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Looking for something like this but less cute
any ideas?
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our legacy polar fleece sweat

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my best boner.jpg
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Underwear thread?
Underwear thread.

so what you rocking with?
>TFW you don't know if /fa/ would allow this image
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Dear diary.
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Fruit of the Loom Briefs

They make my balls happy.
I wear panties

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Are clip-on shades effay?
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royal tenenbaums dudley.jpg
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I'm thinking about buying this watch from watchesplusw.com

Does it look cheap or good?
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>Be poor
>Buy 2 slim shirts from H&M
>They fit perfectly and look nice
Next week
>They are already deformed and wear too large, no matter how I iron them, they look like shit
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You got them from h&m. What did you expect
Also don't wash badly made clothes in general, they will fall apart
>don't wash clothes
so just trash them after use
How do I find non disposable cheap shirts? It's the same shit with jeans

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Are nostril piercings effay? Who should get one?
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nobody should get facial piercings, ever
Not true.
they fit some trashy punk / scene girl styles
noone should ever mutilate their ears like that though

w2c heavens gate meme runners?
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good luck finding a pair

Nike discontinued them after the mass suicide.

Therefore only way you'll get a pair is to find a original pair, which are mostly all thrashed/old/used since they weren't anything special, no one kept them deadstock/new because no one knew they would one day become desired/wanted by collectors. Theres currently a pair on eBay listed for $6660.
Theres also a sneaker collector on instagram by the name @sk8thegr8 actually has a few pairs, but theyre in smaller sizes and aren't deadstock I believe
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Was Applewhite /fa/?
Yes, being a cult leader is fa. Being a leader of ufo cult is extremely fa

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hi /fa/ i need recommendations of types of shoes to wear in summer, i only just have boots and sneakers. And i want to wear something that won't cook my feet or look too casual.
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Get toms with me my boi, we bringing it back this year! Men only, fuck bitches they look broke in toms.
Toms are gay af, get some light sneakers like vans old schools or reebok classic. You can't go wrong with these and you won't look like a fucking douche by wearing fucking toms.
Rainbow sandals.

Also Toms are gay af

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Anyone else noticed Amazon sells a lot of fake shit? It's pretty much ebay-tier at this point. The Adidas and Doc Marten shoes listed by sellers are the absolute worst when it comes to this. If you've ever bought something and it seemed way too low quality, even by the low standards for the real pieces it's because they're fake.
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Thanks for the blog post
Don't start threads like this
Lurk more
That's why you go to the "New and Used from: $$$" link and buy from one of the manufacturer's authorized dealers that's fulfilled by Amazon.
Amazon employee here.

That's why you don't purchase from third-party sellers, you doofus. Most are shit, unless they're a recognizable chain.

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w2c effay luggage? Going to uni and need luggage to carry my shit. Hard shelled or soft shelled better?
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Go to goodwill and buy bags
Then when you get to school donate them to goodwill
It's not complicated
This, why do you care what you carry your stuff in while moving.

However, Muji suit cases are nice.
you and I would be friends

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who goes here? I have some questions
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rich white girls and minority gays

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Can anyone recommend loafers for wide feet? I liked these but they felt a bit tight on the pinky and the top of my foot. The next size up was too big
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I'm looking for a place to make custom tshirt with a logo. I am looking to order about 250-400, and I want to not cheap out.

Logo is fairly simple, just letters. I dont know shit on how shirt lettering is made aside from silk screening. I want a nice high quality shirt, and well made logo that's not gonna be off center or fade away after 1 wash.

recommendations? looking to sell these shirts between $20-40 each with some profit
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If you want you could probably make your own to maximize profit, it's not too hard.
I order my shirts separately and take them to the printer. This way you have more control and it's cheaper.
I use Continental Clothing for my shirts and digital printing for the design. For a batch of 500 shirts i end up paying around 3000€.
Always try to find local suppliers and printers.
Is digital printing a company, or type of printing?

This is in the USA btw

File: joe-pesci-1132448129.jpg (31KB, 428x287px)Image search: [Google]
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How to into this style? It's got one of the best costume designs of any film IMO. How do I wear it effectively? Brands? Model suggestions? Types?

(I'm not very knowledgeable in fashion at all btw. Please consider this when replying)
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Bumping with inspo. I find Henry to have the best look
File: Rhe7r3d8gQMx.jpg (116KB, 1000x500px)Image search: [Google]
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File: chns3p-lower1.jpg (156KB, 1339x572px)Image search: [Google]
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The costume designer also worked on Chinatown. Jake's suit was also great I thought.

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