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What does /fa/ think of distressed denim.

Would you ever try to distress your own cheap jeans?

If you did how would you do it or what youtube tutorial would you use?
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played out, impractical, overrated, bad looking.
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Love them. /fa/ as fuck and all the girls love them. The dudes that slay the pussy are the ones rocking the light jeans

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Does Australia even have a fashion scene thats not just rehashed American stuff?

Besides from one or two designer brands I'm pretty sure we got nothing
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thequietlife has some ok stuff - kinda like higher quality pac sun though unfortunately
What even does Australia have? Curious to see
alright beaches and nothin' else.

fashion wise people dont really care which is good i guess but it also means our brands charge massive prices for garbage quality

What are some good all black shoes? no more than $100 ish

Need them for my job
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Is it mcdonalds
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What does a /fa/ gf look like? How is her personality?
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fat but with a cute face
shy, tomboyish and quick to anger
skinny, plain, cute.
funny, mildly autistic

into the trash it goes

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I just ordered shoes from footasylum, only to learn that they are unreliable. Did i fuck my shit up?
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you'll be fine
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hell be fine

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Confused anon here
I'm getting started in /fa/
What's the most versatile color for sneakers outside of white?
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Black/navy. And I suppose dark grey too.
What about brown and tan?
grey is probably as versatile as black. Maroon is just below them

How the fuck do I get my hair like this?

When I straight iron and flatiron and use some product it never looks like that. It looks like shit compared to that.

Is it some magical product? I have thick hair, should I just give up?
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that looks like a hairstyle a 15 years old would wear

or a soccer player fom 2004
blowdry and american crew fiber

These posts do not contradict each other

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Hey fa/ how is it to be a "Cool Kid" and how do I become one ?
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erase every remnant of self and become a hypebeast yeezy wearing goober
Why would you want that?
Born Again

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Do ray bans work with anything? For example, alumni hoodie, running shorts, black socks, and vans?

pic related
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not only do they look bad but they're also normie af. just get different shades /fa/m.
File: IMG_2015_06_11_115911.jpg (61KB, 540x960px)Image search: [Google]
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yes, they literally work with everything.
Classic Nu-Male look right here

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What's this sort of pattern/style/fabric called? plz
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bullet vests
just search like "southwestern" desu
Navajo/aztec/I killed the injuns and stole their culture

Am I the only one who hate Jordans?

I've never seen an appealing version of those abominations.
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OVO Js are neat
Jordans got some shit but its MOSTLY normie-esque color schemes and desing
I'd like to think that there's some grails though considering how long they've been @ it
They got boring after the 84726267th iteration
jordan eclipse

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lets talk denim/pants/trousers

thoughts on raw denim?

do you bend your jeans?

how does /fa/ feel about cropped pants?

Also, where can I find nice wool trousers?
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Wtf is bending jeans OP.

Also I wish japanese raw denim companies made more modern cuts. The fabrics are really interesting but god damn some of the fits are stupid.

I think by bend he means cuffing

also if you're willing to drop on japanese denim, then you are willing to get it tailored.
Is Guess denim high quality? Is any worth getting at an outlet? I plan on going soon

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2 questions in 1 here.

Are 5-panel hats effay?
Is galaxy stuff effay?
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absolutely not.
Yeah, just don't forget your vape and man-bun while you're wearing it
delete this thread please

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Cheapest way to look presentable for a job fair? I have like $120
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The jobs are for graphic design
Don't know familia, I remember I went to my job interview (went to some kind of school programm where firms search for new future workers and in exchange take over their university costs) in jeans, white oxford and vans (well it was three years ago, Don't know why but I got the job, now I work and study logistics walking around my office in Cav Empt.
graphic designers don't really wear suits and shit. you should always dress one step above how the company usually dresses. I suggest buisness casual or Sundays best. good luck.

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It's cold outside, put a shirt on.
Fat Nigger.
B8/10 not black

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