to ID these glasses... sorry for the rushed pic
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Is Jennifer Lawrence /fa/?
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that outfit is a mess lmao.
>Sex change
>Skin change
>Name change (to fucking Jennifer...)

Is this what Martin Lawrence looks like these days?

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I used ti have these sneaker when i was 13 but i dont remember the model...
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yeah those are the what are those 13s, theyre famous for being ugly as shit
bro who cares dont get team jordans smgdh
I dont care about team shit, i just want to remember what was the fuking model of shoe.

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Is this effay?
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