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Is it so expensive because Lorenzo is friends with Kanye or is the quality of FOG really that great?
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overpriced pleb tier

Niggers wearing Iron Maiden t-shirts while they listen to trap
Whats wrong with that?

File: PHD Hoodie Black (1).jpg (26KB, 500x375px)Image search: [Google]
PHD Hoodie Black (1).jpg
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a university XD
0/10 bait

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Apart from here, where else do you go for fashion and inspo?
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your mum's cunt
movies, tv and also musicians and other creatives
check out what people are wearing on the street, especially in the cities/districts that most 'fit' your style. I love seeing the occasional person wearing the most next level mind blowing shit.

File: AG060637_02kanyecut.jpg (100KB, 465x697px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c this exact hoodie
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what pants are those?
gildan hoodie

gildan pants
>-$53 million


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What does /fa/ think of the TLOP 350 boosts from YZY season 3?
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looks ugly af
File: image.jpg (170KB, 750x901px)Image search: [Google]
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What are items you simply wouldn't wear because of the associations that come with it?
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i think you pretty much nailed it
>bright color denim cut off
>kindergarten tier diy work
>problem glasses
>problem hair
anything that tumblr is a no go!
>What are items you simply wouldn't wear because of the associations that come with it?
That implies there is something I want to wear but won't because of the associations yes?
Nothing, I wear shit I like and don't care about associations

Someone said these look like sex offender 11s but desu I think they look fine for a leather sneaker.
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They look like the Stan Smith ripoff they are. Why would you even consider buying the copy of something as shitty as stan smithes ?
I'd rather get Stan Smiths
Because they look better than stans lmao

File: IMG_20160216_164554.jpg (46KB, 563x596px)Image search: [Google]
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or i cry
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Pls no bully

File: 3243_484_detail.jpg (30KB, 450x350px)Image search: [Google]
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I got jury summons, I'm going to try to not get the duty by pretending to be a huge autist. I've got some oversized jeans from when I weighed a lot more. I can buy some cheap autism shoes. I'm thinking of a really baggy and tacky looking polo shirt to complete the look. If anyone calls me out, my plan is to say the polo has a collar and I'm properly dressed. Thoughts?
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back to your containment board >>>/r9k/
u dont need to go out and buy anything or wear anything special, just wear your everyday outfit and you can "pretend" to be a huge autist no problem

File: fa.png (2KB, 201x41px)Image search: [Google]
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so this is just a bunch of kids too insecure to have a tumblr right?
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nah we fuck ur mum here u fukin faggot XD ;)
Lol rawr xd
yes but most actually do have tumblrs but just don't pretend to

File: 3817_0.jpg (951KB, 1000x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Lightwashed jeans are better than black jeans .

Prove me wrong
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File: 1454542456695.png (116KB, 816x587px)Image search: [Google]
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>jeans "washed" at all
youre 5 years late on that meme my man
File: rsadm403_stonewashedblack.jpg (170KB, 1035x1380px)Image search: [Google]
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stonewashed black is pretty okay too

File: SLP_rider_JKdetail.jpg (216KB, 650x820px)Image search: [Google]
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Does /fa/ size down on leather jackets?

Thinking about copping one, i'm a 38 normally in suit jackets but i'm thinking of grabbing a 36 in leather because i heard they stretch, what do you guys think?

Also /leatherjacketgeneral/
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literally every brand has different sizing and cuts dude theres no way to definitively say if you should size down or not.
This is true.

That said, the USUAL rule of thumb is to buy a leather jacket that is slightly snug (but not painfully tight, obviously). Good leather jackets have a tendency to stretch ever so slightly, meaning that a snug-fit jacket now will kinda begin to adapt to your body.
Do you think going from a size 46/38 to a 44/36 would be painfully tight? lmao

File: leggings.jpg (35KB, 282x336px)Image search: [Google]
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how to stop this degeneracy?

>thinking it is appropriate to show off your entire backside as a women in public
>wearing clothes designed for ballerinas etc
>thinking you have class and are not trashy
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>not enjoying the decline of decency in public attire
its like you dont want to see hot tits and ass for free. would you rather they dress like this?

w2c jacket?
>girls are memes

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Snap/fa/m thread?

Attentionwhores and egomaniacs report in.
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I'm on Optus 4G

Add me senpaitachi connormdy
Shitty fits
Random photography
Sourcekot reporting in
Shoutout to the whole snap/FA/m!

whats off limits for the manlets?
what is ideal for manlets?


inb4 high heels
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Jesus..... Nothing man. Just wear shit that fits. Dont be insecure. Dress how you want
try to look like a shrunken man (like in op's pic) rather than a child or squashed man (fat mexicans)
bro stop giving real advice man. you're supposed to scream 'MANLET LMAO HAHA'

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