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I'm gonna shave the sides of my hair with a shaving razor to get a Hitler youth thing going.

Any tips, warnings, or will I die?
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Go to a barber
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don't go to a hairdresser like great clips or places like that, they don't know what they fuck they are doing

also if you can, try to make sure your barber is black, they do great fades
Everyone will die.

What are your effay experiences with normies?

I used to dress really slackercore and thriftstore back when it was indie and hipster before 2000 (band tees, ironic tshirts before they went mainstream here).

I decided to dress normal partway through higshcool. I went to an indoor mall and a jean store there. I think it was american eagle, but I'm not sure. I asked about the jeans, a qt normie described the styles, bootcut, baggy, "slim fit" or w/e. I tried them all on in frantic fear and embarrassment for her. They were all disgustingly huge and baggy, and even had fake tears and fake bleaching. When I left the change room area it broke my heart to tell her I couldn't buy any of them. I couldn't even tell her with any tact. I just said I couldn't. That normie, in her american eagle jeans looked genuinely heartbroken.
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ok then
quality post
effay doesn't have human contact

Good place to buy second hand sneakers?
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A thrift store? U gay
No decent ones where I live
Grailed and eBay

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This might be a little early, but what is /fa/ wearing to prom?
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underage/highschool pls go
all black suit
>going to prom

get off 4chan

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Face rate thread going on.
Been a shut in for the last year and a half or so.
Just moved, want to try and change my miserable life.
Post up, and I'll try to rate everybody (secretly want hair inspo)
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Also i'm pretty skelly...
So, like what is /fa/'s opinion on thin people?
Stay thin, or go ottermode?
I'm 5' 11" so its always been my impression that staying thin would look better.
fuck off to soc nignog
Asian and white bud.
Dont become a detective man

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SK Brain trust.jpg
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Currently being recruited to join a federal agency.

Show me your best CIA/war criminal inspo.
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Was getting copped a part of your plan?
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Go for the 1950s/60s CIA look.
>terminate with extreme prejudice

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Waverace runnerblade 2,000.jpg
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Hey /fa/ I've wondered for some time what 'style' vaporwave clothing would be. I thought maybe;
>california skater
>with some Japanese street style
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Generic office worker clothes and a soulless but enthusiastic smile.
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80s bit Cali.gif
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Holographic print would also be pretty /fa/

Does anyone here into scarves?
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Here's one for the ladies.
i like daniel craig but he looks so homosexual sometimes.
I think that's part of his appeal. There's a bit of ambiguousness there.


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Which clothes would complement those shoes?
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Dont wear these please
Anything from Wal-Mart.
>baggy khaki cargo pants
>terrible graphic tee or wrinkly polo with wide, horizontal stripes
>thick, shapeless hoodie
>fedora, naruto headband, acne, glasses with croakies, etc.

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Will being effay help me get the girl I love back?
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nope. shes gone for good.
no, but not being a little bitch about it may help
nah, pack it in.

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Let this serve as a reminder to those who think they can start a fashion line

Because not even millions of followers can save your "career" from the effects of bad taste
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>putting "career" in scarequotes when talking about kanye west

you understand he's done more with his life than you or anyone you know ever will?
Someone fill me in on this.

Did Kanye West's fashion line fail?
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Is J Beeb's hair effay?
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pls go
If you have autism
What do you mean?

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What is the most effay dog breed?
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only one option
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images (10).jpg
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Step aside, best doggo coming through
german shepherds are cool

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When will Angel of /fa/ Gabriel return?
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when we stop sinning
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I'll try
I wonder what his body looks like. You know if it's a skelly, /fit/, or both. Makes u wonder.

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What core is this? w2find similar cores, high waist pants, high sitting jackets but still stylish slav/chav core
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What style jacket is that called? Track?
or warmup maybe
got this coming in the post, very excited

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