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Hey /fa/ I really like Gucci goggles and actually have a slight interest in owning a pair, but the price is very high at $200. Where can I buy a replica pair for cheaper?
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the entire point of the gucci goggle is that you have the spare cash to buy them, just put away a little bit of your wage/government benefits/lunch money/allowance a week for a couple weeks and get the real thing and look like a bit of a twit but feel good about owning them
What are they for?

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I'm living in Madrid for a month and I would like to visit some effay places and shops. Help me /fa/
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Can we make this a stuff to do in X city general? (Sorry OP)

I'm going to Milan soon and I could do with knowing the must visit shops. Are there places to get peices from previous seasons dirt cheap?
visit torbe
this is why I left /fa/

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Post your favourite pair of /fa/ shoes/sneakers, or just some shit you really fucking want.

>Side note: are there any alternatives to converse/vans sneakers that /fa/ would recommend?

Pic related x2
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I wouldn't mind having these bad boys.
All hype aside, they look really good to me
(Assuming it's not bait) They look very difficult to pull off...

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Skate, longboard, gym, hiking and tourism sometimes.
I like ricing my desktop (with elegance, not anime grills, faux-retro or vaporwave saturated colors). This can hardly be called a hobby but it's kinda cool when I have nothing else on my mind.

I also enjoy growing edible herbs.
Fighting games

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>skinnyboi fashion

I'm skinny but don't have a clue on how to be /fa/. Any of you can help me with some sugestions?
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thinspo general you fag
Literally anything

/fa/ this is my first time ever posting here usually I just lurk I've seen the hate towards fat fucks but can i be /fa/ I'm 6" and 200 pounds
>pic unrelated
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You *could* be /fa/ but I suggest losing 60 lbs fatty
drop dead fatass
you're probably best off killing yourself

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Can kimonos/gi's please become fashionable?

-can look sharp
-can look like slacker
-can even fucking look lunarcore yakuza
-provide grip for sick judo throws
-judogi are warm as fuck
-can take the gi off your shoulders to expose your mighty torso
-might look dank with sneakers

-traditional pants are baggy
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OP's either a babycocked gook or a cucky weeb
I love judo, but McDojo afterschool karate and taekwondo ruined any chance of it being acceptable for adults to wear gis outside of training.

That, and hygeine.

This, and my gi smells like absolute shit

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About to cop this necklace...is it going to make me look like a complete faggot? i really like the gemstone.
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well first question, are you a girl or boy?

that said a guy wearing doesn't automatically make you a fag, unless you have other fag tendencies.
probably should have mentioned im a guy...although i am bi so this would probably make that more apparent huh.
Theres no problem with gemstones in general, but this necklace looks really bad. Might be ok if you're a metalhead or goth, otherwise find something nicer

How do some of you manage to into flipping shoes/clothing?
How much can you generally inflate these things for (J's, Yeezys, etc)?

I currently live in Australia but have family back in Canada, I could get my brother to send me a couple limited runs from the states through cheap shipping and profit decently down here I feel.Not too sure how Australian availability works for certain clothing lines, going to try and cop some 350's friday morning.
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i have 43000$ in grailed sales alone
i do it from time to time when I see something that could flip super easily, but for the most part it takes awhile to make your money back and in most cases it won't be as much as you'd hoped for, unless you've got some really good items.
It's definitely possible in Australia, we have no access to Supreme here so the resale can be insane for hyped up shit.
Take a look at the Supreme Australia group and you'll see what I mean.

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How can Indians be effay?
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dress like a white person and not like the person in the picture
This. You see pic related EVERYWHERE at nightclubs.
Socks and sandals mate.

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What are the best stores online for good shit
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go to the rope section and find yourself a good deal

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Ok, but who are your least favorite designers? Why?
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anyone who's Haute Couture show is just Ready To Wear and looks like plain boring-ass expensive clothing

Viktor & Rolf are HC bae <3
norse projects, apc, our legacy, ervell, geller, any other "minimalist" garbage
hedi slimane
kanye west
There are good minimalistic designers though, lemaire and jil sander come to mind

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Which belt do you own? Are carhartt belts nice?
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I just went to the local leather shop and had them cut me a strap to fit.
Op you're probably better off to goto a leather place or a saddlery place and get a black leather belt there. Otherwise most leather belts are the same shit so long as they're decent full grain leather
i have 2 belts from orion they ightt for the price

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ar 6o1_500.jpg
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Why or why not? How would you dress him?

Guy on the left.
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ar 4uzhX.jpg
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We all know this is you by now...
nice ass faggot

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Post inspo, ask questions, and discuss the new season.
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>tfw zapata was tall in his days

/fa/ as fuck
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cicetero war - Copy.jpg
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wtc vaquero scarf?

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