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Every year I buy one sweatshirt and then I wear it constantly.

Which one do I get?

Last year I fucked up pretty bad
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Thrifting is the best way to find cool sweaters. They're also cheap as fuck so you can get a whole bunch of them and have some variety. Also, if you don't like it, you can just throw it away, it's just 5 bucks.
Reigning Champ

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these are the most patrician shoe
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Move on over, theres a new sheriff on town
ugly swoosh
Still love em, cant wait for the drop

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young caucasian ballers.jpg
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what is baller about those kids?

source on location pls?
No. 5. Good fit. Good colours.
>low waisted pants with a coat
>even a sports coat

No thanks

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mac demarco.jpg
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is mac demarco /fa/?
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undoubtedly yes. don't expect any of the autists that live here to admit it though

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Does anyone know where I can cop a jacket identical to this one? The ones on Zara are all sold out
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Saw one at Zara
try zara mate

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Is there anything more disgusting than having tattoos and being over the age of 30?
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>muslim posting
>tfw 27 and need to laser off my tats in 3 years
When ever I see older people with tattoos I just think "damn you fucked your life up". Even if they are lawyers or some shit I just see them and look down on them. Like shit you can't be a good parent. That's the worst. Parents with tattoos. I just think "fuck that kid has no future". Anyone else feel This? Women over 30 with tattoos make me really sad too. Its weird.

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i eat ass for protein.jpg
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help me with my shit pleb taste
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self bump
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go for it?
my man ezra wears stuff like this all the time. you gotta be skinny
i mean't like give me ideas for jackets that i should wear

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kenneth outfit 1.jpg
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I am a college student and I often feel uncool around my college peers, in the way that I dress. I would like to try a new style, and I think I have put together a decent outfit. Only problem is, I showed it to my female friend four input, and she flat-out said it gave off "rape vibes".
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kenneth outfit 2.jpg
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kenneth outfit 3.jpg
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Bump. Can someone please give input??

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You have 12 hours from the minute you get off the plane in @ JFK in NYC to shop. Your budget is unlimited. Where in the city do you go and what do you cop?
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go to McDonald's and eat big macs for 12 hours straight like a real american.
Hit up every stall in Times Square and buy all i <3 NY hoodies and t shirts

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Elias Bender and Sky Ferreira.If they really are together, they are going to be one of the most fashionable couples out there.
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my dick n your mum

I really want shoes like these but I can't afford them. The only way I could ever convince my mom to buy them for me is is she knows that it will last forever, and it got me wondering, is it durable and will it be lifelong lasting?
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These shoes*

Make friends with someone who works at Gucci; they get 50% off everything, even during sales.

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Am i ugly as shit? I swear, I am the least photogenic person ik. When I look at myself in the mirror, i think I generally look attractive but in this photo my hair appears completely different.
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subconsciously fishing for compliments
Checked. But no, I'm wanting everyones honest opinions.
not ugly at all, but your low self esteem is likely unattractive.

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Was dahmer the most effay serial killer?
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Bundy was effay.
What core is this?
hey i learned about this guy today in some video
Damn, where to cop?

Rate my parents fit /fa/
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I like your sister. Unless you are your sister. In that case I like you.
Also are your parents artists or something?
i took the pic and yes. They both run an art gallery in NYC
Probably inner city liberal sympathies, survived the love generation just to fuck the economy hard enough that no citizen will A) Own a house before 80 B) Pay off university before 50 or C) Be able to pay hospital fees from whatever the fuck shitty chemical waste made yah dad bald in the fucking first place.

Not autistic edition: just discuss what you're wearing and give recs
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File: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.jpg (252KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.jpg
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Ralph Lauren Polo Blue. Runs for about $90-100 for a 4.2fl oz bottle. Has a really sharp smell to it and after using it too much begins to smell more like a bitter alcohol based fragrance. Next but will be the Prada Luna Rossa Sport Cologne
Just finished my last of this stuff. I am out of fragrance now. Recommend me something new to try. I am interested in 80s stuff because of the aesthetic of the decade in general.

My frag history is:
armani acqua di gio
guerlain vetiver
guarlain coriolan (did not like the opening, but the dry down was nice)
dior eau sauvage (my favourite by far)
cerruti 1881
cerruti image (did not like it that much)
cerruti l'essence de cerruti
RL Polo Blue
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someone please help

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